Analyst’s survey: Many consumers waiting for next-gen Apple Watch 2

“Consumers are taking a wait-and-see approach to the emerging smartwatch category, with many waiting to see the second-generation Apple Watch before committing to a purchase, a new survey shows,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“A survey by Mizuho Securities found that Apple iOS device users have the highest level of interest in smartwatches. But most will wait until at least the second version of the Apple Watch before pulling the trigger,” Seitz reports. “‘Given that this is a nascent category, we think vendors such as Apple will require multiple iterations of the product to realize momentum in consumer adoption,’ Mizuho analyst Abhey Lamba said in a research report Wednesday. ‘Additionally, survey participants indicated high price points of the watch as an inhibitor to adoption.'”

“Mizuho surveyed more than 1,600 people in September to gauge their interest in watches,” Seitz reports. “About one-fourth of iOS users surveyed said they intend to get a smartwatch. ‘However, most of the users who intend to purchase the device are expecting to do it in about 9-12 months from now,’ Lamba said… About 60% of survey respondents do not intend to purchase any watch in the next two years, while nearly one-fourth of respondents plan to buy a traditional watch. Only 15-20% of respondents plan to buy a smartwatch, Lamba said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in July:

Yes, future iterations of Apple Watch will be better than those preceding it. And, yes, we wouldn’t miss the unique experience of the first generation, original Apple Watch for the world!

And, as we also wrote in July:
If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you’re missing out.

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  1. I’m so glad I bought my Apple Watch every day. I didn’t always put my old wrist watch on first thing every morning, but I do with my Apple Watch. It is something I want to have with me at all times except when I’m sleeping. And with watchOS 2, I even use it to check the time when I wake up at night.

    1. “I’m so glad I bought my Apple Watch every day.”. When I first read you bought Apple Watch every day, sort of taken back. Gees, such a waste buying a new watch every day!. lol.

  2. I’m one who is waiting.
    Haven’t worn a watch in maybe 6+ years..

    Maybe it was the rumors of what the Apple Watch was going to be able to actually do, that made me think of getting one. Then Apple announced the watch… With none of those rumors being true.

    So maybe version 2 will have those features.
    (Apple owns the patents and the companies… But has not put the stuff in the watch, yet)

    1. You been duped by the FUD Meisters. How can it not have any of the features you wanted? What even with third party apps?Teleportation, maybe? Holographic touch? Nay, laser beam WMD? What does a “watch” have to do for you to buy “Wrist Watch”?

      1. Apple owns many patents related to health for strap type devices that can measure blood pressure, sweat, heart (not just heart rate)

        They OWN the patents… They own the companies that developed the tech.. Not in the watch. That’s where the rumors came from, Apple buying the companies and the patents.

  3. I too am waiting because I can’t trust the first release any more.

    As an early adopter of iPad 1, I was badly burned when later iOS updates forsook my original model. I still feel cheated to this day that my reward for supporting the (then) new device was to be later left behind in the cold.

    The Watch will have to wait until I’m sure the same thing won’t happen again. Sorry, Apple. Once bitten, etc…

    1. I bought the original iPad and then sold it when the iPad 2 came out. I don’t remember the prices exactly, but broken down by month, it was quite reasonable.

      This tends to be the case with most 1st generation products from Apple. The monthly cost breakdown is pretty much the same

      I think the difference with the Apple Watch is that it’s going to have a much longer lifespan than most people are expecting before the 2nd generation.

    2. This statement doesn’t make sense. Apple stops supporting old hardware after about five generations. If you buy a second generation device, you’ll have the exact same number of annual OS updates as if you bought first, or third, or eighth. Not buying the first generation because it will be the first of the type for which support is dropped doesn’t accomplish anything other than missing out on using a revolutionary device for a year (or more) for no valid reason. No matter when you buy an Apple device, you can count on Apple providing updates for it for some five years.

      1. In other words, it’s like deciding to wait until next year to buy a new phone, because the next year’s model will be better than just announced one. Every year there will be a new phone, better than last. That’s a stupid reason to wait.

      2. I want an iWatch. I wear a watch, it’s also a nice piece of jewelry. The added functions and capabilities make what was traditionally a piece of jewelry make it an awesome device. Being handy capped, too often I have my watch on, but my phone is in another room. Nice to be able to put the call on hold while I go to fetch my phone. The bio monitoring features hold out some great potential for the sick and ill. For a first iteration, you have to admit, it’s an awesome device.

        Not sure how soon I’ll be getting one. A new version, upgrade, or whatever, would definitely make me take a harder view and expedite my decision to move sooner. It’s just the nature of new devices like an iWatch. First generation devices are where you’re going to see shortcomings, problems, bug fixes, seeing what kind of cool apps are being produced, etc.

        The big question is: When can we expect to see the next generation of this new device? The sooner that happens, the better for consumers and Apple.

  4. Look at iPhone and iPad version 1…even iPod 1…a watch is something I will wear for 4-5 years…version 1 is bulky and fat looking. I like it, but I don’t love it. I will wait for version 2, even if they don’t upgrade on a yearly basis. If it works well, I may actually get a plus iPhone if I don’t have to pull out that huge thing too often.

  5. Go ahead and wait, while i use mine every day and not worry about limiting my enjoyment. Ill give my one away when i get the two, And I will not make a big deal about buying the new one after that. Waiting is a cheapskates excuse, there is always a new model coming out sooner or later.

    1. Cheapskates excuse?
      Currently the watch has Apple Pay…. NO other feature of the watch interests me.
      So i guess I don’t want to drop $500 for Apple Pay on my wrist instead of in my pocket, that makes me cheap? Whatever.
      I don’t do any social media, so none of those apps mean anything to me.

      I have a 2 year old Fitbit that I use for measuring my activity.

      Name any other function it does that would interest me…
      Only text with a handful of people, cause I only give out the cell number to family and close friends, half of them don’t even text period.
      Most of my email contains files or links that require VPN access… Oh can’t do that with the watch (or iPhone most cases)

      Watch 2.0 or even 3.0 when apple starts using the patents they own… I’ll probably get one.

      Right now it’s a $500 remote Apple Pay device for ME, there are clocks everywhere so not even going to mention “time”.

      Everyone has different uses and needs when it comes to tech, the watch does not (yet anyway) fit any need/desire for ME. To others yes.. Just not me.

      I’m NOT bashing the watch… Just saying its not for ME.

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