If elected U.S. President, Jeb Bush would push to eliminate so-called ‘net neutrality’ regulations

“Saying the U.S. economy is ‘buried under the weight of rulebooks,’ Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Tuesday proposed cutting federal regulations that he said would increase growth 3 percent in 10 years and help increase wages by 6 percent,” Michael C. Bender reports for Bloomberg. “Bush’s plan would freeze any remaining regulations proposed by the Obama administration, require regulatory costs to be offset during his first year in office, and push for legislation that would require Congress to approve major rules. He would push to repeal five regulations, including the Dodd-Frank Act approved after the 2008 financial crisis, according to his website.”

“‘Regulation accumulates, like sediments in a harbor, building up over time, and ensuring that Americans must consult a rulebook or hire a lobbyist to accomplish basic tasks,’ said a Bush campaign summary of the proposed changes,” Bender reports. “Bush has made 4 percent economic growth, a rate the country hasn’t reached for two decades, the central thrust of his campaign. Earlier this month, Bush unveiled an overhaul of the U.S. tax code, estimated to cost $3.4 trillion over a decade, which he sees as the engine of his plan to double gross domestic product. Bush’s campaign said regulations are an “invisible tax” and pointed to a report from Washington-based Competitive Enterprise Institute that showed federal rules cost the economy $1.9 trillion per year.”

“In addition to repealing Dodd-Frank, Bush said he’d also push to eliminate regulations on broadband Internet providers known as net neutrality, and three environmental rules, including one that defines which bodies of water can be regulated under the Clean Water Act,” Bender reports. “Bush would also cut President Obama’s clean power plan, and abolish the recent attempt by the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate coal ash—the nation’s second-largest industrial waste.”

“Bush’s regulation plan, combined with his proposed tax changes, will help increase wages so that by 2020 a family of four earning $50,000 will have an after-tax income that is about $3,100 higher, according to a summary provided by the campaign,” Bender reports. “Bush’s campaign also promised the changes would increase GDP by 3 percent in 10 years.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in August 2006:

We don’t presume to know the best way to get there, but we support the concept of “Net Neutrality” especially as it pertains to preventing the idea of ISP’s blocking or otherwise impeding sites that don’t pay the ISP to ensure equal access. That said, we usually prefer the government to be hands-off wherever possible, Laissez-faire, except in cases where the free market obviously cannot adequately self-regulate (antitrust, for example). Regulations are static and the marketplace is fluid, so such regulation can often have unintended, unforeseen results down the road. We sincerely hope that there are enough forces in place and/or that the balances adjust in such a manner as to keep the ‘Net as neutral as it is today.

And as we followed up in September 2009:

That we have the same Take over three years later should be telling. Government regulations are not a panacea, neither are the lack thereof. It’s all about striking a proper balance where innovation can thrive while abuses are prevented.

Make that “the same Take over nine years later.”

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  1. You get richer from people willingly parting with their hard earned money, not at the expense of people.

    If eliminating net neutrality is a way for well placed buddies to charge more at the expense of the common man, then no. Comcast makes BILLIONS of dollars already.

  2. My only question is:

    Can’t the Republican party do better than this?

    My point is, Carly Fiorina is so far the most mentally balanced of all the candidates. And Carly Fiorina is a terrible choice!

    I’m worried about the future of America.

  3. Let’s be worried about the GOP, before being worried about America. The GOP tends to paint a worst case scenario. We are not as bad off as they make it seem. I suggest, let’s get the crackpots out and put some level headed people in.

    On the other side, who in the world is going to take America seriously? We have no one who deserves any real respect on the international scene. That’s a real shame.

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