Apple exploring hydrogen fuel cell technology that could power devices for weeks

“Apple has showed continued interest in using hydrogen fuel cell technology to power its portable devices, echoing a functional iPhone 6 powered by hydrogen that was showcased just last week,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“Published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, the application was originally submitted by Apple in March, and actually represents a continuation of two patents from 2010,” Fingas reports. “Text and diagrams depict not only a fuel cell stack for generating power, but related aspects like connections with the portable device and a cartridge system for adding fuel.”

“The diagrams make reference to a MagSafe connector, implying that technology would be oriented towards MacBooks, and claim that a device could run for ‘days or even weeks” without refueling,’ Fingas reports. “The likelihood of Apple putting fuel cell technology in a shipping product is uncertain, since cartridge slots would take up valuable design space, and many people might prefer to keep recharging via USB instead of paying for fuel. There also might also be outsized manufacturing and environmental costs in producing a supply of cartridges. However, Thursday’s patent continuation makes it clear that Apple remains interested in pursuing the concept…”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. The same fuel cell technology will eventually power my Apple Car. Stop at a convenience store for a gallon of hydrogen like a bottle of wiper fluid and off I go for another 100 miles.

  2. Speculation!

    More and more speculation.

    In the meantime, Apple continues to sell old technology at a premium price!

    Apple is all about what you think you’re buying, not what you’re truly getting!

    It’s called a marketing machine.

    Gee these Apple fannies are blind and will never learn!

    Apple fannies still don’t get it!

    Either Apple’s marketing is really that impressive or the fannies are really that st…!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Examples???

        There are plenty!

        Below is a noteworthy few:

        (1) the latest iPhones with 4 year old camera technology compared to industry standard,

        (2) A8 processor is at least 3 year old technology compared to industry standard,

        (3) lowest memory offering in the industry,

        (4) no support for any external devices,

        (5) proprietary non industry standard components (i.e. closed technology),

        (6) by far the most prominent hardware feature of the iPhone and iPad products since they have been introduced on the market, none else then the plague of the “shattered screen” (proof of low quality hardware),

        (7) iOS has yet to offer no file system support and no multi-tasking capability (every other OS’s do),

        (8) iOS is plagued with bugs and security issues which Apple can’t seem to resolve from one release to the other,

        (9) the most advanced game on iOS is “Candy Crush”.

        And there’s a whole lot more to come I’m sure!


        🙂 🙂 🙂

            1. Well, I hate to disappoint you but I am a highly qualified technology specialist with a great many years of experience in the field!

              Unlike most Apple consumers (including yourself obviously) who are pretty much clueless wonders when it comes to technology and what they’re buying!

              Apple doesn’t really share any information about their technological innovations other than the usual it’s “lighter, thinner and faster”!

              When you have nothing significant to offer, marketing is your only solution!

              🙂 🙂 🙂

              BTW, at your age you shouldn’t belittling people but rather offer intelligent responses (if you are sufficiently educated to do so).

              Wouldn’t be much more productive and intersting, AGREE?

            2. GerryBowsinger, you are a tool.

              I disagree with point 1 because it is not true. The cameras on Apple’s iPhones produce great photos and are consistently rated at the top. Four-year old technology? Bullshit.

              I disagree with point 2 because it is not true. The A8 was the first 64-bit mobile SoC. The Exynos is a POS in comparison, and the A9 will put Apple another leap forward. Besides, Android can’t effectively utilize a 64-bit processor.

              Point 3 is probably not true, either, because there has to be other 16GB phones available, but it is irrelevant in any case because you can get 64GB and 128GB versions of the iPhone.

              I disagree with point 4 because it is not true. There are more external 3rd party devices for the iPhone/iOS than for Android. I just saw an advertisement for an upgraded version of a cool IR camera attachment (external, just in case you are confused).

              Do I really have to go on?

              Point 5 (proprietary components) has nothing to do with your original contention of old/outdated. The proprietary A-series processors provide Apple iOS devices with a distinct power/performance edge.

              Point 6 (shattered displays) affects every smartphone. In fact, many demonstrations has shown Apple products to be more robust to impact damage. You are really reaching deep in your nether orifice…

              I disagree with point 7 because it is at least halfway false. iOS has multi-tasking. You must be referring to the manner in which the user interacts with those capabilities.

              Point 8 – bugs and security issues – please, that is just funny! See Android for security problems.

              Point 9 – the most advanced game on iOS is Candy Crush? What are you smoking? While there are a lot of connect 3 type games available for iOS (they lend themselves to the touch interface), there are also many highly advanced games for iOS. Go find them.

              Another ten minutes wasted on MDN trolls.

            3. I gave you a perfect score (i.e. 5 stars) for your effort, not your answers!

              I must admit it is truly rare and refreshing to see someone offer an intelligent and sensible response to a comment!


              My respect!

              🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. Another paper specs chaser. I thought most people were beyond buying into the canard that more gHz, more cores, more RAM, necessarily make for a better system. Compare real world performance and the iPhone takes a back seat to no one. Admittedly, the cameras in the latest premium Android phones finally match what the iPhone has been doing with their 8MB camera. But I expect next week’s introductions to put the iPhone camera bac on top.

          1. In fact, yes in the technology world more is always better (see explanation below)!

            More Ghz, more cores, more RAM, more and faster storage will ALWAYS and invariably make for a better system PROVIDED the software is designed to take advantage of the full capabilities hardware.

            Am I too advanced here?

            🙂 🙂 🙂

            P.S. Stick to what you’re good at … in your case, marketing should do it.

