Only fools underestimate Apple’s iPad Pro

“As far as I can tell, neither the haters nor the fans of the iPad Pro understand its significance as a leading indicator of the big shift that’s coming to the world of what you might call, for lack of a better term, personal computing,” Mike Elgan writes for eWeek. “There’s an outdated notion still assumed to be true that tablets are weak, puny computers while PCs are big, strong and powerful devices. But now that notion is being challenged.”

“The iPad Pro is likely to contain a faster processor than all MacBook Pro models. (If you recall, Apple showed the iPad Pro simultaneously editing three 4K videos),” Elgan writes. “In other words, the iPad Pro will be Apple’s most powerful mobile computer. For the first time ever, the car is faster and more powerful than the truck.”

“I think it’s clear that the future of computing is something that’s a lot like the iPad Pro — a powerful computer running a ‘mobile’ operating system with which most people use a keyboard most of the time, and to which other peripherals (like a stylus) can be added as needed,” Elgan writes.

Apple iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard
Apple iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard
“If you’re thinking that you need more screen real estate than a 12.9-inch display, the good news is that these devices will scale up to massive screens. At some point, the sweet spot in the desktop tablet market will be just shy of 30 inches, I believe. But some people will go for the bigger-than-40-inch screen size. The main interface will be touch, but these devices will also support voice, pen and other inputs. And lots of people will use physical keyboards with them, but not mice.””

Elgan writes, “Don’t laugh at the new iPad Pro. It’s probably going to start a new revolution in personal computing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Elgan gets it.

iPad Pro will be a massive hit. Of course once you get one, you might not need another iPad for quite some time. Years and years, in fact. Good thing Apple has iPhones and Apple Watches to sell which have significantly shorter life cycles than these big boys certainly will. An iPad Pro is an investment, like the Mac. In fact, it might even replace many people’s Macs altogether. — MacDailyNews, September 9, 2015

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  1. Help me out here…I was excited for the idea of an iPad Pro but where are the pro apps??? RAW photo editing? Nope. Pro video editing? Nope. The Apple Pencil seems nice for artists but seems they should’ve released iOS versions of FCP, Logic Pro, etc alongside this. Photos, iMovie and Garageband are nice but “PRO”, they are not.

        1. I think you’re missing the point. If Apple wants to this to be used by the pro market, it will need pro apps. I’m excited at the possibilities that the iPad pro presents. But it will need pro apps to replace a MacBook Pro.

    1. iPad Pro hasn’t even been released yet. Give it a little time. I am also impatient for pro apps, and for portable access to the power of my desktop machine and apps through the portable iPad Pro, and for distributed processing between the two. I agree with the author regarding the potential for the iPad Pro to be a game changer.

    2. Just like the article says “haters and fans” don’t understand what the iPads potential is. Sure final cut pro isn’t on the iPad…but if your an editor you have needs and those needs are a huge monitor (if not two) and a big terabyte raid thats fast. So, your going to be sitting down at a computer for those 2 things anyway. the iPad isn’t built for a video editor. its built for people who use a pen or pencil in their work everyday. At least in the beginning that is what it is built for. And Logic Pro iOS APP and garageband will only get stronger from here on out. This might not be a tool for certain professionals, but for others it will be the better then a macbook pro or a mac pro…because of how they can interact with it. Given enough time and it will find its way into other professional areas.

    3. Right – amazing pro apps would be great, and I think they will come. However, I think this is a new beast entirely. The detailed control of the pencil changes everything, and therefore all prior thinking should be suspended until it is in our hands. The iPad Pro, for us pros, will be able to do things in completely different ways than we used to do them. I think we will be able to do things we simply can’t do with a laptop. I have used EVERY attempts to digitize analog input, the best is the Cintiq but it is not something you can put on your lap. This is a brand new tool for production, and getting work done – I can’t wait!

  2. One thing that I never see discussed is print driver support. Pro photo apps have value as far as editing on iOS devices. Inability to print on high end photo printers limit their usefulness, at least currently.

    1. Give it Time!!!! Drize.. Jesus Christ!! I had to to wait till next day FedEx to get my Photoshop 2.3.2 Update on 3.5 Floppy Disks for my Qudra 800.. Spoiled Neophyte. Try getting drivers for the NT box that ripped all the files from QUARK.

      You newbies have NO fckin idea how good you have it.

      1. yeah! and FedEx saved you because it would have taken FOUR DAYS to download over the 56k modem if you had ordered Photoshop online (oh wait, was there an internet at that point?? !-)

  3. With the iPad Pro you’re likely going to see many of the pieces you feel are missing appear in 2016. You can now print to an Epson R2000, or Artisan 1430 for instance. Probably others through 3rd party assist.

    Some of this is related to what sort of “Pro” you are. Professional lawyers, doctors, engineers, CEOs and other executives, writers, small business owners, sales people, law enforcement and so on, not to mention legions of students will find the iPad Pro a very attractive alternative to conventional computers and Chromebooks. I think many photographers can learn to use the device as well, but I would not yet call it an ideal Photoshop environment.

    I would also expect us to see true multiuser capabilities next year. The ability to log out of my home environment and log into my IT managed work environment while keeping those tow worlds separate is important to the enterprise success of the iPad.

    Most people don’t want to go out and spend their money to have YOU as the IT director tell them what they can and cannot do with their device. Also as the IT person, you don’t want to worry about them handing the iPad to their kids and some 6 year old gaining access to the company calendar and deleting vital appointments for example.

    Separate user areas fix this. I do this now when handing out laptops. Users get a standard office username, a personal username, and the privileged username is kept from them.

