Apple dominates pay TV streaming with 61.9% viewership on Apple devices

“TV and video delivered over the Internet has a huge and growing audience, but the lack of a simple, all-in-one solution may be limiting growth,” Todd Wasserman reports for CMO. “The gap in the market paves the way for a vendor – perhaps Apple – to introduce a simpler solution that will spur a new growth cycle. That’s the upshot of Adobe Digital Index’s latest ‘U.S. Digital Video Benchmark’ report. The report, based on 159 billion online video starts and 1.49 billion TV Everywhere authentications spanning from the second quarter of 2014 to the second quarter of 2015, also noted that TV Everywhere viewing is growing quickly.”

“TV Everywhere viewing was up 63% YoY, according to the study. Some 12.7% of pay TV viewers were watching content on their devices in Q2 2015, a 19% jump over Q4 2014, though down slightly from Q1 2015,” Wasserman reports. “Consumers were also watching content on TV-connected devices, such as Apple TV and Roku. Authenticated viewing via such TV-connected devices grew 110% YoY.”

“Still, growth is slowing,” Wasserman reports. “‘What we’re starting to see is that potentially some of the friction in the process of setting up TV Everywhere or figuring out which device you want to use might be starting to cause a slowdown,’ said Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst for ADI. ‘We think generally the demand is there, but we may have reached a tipping point where to get to the next level it needs to be simpler to sign in.’ Gaffney said since each TV-connected device offers a different array of content (you can’t get Amazon Prime service on Apple TV or Apple content on Roku, for instance), many consumers find the process too complicated.”

“Drilling down, the report found that the iPad was the No. 1 device that consumers used to view TV Everywhere content, with some 22.3% of users employing Apples’ tablet device. Second on the list were PCs with 18.3%, followed by iPhones (18.2%) and Apple TV (12.8%),” Wasserman reports. “Considering the popularity of Apple’s various devices, Apple accounted for up to 61% of TV Everywhere viewing, though there’s some overlap, Gaffney said. ‘You look at this, and you do see that, in general, Apple is quite dominant,’ she said. That installed base paves the way for an all-in-one solution from Apple… ‘It doesn’t take much for something to come along that makes everything so much easier to use that adoption goes into a hockey-stick pattern,’ she said. ‘That could very well happen. That’s what happened with the iPhone.'”

Adobe: TV Everywhere user share by device type

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  1. HTC, Motorola and even Amazon are laying off staff. It’s only a matter of time before Samsung starts laying off staff. The loses will start mounting. The panic, I’m sure, has already set in. And all the while the others will drop out of sight one at a time. Nothing’s stopping the Apple juggernaut. Good luck Android OEMs- you’ll need it.

    And all the while Wall Street’s in denial of the inevitable death of all brand name Android OEMs.

    Apple’s going to have the last laugh. And still have $250 Billon in cash!!!!

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