How to fix persistent iOS 9 Slide to Upgrade screen

Apple has posted a support document that explains what to do if the Slide to Upgrade screen won’t go away after you update to iOS 9.

How to fix persistent iOS 9 Slide to Upgrade screen:
1. Connect your iOS device to a computer that you’ve previously synced with iTunes. Then make sure iTunes is open.
2. Select your device. If you don’t see it listed, force restart your device by pressing and holding both the Sleep/Wake and Home button for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.
3. If you made an iTunes backup of your device before updating to iOS 9, restore your device from that backup. If not, you need to make a backup of your device in iTunes, then restore from that backup.

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s one we haven’t seen on any of our devices that have been upgraded to iOS 9, have you?


  1. If you want to totally screw your music library, just connect your iOS device to iTunes on a Mac or PC. I spent two whole working days on the phone and even got elevated to the engineering dept. I was told that someone would follow up, but nothing, silence, nada, zip. Way to go Apple! My new rule is don’t screw your iOS device by hooking it up to OS X. Because every time I do, it gets fucked up. 300 apps and 4000 songs is never fun to restore from backup unnecessarily.

      1. Hmmm. mfdcap10. Your reply here is exactly why people give you one star votes.

        While most of us have had trouble with Apple products we understand how hard it is to make these things perfect.

        Calling for someone’s head just because your system has an issue, is well, childish. So you come across childish. Just saying.

        1. I’m not the first and definitely not the last to call for a review of Eddie Cue’s employment with Apple. iTunes is an an abysmal mish mash of apps that need to be split into more manageable segments. It is supposed to manage MUSIC!!!!! Not music and movies, and apps, and backups, and and and…….. It’s a piece of crap when it comes to managing music and it TRUTHFULLY screws up my music collection every time I plug an iOS device into it. As far as backups are concerned I can’t take the chance that it isn’t going to cause hours of inconvenience and aggravation. Just sayin’

          1. You are upset, which is understandable. But you need to understand, in return, that most Apple users enjoy excellent, nearly trouble-free experience with Apple products. You come on this forum screaming and yelling that Apple software sucks and calling for heads to roll and expect everyone else to jump on board. Well, that is not reasonable. And neither are your frustrated responses when MDN’ers refuse to jump on your gripe train.

            1. Who died and left you in charge? I’ll speak s-l-o-w-l-e-y for you. iTunes doubled up every one of my 6000 songs on several occasions. The engineers could not figure it out. They told me that they would follow up…… Nothing ever happened. Never heard from them again.

              So now (if you can actually comprehend and understand), whenever a solution to a problem is to connect my iOS device to iTunes. I NEVER DO IT. Hopefully it saves one person grief.

    1. The rot at Apple comes from the top down. Tim “Apple Ballmer” Cook is an incompetent buffoon. The sooner he is fired and his lapdog Ive, the better off Apple will be. Sorry to hear you are experiencing the problems you’ve had, but the post Steve Jobs Apple doesn’t care anymore, they just want your money. I have a feeling more and more Apple consumers will become former Apple product consumers. It took Steve Jobs a lifetime to build Apple’s reputation, and Tim Cook, a few years to destroy. I think Tim Cook will go down in the history books as Steve Job’s biggest mistake.

      1. mfdcap10, if you listen to joe here (an unregistered anti apple guy that most likely works for samsung trolling along) and you think he goes way overboard then you can begin to understand.
        See Joe joe here does not really use Apple products, he does not register, he just trolls by spitting Apple Hate. He probably things OS 7 was perfect, OS 8 was better, then they mucked it all up with OS X. LOL….

        Joe, Apple has done more to keep the focus on the customer alive than anyone in the world. Just talked to an HP customer rep…. from India…. who really could care less about how happy I am. And I have had a number of issues with Apple equipment hard ware and software. Almost every time they have bent over backwards to try and help me.

