New drone video reveals more of Apple’s massive ‘spaceship’ campus

Above Reno has released a new drone video of the Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino, Califonia.

Apple’s Campus 2 is an incredible building. The video provides a look at the massive scale of the project. The new campus will house 13,000 employees.

Prior to the start of construction, the ratio of built-up area to landscaping on the site was 80:20. After Apple’s redevelopment, this ratio will be reversed so that 80% of the redeveloped site will be greenery.

Above Reno’s video was recorded at or below 400 feet above ground level with clearance from the local FAA office.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wishing Steve were here to see it and ride herd on the project.

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  1. First of this sort of video that allowed me time to look at the details. Every other one has the drone flying all over creation with fast pans, zooms, and cuts.

    Great job!

  2. Finally, a responsible drone pilot! Someone who obeys the FAA 400 ft AGL (above ground level) rule; does his flying during a non-work day so as not to be a potential hazard to equipment and personnel; launches from as near the site as possible so as not to overfly vehicles and pedestrians, AND takes it low and slow to allow for some extremely sharp and effective video. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a professional!

  3. I like that the video was shot at the end of ‘Magic Hour’ at the end of the day. Lots of lovely colors, as usual, including a nice view of the distant hills. The divides, or what I assume will be hallways, between some sections of the building are interesting.

    At first I thought they’d be separate entrances for different BattleBots into the Mothership Arena, but obviously not. The main entrance to the arena remains intact. 😉 Still no VIP stadium boxes. Still no season ticket sales. *sigh*

  4. Its coming along nicely and will be a great ‘shrine’ to Steve Jobs, a lot better than a statue.

    I bet they’re gonna hold one hell of a massive event to launch it – expect the biggest event ever from Apple or is that not their style??

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