44 million people listened to Apple Music in July

“According to a new ComScore report, Apple Music is certainly catching the attention of users,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac. “The digital analytics company claims that Apple’s Music service was listened to by 44 million users in the U.S. during the month of July — putting it in the top 15 smartphone apps in the U.S.”

“ComScore looked at the usage habits of close to 183 million iOS and Android adult users in the U.S. to draw its conclusions,” Dormehl reports. “Apple Music’s 14th place on the list puts it ahead of Snapchat and just behind Twitter. It was also the second most popular music app, behind only Pandora Radio.”

“Even though Apple Music comes as a pre-loaded iOS app, thereby partially explaining this high ranking, it’s still an impressive figure — particularly since the app isn’t yet available on Android,” Dormehl reports. “The real test for Apple Music will come later this month once the free trial period ends and would-be customers are asked to stump up the $9.99 monthly fee.”

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MacDailyNews Takee: Apple Music has a significant component of service that will remain free to non-members, and that promote the sales of music, concert tickets, and more, including:

• Listen to Beats 1 radio station
• Listen to Apple Music radio stations (limited skipping vs. unlimited for members)
• View artist feed on Connect
• Follow artists on Connect
• Love, comment and play Connect content or radio songs

Via comScore:

Top 15 Smartphone Apps -July 2015
Total U.S. Smartphone Mobile Media Users, Age 18+ (iOS and Android Platforms)

Top 15 Smartphone Apps July 2015 Total U.S. Smartphone Mobile Media Users, Age 18+ (iOS and Android Platforms) Source: comScore Mobile Metrix
Source: comScore Mobile Metrix

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple Music and Pandora are complementary. Pandora’s interface is simpler since it doesn’t do much and the accumulated thumbs up have made for some good listener curation. So it’s good for finding new talent but then I use Apple Music since I usually like to listen to a specific artist.

  2. I’ve got until the end of this month left on the 90-day trial. Then I, with no regrets, will let it go. I’m already opted out, just in case. In the meantime, I’m streaming and hijacking all sorts of things. And not bothering with any of the pre-prepared pablum of the so-called ‘stations’ or ‘playlists’, which all seem to be uncompromisingly commercially based.

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