    ICloud will need improvement for sure. I’d also like to see Apple or FileMaker themselves provide a hosted FileMaker database service. That would be a big time boost for enterprise application development. I don’t know why Apple acts like FileMaker doesn’t exist and that they need to run to IBM for solutions. Sectors like real estate would love this.

    There are also the IBM and CISCO initiatives that are only targeted at iOS development-wise.

    Things are changing. It’s gradual and only slightly more apparent than biological evolution but it’s happening. Every year Apple nudges us. They don’t scream and shove, just a nudge.

    Each nudge pushes us closer to a mouse-less, touch based world, where we no longer carry our files with us, and don’t invest in lots of peripherals.

    And when we get nervous they say, “Don’t worry! Don’t worry! The Mac will be around for a long time.” Yeah well mainframes are still around also.

  4. Pro developers often say they “need” a Mac for iOS development. This is Apple’s choice for now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see cloud based development take off in the next 12 to 24 months as well. Your entire development environment could reside in the cloud, and you could easily compile and test there. It will happen.

  5. I’m sorry, I stopped reading this article at the line, “the iPad Pro is likely to contain a faster processor than all MacBook Pro models.” This is utter nonsense. At best – AT BEST – it may ship with a faster processor than the new, one-port MacBook and it has roundly been criticized for being under powered. An iPad Pro will be challenged to have 1/5th of the processing power of a quad core i7 in a 15-inch MacBook Pro. And while 4 gigs of RAM is a nice upgrade, it is a quarter of the RAM that ships standard in that same 15-inch MacBook Pro. You don’t run PRO apps in 4 gigs of memory.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the iPad Pro is going to lead to some new, neat applications. But it is a long, long, long way from replacing a well-configured MacBook Pro.

    1. 2.7 GHz Processor. That is pretty good for a mobile device. 3 cores, I think. That matches a stock 13″ Macbook Pro, and has one more core. This does not match or go beyond a fully tricked out 15″ Macbook Pro, but it is — on paper — better than the stock 13″, albeit with half the system memory. Depending on which app you are talking about, you could run pro apps on this new iPad Pro. I’ll be trying it out with music scoring soon enough, I just wish I knew if the Apple Pencil will work as a simple finger replacement for apps that are not specifically set up to use it.

      1. You can’t just count cores, jimgramze. Otherwise the Samsung Android phones with the “octocore” processors would be on top. Instead, Apple matches or beats them with only two cores.

        Ralph M. is correct according to the performance tests that I have seen. The A9 is roughly on a par with the 2015 MacBook. But the A10 or A11 may vault Apple’s ARM-based SoC into “pro” performance territory, especially in terms of performance/watt.

        1. The octocore is not a top processor firstly because it is two sets of four, one set for slower processes and one set for faster. The faster is much less power efficient. On top of that their devices are set to drastically overclock only when detecting benchmark software being used, much like the now infamous Volkswagen diesel cars gaming numbers when sensing they are in an emission-testing situation. The octacore is at most a quadcore, and it cheats when being tested.

          I have found that processor speed and cores matter a great deal. When I upgraded from a 2009 dual-quadcore Mac Pro to a single quadcore 2013 iMac, I multiplied GHz times number of cores in each and predicted about a 9% speed increase in the newer iMac over the older Mac Pro. I then used Handbrake which uses all cores to the max while transcoding a video on each and put a stopwatch on both. The iMac was indeed 9% faster.

          What sometimes should not be directly compared is raw processor speed while ignoring different factors such as type of processor, speed of memory, speed of hard drive, basically looking at the whole picture. Safari has been faster than Chrome recently, largely in my mind because Chrome serves up more ads than Safari on identical pages. So how a processor works can contribute to performance just as how a web browser works to contribute to performance.

          Cores only matter when they are being used.Single core operations are best compared when only one core is going to be utilized and that can be impossible to know unless you are monitoring all the cores activity, easy to do on a Mac with Activity Monitor, I know of no way to do that on iOS.

          Yeah, the new iPad Pro should be on a par or faster than a Macbook Pro with i5 dual-core processor, not the Macbook which is remarkably slower. 2.7 GHz single core on both Pros. The iPad Pro has 3 cores, the Macbook Pro in question has 2 cores, and the processor speed is the same on both. Other factors will obviously come into play including processor architecture and supporting components and software.

          On paper with what little I know of the entire gestalt, the Ipad Pro should best an i5-based Macbook Pro in sheer performance.

  6. “As far as I can tell, neither the haters nor the fans of the iPad Pro understand its significance as a leading indicator of the big shift that’s coming to the world of what you might call, for lack of a better term, personal computing”.

    Only Elgan can see and understand the future, hurl insults, and mutter prophesies with the same breath.

  7. I want one and I want it NOW!!! The iPad Pro is what I saw in minds eye when I first thought of tablet sized computers. You might quibble about my use of the word “computer” . That is your prerogative. I won’t change it. It’s is a perfect size for everything I want it for. painting, drawing taking pictures and editing them. I want one and I want it NOW!!!

  8. The iPad Pro is not meant to replace anything but will augment it. It will allow me to do more on my iPad then I can do right now. My love for the Mac will never be replaced for an iPad. they augment each other and make a dynamite dynamic duo.

  9. I want to own one badly, but since I have a perfectly great cellular iPad Air 2 128 GB with another 13 months of Apple Care, I will wait at least for the iPad Pro 2, possibly the 3.

    Another good reason to wait: Based on the typical Apple iPhone unique features being on a one-year delay for iPads, I am assuming the iPad Pro 2 will gain 3D Touch, which will likely be worth waiting for as this will likely continue to become just as essential to the iOS experience as Touch ID and Siri were (two other features that were unique to iPhone but brought to iPad exactly one year later).

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