        Just saying. but maybe you should love Ballmer and samsung. They sound more like your type of person. 🙁

        1. Hahahahahaha, you’re waaaaaay too funny. I’ve owned a 3GS, 4, 5, and 6+ 128 (which I love), I have a iPad Air 128 (which I love). I bought my gf a 6+ and a iPad air2 (both 128). I tolerate my iMac and MacBook Pro since I’m not a fan of OS X (just a personal opinion). On top of all that my gf and I have 1000 shares of Apple stock. And I’m a troll? Get real buddy. You don’t have a clue. I love Apple products but hold the koolaid.

  2. Oh that’s right! I did have this issue, I for some reason forgot all about it. I have an AT&T MicroCell at home, and after it connected to that it seemed to stop having any kind of connection, so I assumed maybe it was unique to these, but I guess not. It would not advance to the next page, so I would reboot my phone. Each time I rebooted it seemed to let me get one more screen ahead, so after like 3 or 4 restarts I was able to finish the setup. I had to do this only once on one iPhone though. I did not have the problem when I restored my iPhone to iOS 9 as part of the unlocking process, nor did I have the problem on my cellular iPad or my secondary work iPhone.

    1. Is also work noting that when I did experience it on the affected iPhone I was actually upgrading to the developer golden master. I also upgraded the unaffected iPad to golden master, but my secondary iPhone was standard release (can’t have beta software on my corporate iPhone).

    2. mike… I would expect you to have troubles, microcell connect, developer software, etc, etc. And with a million people trying to download at the same time… sure.

      I downloaded in iTunes with wifi to cable modem. Phone ran fine. iPad had issue….. unexpected response from Pad…. but i reset the pad and it finished everything fine.
      99% of people upgrading had no issues.

      Trolls like Joe are to be ignored. He never once explained why he says what he says… just rants about getting rid of some one. Just saying.

  3. That’s not a good fix procedure. Since iOS 5, iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) have been “peer” computers to Macs and Windows PCs. Before iOS 5, iOS devices were subordinate; they required a Mac or Windows PC running iTunes for initial setup and ongoing syncing. The user can still sync iOS devices to iTunes, but it’s the customer’s choice. You can use an iOS device now as your only computer.

    1. I had this issue with a recent beta build..Apple knew about it. It bricked my test/dev phone. Only way to get it back was to restore from iTunes. Out of stubbornness…I still haven’t fixed it, lol. I don’t connect my iOS devices to my macs…and the longer you go without connecting iOS to a Mac, the more messed up things will get once you due. iTunes, especially the music app..have really been messed up on many levels.

      1. I am sure it happens to some, but not all.

        I have used iTunes since version 1 on multiple Macs. I have had multiple iPods in use since the first one and many iPhones with the wife and teenagers all syncing to one or more Macs. Throw in an iPad too. At any given time 9 devices syncing to iTunes music and 6 devices syncing Apps.
        These are ALL done via iTunes with the USB cable.
        Never had a major issue with music or Apps.

        But I tell all of them, when it is syncing, don’t touch the device. Let it do it’s thing. Less chance of causing issues.

      2. M…. recent beta build…. says it all. Apple is trying to do the very best for the most of us why do not jailbreak, beta test, multi load OS systems, etc.

        We just want our phones, pads to work. And considering what is out there, I would have to say that Apple HW and SW is more up to date, more functional, less issues including malware than any other system out there. That says a lot about their approach. No matter what Joe says. LOL

  4. I think most have already tried this without luck. Restoring from physical itunes back up or icloud backup appeared to fix it but as soon as I got to the last screen “Let’s get started” – it threw me back to the Swipe to Upgrade loop. Even wiping it clean and restoring from a backup image did not work. I suspect the ios7 backup does not work with ios9, at least for me.
    Some people have mentioned the issue happens more frequent going from ios7->ios9 OTA which is what I was trying.

    Ended up setting up as new iphone, using ibackup viewer to extract my contacts and notes from my last icloud backup.

