Apple releases OS X 10.11 El Capitan with Safari 9.0

Apple today released OS X 10.11 El Capitan with Safari 9.0 which builds on the groundbreaking features and beautiful design introduced in OS X Yosemite, refining the experience and improving performance in lots of ways that you’ll enjoy everyday.

Make the most of your screen with Split View.
• Focus on two apps at once – neatly arranged side by side — in full screen without distractions.

Take control of your desktop with Mission Control.
• View all your open windows in a single layer with no overlap, so you can instantly find that window you’re looking for.
• Create a new desktop space easily by dragging a window to the top of your screen.

Smarter search in Spotlight.
• Search for weather, stocks, sports, web video, and transit information right in Spotlight.
• Use your own words to search for files on your Mac, like “Documents I edited yesterday.”
• Resize the Spotlight window and move it anywhere on the screen.

Handy improvements in Mail.
• Use your trackpad to manage your inbox with a swipe, just like on iPhone. Swipe right to mark as read or unread, or swipe left to delete.
• Mail automatically suggests contacts and events from your messages to help you keep your Contacts and Calendar organized.
• An improved full-screen view lets you switch between your inbox and your draft email messages.

A simple and powerful all-new Notes app.
• Format your notes with titles, paragraph headings, bullets, numbers, and checklists.
• Save rich content like photos, videos, documents, PDFs, web links, and map locations.
• Easily search and browse the content from all your notes in the Attachments Browser.
• Add content to a note directly from other OS X apps using the Share menu.
• Create notes on your Mac and they’ll automatically sync to your iOS devices using iCloud.

New ways to organize and enhance your images in Photos.
• Photos automatically organizes your library and helps you edit like a pro with simple and powerful editing tools.
• Access your library on all your devices with iCloud Photo Library.
• Add or edit location data, and batch change titles, descriptions, and keywords.
• Sort your albums and the photos in them by date, title, and more.
• Use third-party editing extensions to take your photo editing to the next level.

Better surfing in Safari.
• Keep your favorite websites open, up to date, and easily accessible with Pinned Sites.
• Choose a font and theme for Reader, including Sepia and Night themes.
• Mute web page audio from the Smart Search field.

Maps, now with Transit view.
• See transit lines and stations for select cities, including subway, train, bus, and ferry routes.
• Plan your trip based on when you want to leave or arrive.
• Research your trip on your Mac and share it to your iPhone or iPad for use on the go.

New fonts.
• Designed for Retina displays, beautiful system font San Francisco is crisp, clear and space efficient.
• PingFang (苹方), the new Chinese system font, is designed for crisp readability in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
• Hiragana Sans, the Japanese system font, now features additional weights.
• Four new Japanese fonts let you add a personal touch to documents and presentations.

Improved input methods for Chinese and Japanese.
• Type Chinese more quickly with an improved character prediction engine and a smarter candidate window.
• Write multiple Chinese characters using the trackpad and the new, roomier Trackpad window.
• Live conversion automatically transforms Hiragana into written Japanese as you type.

Faster graphics with Metal.
• Enjoy faster, more efficient system-level graphics rendering.
• Experience a richer, more immersive gaming experience.
• Create content more quickly with accelerated high-performance apps.

Snappier performance for everyday tasks.
• Launch apps and switch between them more quickly.
• Access email and render PDFs more quickly.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan is a free download available via Apple’s Mac App Store here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now even snappier!


    1. Good news for beta testers, my install went seamless from the latest GM Candidate to this official first Captn Release.

      The FAQs are suggesting to delete the HD and start all over again. Most supporters read this and you get busy for hours to reinvent your working machine.

      BUT: it is still not stable or secure.

      Even if you did not experience any errors, they will soon show up, because the iCloud compromises almost everything now.

      Maybe this is why Bertrand left to create a truly working cloud.
      The buy-in (similar to the NeXT acquisition) is still the best option and would also bring back the mac senior developer that also Steve put all his trust in.

      The greedy guys pushed him out, because he was a quality guy, just like Steve. We want Bertrand and Scott back. Until they left, security and stability are declining in a very dangerous way, also in terms of payment security, pay is not secure anymore, did you notice that?

      The Reset of an iPhone cannot guarantee a safe iPhone anymore. The baseband hacks and the background processes are out of sight for 2nd Level Support and iOS QA.

      The market now burns  for this lousy QA on its core responsibility.

      The Firmware security flaws are due to lousy QA on Supply Chain Management.

      Does it make sense to sell something that is not what we want to sell? Only in terms of shorter profits.

      Gil Amelio knows the answers as well. He has been here before to save . The blood is on the streets, blindly running around watching their brand-new ipHone 6s+ screens while forgetting what they came for here, because 4k is so impressive and the Aluminum is so cool, because Jony Ive is british.

      Quality versus short time profits. This is one economic rule, they ignore way too long.

      But it is not enough to kick out the numbers guy.
      You need to go back to the classroom where it all started, the home-brew, the garages, the beginning of a new  era that is strictly bound to its customers intentions of productive security and professional and instant support.

      The Premium Partners are screamvomiting about  because they are all treated like enemies, iPhones are not delivered to them in time, business repair takes days instead of hours because of missing parts for macs…

      The lousiness of an extremely rich company like this reminds us all of the ancient times of microsoft. They were considered to take over the planet, just like  is expected to do these days. And now, see where they are.

      Relying on Office and Sharepoint, almost no profits, because new market development eats it all.

      There is only one way to win this technology war.
      You need to put yourself in the customers shoes, no excuses.
      Then you will find that a strict iPad use Propaganda, just like Timmy did for years, is stupid, because these machines have built in limits.

      The Mac will always have way more power in a fragmented world than anything else out there and of course where iOS can’t even take a look.

      Android is a stolen product, but we still love Andy Hertzfeld a lot and truly wish he would consider to come back, just like Scott and Bertrand to take over the QA at .

      One more thing: The next iPhone will also launch in 4 inch again, no plastics anymore… isn’t that awesome ?

    1. Anyone have any ideas about this lack of a download progress bar? I know it’s downloading because of my app Little Snitch Network Monitor in my menu bar, but otherwise, I’d have nothing to go on about what’s downloading, how far I’ve come, and how long I have to go. Someone out there must have a clue!

  1. What a launch of the new “flagship” OS! I erased my hard drive in order to do a clean install. Surprise! OS 10.10 is installed instead. So, I’m a patient man: I download El Capitan “utility ” from that wonderful App Store: Another surprise! The download begins and then stops! I’ve been under “Resume” for over an hour! You just gotta hand it to Tim Cook, he’s one hell of a great CEO! If this is the future of Apple under his leadership, we’re all in for one hell of a ride – right into the toilet!

  2. I think it is a staggered roll out.. Checked the Indian App store till midnight it was not available, Maybe over the long weekend I will get it, got iOS update on time though.

    Have been struggling to Update to XCode 7.0.1 for last couple of days the download is so slow, I hope they speed it up for OS X el capitan.

  3. I’m pleased to report that Apple has UNIFIED Safari to version 9.0 all the way back to OS X Mavericks 10.9.5. BRAVO!

    I never did comprehend why Apple bothered with THREE parallel versions of Safari. Or was it four? That was plain loony. Now it’s just one version for all supported versions of OS X.

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