Tim Cook talks 3D Touch iPhones, philanthropy, coming out as gay on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

“CEO Tim Cook explained to Stephen Colbert on Tuesday why Apple is giving more to charity than it did under his predecessor, Steve Jobs,” Jose Pagliery and Frank Pallotta report for CNN. “‘We want to leave the world better than we found it,’ Cook said during a ‘Late Show’ interview Tuesday on CBS.”

“Cook said he’s focused on charity for the same reason he came out as gay last year. People are suffering, and because of his position at Apple, he’s able to do something about it,” Pagliery and Pallotta report. “Cook said he asks himself the same question everyday, one originally posed by Martin Luther King, Jr.: ‘What are you doing for others?’ That’s why Cook — a staunch advocate for personal privacy — has gone public. ‘I valued my privacy significantly, [but] I felt that I was valuing it too far above what I could do for other people,’ he said. ‘I wanted to tell everyone my truth.'”

“One audience member, Molly Evans, said she appreciated Cook’s openness during the interview,” Pagliery and Pallotta report. “‘It’s inspiring that he gave up his own privacy to help others,’ Evans said. Another audience member, Sarah Drake, said: ‘I thought he was lovely. You have to be a brilliant man to be head of a company like that.’ Both women clutched their iPhone 6 devices as they spoke.”

[protected-iframe id=”79cef3b4e8a3487b8fa1c38103c3ce89-17146794-18685410″ info=”http://i.cdn.turner.com/money/.element/script/7.0/players/embed.js?videoid=/video/technology/2015/09/16/tim-cook-apple-stephen-colbert-late-show.cnnmoney” ]

Read more (and direct link to the video) in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The appearance generated positive PR for Apple while also selling iPhones with easily understandable demonstrations of 3D Touch and Live Photos.


  1. It would be interesting to find out if any money exchanged hands in order to facilitate Cook’s appearance last night.

    On the one hand, this was of significant PR value for Apple, so it would make sense that Apple compensated Colbert producers for this. On the other hand, Colbert’s show is very new; they are booking top gun talent, AAA-list personalities, for the initial weeks of its run (look at the guest roster since the premiere — heavy-duty stars and faces, for the most part). Getting Cook on the show so soon after the big launch would likely be considered a significant ‘get’ in their show business. Which way did the money go, if any did?

    1. If you’re unable to decide whether Colbert might have paid Cook, or if Cook paid Colbert to be on the show, then it seems very likely that no significant sum of money changed hands either way as it was a mutually beneficial arrangement.

  2. I don’t understand some of the comments here – this was a HUGE win for all involved with no perceivable downside for anyone (as far as I can see).

    1) This is GREAT PR and marketing for Apple and its products.
    2) This is GREAT marketing and PR for PEOPLE. Tim Cook is a GREAT CEO who happens to be GAY get over it world and move along.
    3) Colbert got to have a great guest that few folks get to hear and see. Instead of celebrating vapid “celebrities” we get to see and celebrate a smart businessman – just the type of role model I want my kids to see and ID with.

    Stop looking for intrigue or drama. Nice “get” Mr. Colbert! Now get Mr. Ive on there…

    1. I’m assuming you’re mexican, hence the name. We should throw you back in mexico, cause hateful people like you are probably still going to build trump’s wall. 😉

      Oh, also gay AND mexican, so don’t start with the racist stuff.

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