  5. There are a lot of people who really never plug their iOS device into a computer. Eventually, these people will get a rude awakening that not having a backup is very dumb. Sure, you can use iCloud for backups, but I know a lot of people who THINK they’re backing up through iCloud, but then they find out later that they’re not, or they’ve long since ran out of storage. I take a few minutes a couple of times a week to plug in my iPhone and iPad to make a quick backup. It’s not hard. I just do it while I’m working on something else. I recently helped someone who had no backups at all. She lost a lot of photos and texts. I’m hoping that she learned her lesson.

        1. When you set up your phone, you have to choose to disable it. You also have to say “no” to iCloud Drive, and iCloud Keychain. They are on by default. So is photo stream, iCloud photo storage…and many other annoying things that new users don’t have a clue about (like everything being on in Notification Center, etc…).

          1. Not totally sure that is true. If you have selected NO on previous iOS, does it change to always!????

            I know iOS 9 DID NOT screw up my apple pay like the last two iOS updates did. And yes, Apple keeps adding things that are set one way or the other by default. Hey, it has to be yes or no. Its binary. LOL

      1. iCloud backups are fine, but they come with limitations. If you backup via iTunes, you have the ability to encrypt the backup, which will save your application passwords. When I’ve had to restore, I never have to go back and put in my email passwords. I like that convenience.

  6. Just because you backup to a computer is no guarantee that it will restore properly 100% of the time. Backing up both ways is best, but let’s face it, cloud based backups have lots of redundancies in place to backup the backups. It’s ridiculous to go through life believing that cloud based backups are inherently unreliable.

    As far as not knowing when your last backup actually took place, or how much space you have, it’s easily found in settings if you take the time to look. iOS even informs you if you haven’t backed up in awhile.

    1. Who are you kidding? This is the new Apple. Microsoft 2.0. Tim “Apple Ballmer” Cook is too incompetent to prevent these kinds of problems. The only way to really fix the glitch is for the board to fire him and Ive, the sooner the better.

      1. Ooohh, Tim “Apple Ballmer” Cook who is the best in the industry in operations, supply and demand, that has set record sales for the last how many years?

        Yea, sure. What multi-billion dollar company are you running that we should listen to you?

        Go crawl back into your hole by the bridge.

      2. Joe, ??? is that you Ballmer??? I thought you were still busy messing up your team!

        I am guessing you would be up to head Apple if they really needed you….. Right??? /s

      3. [Insult withheld] This is far from the first time Apple, or any other software developer, has bungled an installer. This happened during the Steve Jobs era a number of times. Your perspective is worthless IMHO.

        Meanwhile: Fix this ASAP Apple!

  7. I had no problems with my Iphone 6 or Ipad2, but my wife’s Iphone 4s had this issue. The problem is: if you install IOS 9 over anything other than IOS 8. Wife’s phone had IOS 7 on it. Of course, Apple’s software update COULD have checked this, known it, installed IOS 8 and THEN IOS 9. No problem. Software update did not warn of this issue. Apple did not warn of this issue. Maybe they assumed that everyone updating to IOS 9 would have 8 in place before. But it did not happen. The “fix” did not work. Had to wipe the phone and start from scratch. Wife was not pleased and she now needs to manually re-install all her apps and music. She lost a bunch of notes, as well. I am a huge Apple fan, but they dropped the ball on this one. At least a warning, next time…PLEASE!

  8. Definitely experienced this when upgrading my boss’ phone on Friday. Couldn’t restore to backup because find my iPhone was enabled. Couldn’t disable find my iPhone because the slide to upgrade screen prevented me from accessing the settings.

    Nothing like bricking your boss’ phone to engender trust in your tech abilities.

  9. Got this error on my iPhone 6 Plus. It was a big pain in the rear. Had to do multiple restores from the recovery mode. Force restarts took over 30 minutes. I had to do multiple restores and finally one took.

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