    1. Actually, GerryBowsinger, Apple’s marketing is not that impressive. Apple marketing is probably the least impressive aspect of Apple. And, yet, Apple continues to sell incredible quantities of products and rake in over 90% of the smartphone profits worldwide. Why is that, GerryBowsinger? It certainly is not because of the marketing.

      In addition, more people are switching from Android to iOS than the reverse. Certainly those Android users do not start out as “Apple fannies.” And, yet, they make the decision to switch to iOS and the iPhone. Why is that, GerryBowsinger?

      1. The reason is simple.

        At present, consumers who are looking to purchase a smartphone only have the choice between Android or iOS smartphones.

        Google constantly releases independent versions of the Android OS without providing proper support for bug fixes, compatibility and security issues.

        At one point, the only logical thing to do for the consumer is to switch over to iOS.

        But even iOS is plagued with bugs, compatibility and security issues which Apple struggles to fix.

        Instead of thoroughly fixing them, Apple simply moves on to the next new release of their iOS X.0 and “forces” the consumer to upgrade their OS.

        Even moving to Apple, the consumer will encounter many compatibility issues which will remain unsolved because Apple is not a software company!

        NOW, the good news!

        There will soon be a real solution for the consumer, a third option capable of addressing all issues previously mentioned issues (i.e. bugs, compatibility and security).

        When it comes to software and hardware, they are the real undisputed Kings of the technology world.

        You guessed it, none other than Microsoft!

        Still not convinced?

        Take a look …

        Complete with the most sophisticated OS mankind has ever seen!


        Ready to switch???

        I sure know you will!!

        🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. “Apple continues to sell incredible quantities of products and rake in over 90% of the smartphone profits worldwide. Why is that, GerryBowsinger?”

        I love your question!!!!

        Isn’t it obvious to you that Apple is shamelessly taking advantage of their consumers by overcharging them for their subpar technology!!??!!

        What else could possibly explain Apple taking 90% of the profits while barely having little more than 12-15% of the global smartphone market share?

        Lighten up dude!

        🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Keep taking the FUD pills fella, 30 years of use has proved to me everything I need to know about Apple products as compared to the opposition. Unlike you we really don’t live in a bubble though I do feel like I gave been on the laughing gas after reading your robotic tripe.

  3. “many people might prefer to keep recharging via USB instead of paying for fuel”

    It makes far more sense. Unless you’re in the field without a power source for days or weeks at a time, it’s far easier and cheaper to just plug in. Not to mention less wasteful; even if the cartridges are 100% recyclable, most will just end up in the trash.

    1. Can you be a little more specific?

      Please tell me which one is a lie?

      Oh yeah, and please try and provide and intelligible response with at least some evidence to support you claims!

      Finally, remember not to take things too personal!

      Happy reading!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

      p.s. Where on earth did you get the impression I’m a Samsung fan? I gather you’re having trouble with basic reading comprehension?

      Let me help you …





      I hope you haven’t missed it this time!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

      CHEERS to ALL!

        1. Let me guess, you spend most of your time playing “Candy Crush” on your brand new MacPro Ultra Lightweight Super Dooper Whooper technology!

          You’re really amazing!

          Are you Einstein’s brother?

          🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. Agree, the world is changing indeed!

          Very soon, the world will be a great big OneMicrosoft Only World!

          You don’t believe me, just watch!

          No one is buying iPads anymore and soon the very same will happen with iPhones!

          The consumer now demands more than Apple products can possibly deliver.

          The consumer wants performance versatility and power which only Microsoft can deliver!

          The want and need great software only Microsoft has the know how to deliver!

          The answer, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Phone with Windows 10 on all devices!

          See you on the other Microsoft side!


          🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Ohhhh a list a list, let me get bag of troll treats. Let’s see.

    1. It’s a phone not a camera.
    2. Three years OLD. Gosh when is the industry standard going to catch up.
    3. Lowest memory offering in the industry. A sign of leadership here, just indicative of the fact that you don’t need a lot of memory to run a lean slick operating system as opposed to say Windoze (they still make Windows) which gave birth to the idea of bloatware requiring gobs and gobs and gobs of memory, but hey more is better right.
    4. Really, no support for external devices. Finally Apple has cut the tethered cord to the wall socket and the power bar. This is great news I can’t wait to hear the announcement at the next Apple presentation.
    5. Propriety proprietary non industry standard components (i.e. closed technology). That’s just an american thing, you know the only one to still use the metric, the only ones that want to build a fence around their entire country. the only one to use weapons of mass destruction on unarmed civilized population, you get the idea. It’s beyond Apple.
    6. Glass has been around for a long time, they make it stronger to make shatterproof, bullet proof then something stronger comes along like a plane and shatters it all to pieces. It certainly does have something to do with quality control, might want to check up on that obese population, the quality of their buttocks tends be tough on glass, and airplane seats.
    7. Better to do one right than do a thousand things the windoze way.
    8. Oh an OS plagued with bugs, and security issues. That’s so behind the curve with Windoze new operating system that will be plagued with bugs, security issues, viruses, trojans, built in NSA agents, body parts from slow workers.
    9. Apple devices are not toys. If you want a toy to play games buy an windows machine.

    It’s all a question of perspective. Apple may have the most fantastic marketing and that will certainly help but really they don’t have market share like the others do.

    Then again the stupidity factor must not be overestimated. I mean Apple comes from a country that tortures people and has absolutely no respect for the sovereignty of other nations. That’s really stoopid but not as stoopid as a top 10 list with only 10 entries. So for the troll.

    #10. Apples doesn’t use repetitive yelling in all caps while industry leaders do. We all know the cry of Microsoft (capitalize and repeat Minisoft here)… developers (capitalize and repeat developers here).

    There fixed that for ya.

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