Apple debuts new ad for Apple Music starring Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson, and Mary J. Blige

Apple premiered a new Apple Music ad last night during the 2015 Emmy Awards telecast focusing on the MacBook and Apple’s Music’s “For You” feature.

The ad stars actresses Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson, and singer Mary J. Blige.

The three enjoy a playlist that was created by Apple Music’s “For You” feature and ends with the text “INSTANT BOYFRIEND MIXTAPE SERVICE,” followed by “UNLIMITED MUSIC $9.99/MONTH,” and closing on “Music.”

MacDailyNews Take: This is likely a very effective ad for its desired target audience. If you’re not in the target audience, image three people you admire or would like to hang out with in a similar ad listening to music you like, to get a feel for why it works.


  1. The ad was arguably one of the most memorable images from last night’s predictable Emmys telecast. Throw in Viola Davis’ historic walk to the stage to claim the first Best Actress In A Drama trophy by a black woman (that started when her name was called and she rushed to give fellow nominee Taraji P. Henson a tight hug) and you can conclude that Apple once again proved that it’s very much part of the zeitgeist and is an instrument by itself to initiate social progress. Sorry, Samsung, your “It’s not a phone, it’s a Galaxy” spots tried too hard and felt so retro but not in a good way.

      1. Samesung add agency must be pretty lame if all they can do is copy Apple ad ideas. BTW those Apple lawsuits coming home to rest. Time for Samesung to pay should arrive within the next 2 years.

  2. MDN’s correct. These three are mega stars in their genre(s), with very large following. I can’t say I know a single song from any of them, but their audiences will definitely listen to what they have to say.

    I only wonder, does the younger segment of their audience(s) actually know anything about the concept of a ‘mix tape’…?

    1. Yes, young people are very familiar with the concept of “mixtape.” Even though physically it may take the form of a CD or an mp3 on a thumb drive, the collections have retained the old name.

      1. I’m genuinely surprised (pleasantly). My daughters are too young to be receiving (or making) mix tapes, and I don’t know anyone of the in-between generation who makes these ‘mix tapes’. Nice to know that the concept (and the name for it) survives.

  3. I am an old fogie. I find this ad to be disgusting. Not my type of music. I” take one with a 12 year old making a mix tape with Sinatra, Nat Cole etc for his grandmother.

    1. I’m old too. My observation about current music is that you have to listen to the words to get the message. Not unlike the political songs of the ’60s. Some of the rappers are quite poetic and adept with language and they have something important to say.

        1. You can focus on the parts that resonate with you if you want. One song/one performer doesn’t define the whole genre. And one phrase, taken out of the context of the whole piece doesn’t really tell much truth about the piece, only your willingness to distort reality to make your “point”. And, speaking of reality, I couldn’t find that particular phrase. Do you have a source, or is it just made up to illustrate a “point”?

    2. Apple Music will make a mixtape to your tastes as well – just tell it what you want and it starts learning your tastes. Pretty cool that way. Lots of “old fogie” music there too.

      1. No it doesn’t, but anymore it sure seems to be catering to the wants of blacks in this country, which amounts to a very large, steaming pile of ignorant crap. Give it time and this country will be about as worthless as the entire continent of Africa.

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