Hands-on with the all-new Apple TV

“Apple announced a long list of new products on Wednesday: A large iPad Pro, new iPhone models, and upgraded Apple TV,” Jason Cipriani writes for Fortune.

“The Apple TV is by far the most interesting out of the three newly announced products and opens up a new world of new possibilities for developers around the world,” Cipriani writes. “The small black box will still allow consumers to stream movies and TV shows from various content providers, but now gives developers the ability to create apps that run on the set-top box. Developers will also have the ability to sell TV apps or games through a dedicated App Store, similar to one found on iOS devices.”

“I was able to try out the new system for a few minutes, which included chatting with Siri (Apple’s digital assistant), and testing Apple TV’s new remote, which also doubled as a gamepad while playing Disney Infinity 3 Star Wars,” Cipriani writes. “The game required me to fly a spaceship on a mission where I was tasked with shooting at bad guys in different environments. I was able to steer my spaceship past several obstacles by tilting the remote. I expected a delay or lag between when I physically tilted the remote and when the fictional spaceship actually turned, but was surprised there was none.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In a few months, when developers have gotten ahold of this new Apple TV paradigm, you won’t have any trouble at all explaining to people why they need an Apple TV. More than likely, they’ll have finally stopped asking and already become Apple TV users, too!

And, by the time the hoi polloi figure out they wanted a 4K-capable Apple TV, Apple will have already released it.

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    1. Hardware. A device need to be set up to handle 4K or UHD and connect with other devices. There is also a memory issue. It takes around 3 to 4 times the memory to hold 4K. There is really no need for it yet. There are few TV’s that can handle it. It will take a long time to download the content. You need a large room to get the effect. The great thing about 4K recording is that it gives you a lot more to edit with. Recording in HD gives you little to work with in cropping or fixing shake. 4K gives you the ability to make great HD content.

      1. I don’t create in 4k yet but shoot that way for exactly those reasons… Could the hardware be hidden in there? They have been serving standard HD this long with no storage, now they have extended storage options etc. Is it really more about graphics performance? I can see a 4k in a couple years, I’m not sad about this move, however my speakers are Bose optical audio, who the hell am I gonna work that out?Yes, they are installed in the wall!

    1. How is the ATV going to be better than dedicated game consoles? Dedicated players have superior hardware, optimized game controllers, and a huge library of games that are more complex than you could ever do with the new ATV. The crude games that Apple showed off was not the least bit enticing.

  1. I am concerned looking at the new ATV specs. No iTunes anything. Does that mean I have to subscribe to Apple Music just to stream my own music collection and my own movies? I hope not. I will have little use for the device without these capabilities, not to mention how upset I and many others will be. Surely I will still be able to pull from my computer the media I want to watch and hear. Right?

      1. Tying everything to the iCloud will be Apple’s downfall. It’s already ruined most of the Apple software that used to run well. No cloud will ever beat local storage for performance and security, ever.

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