Apple’s plan to kill the hamburger menu

“During Apple’s September event it announced a new technology called 3D Touch as part of the iPhone 6s. Apple calls it the ‘next generation of multitouch’ and it isn’t mincing words when it comes to how important it is to the future,” Owen Williams writes for TNW.

“3D Touch is an incredibly interesting technology; it offers an unprecedented new way to interact with the iPhone. On top of just gestures, it allows iPhone to sense depth of a press, which opens up new opportunities for interface design beyond simple taps and swipes,” Williams writes. “With 3D Touch, Apple is making a move that could eventually kill the convoluted, infamously confusing hamburger menu.”

“Force Touch solely helped the company avoid hamburger menus appearing anywhere in its wrist-worn interfaces from day one. With 3D Touch on iPhone, Apple is making its first moves toward killing it off on your phone, too,” Williams writes. “If Apple can train iPhone owners to use 3D Touch to reveal more options — just like on Apple Watch — it’ll be able to slowly eradicate the hamburger menu from interface design.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch already has us trying to Force Touch our iPhones, so it’ll be wonderful to finally have iPhones that’ll respond to deeper presses!


    1. I just assumed Williams was just referring to a long, long list of menu items. Kind of reminds me of when you go up to a fast food place and stare blankly with your mouth open up at the menu on the wall that spans from one end of the building to the other.

      Yea, I’ve done that.

  1. Well if force touch going to kill and eradicate it’s definitely going to get approval from their homeland government. Everyone knows how much they are addicted to killing and eradicating.

  2. I’m looking beyond iPhones and iPads to a Mac Book Pro with a force touch panel below the keyboard and maybe all across the width of the MacBook Pro.

    In reality, the trackpad function could be placed on the right or left to suit an individual’s desire and other panels could deliver messages and open accessories, like a calculator.

    Lots of opportuinities out there.

  3. These people commenting “What’s a hamburger menu?” are killing me. It would probably take less time to just read the article or conduct a search on the matter, versus posting a question that you could very easily answer for yourself.

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