Why Apple’s iPhone 6s/Plus are the most important iPhones to date

“Apple’s iPhone has been around for eight years now, and the iPhone 6s will be the 11th model that Apple has brought out,” The Gadget Show writes.

“It could well be the most important iPhone we’ve seen yet, and with disappointing sales of flagship rivals from Samsung and HTC, Apple needs to pull something impressive out of the hat if it wants a winner on its hands,” The Gadget Show writes. “With what’s likely to be an iterative design based on what we’ve seen with previous S-models, Apple could still surprise us with a truly refined version of its latest model.”

“Apple’s rivals may be getting more impressive when it comes to design and quality, but the Cupertino giant has plenty of tricks it can call on, and we’ve seen loads of impressive tech make an appearance on its other products. The iPhone 6s could one of the first big smartphones to take USB-C charging mainstream (yes, we know there are others with USB-C, but none sell quite like an iPhone!) after Apple featured the new USB tech on its latest MacBook, while the display is also reportedly getting an upgrade with Force Touch on the horizon too,” The Gadget Show writes. “That means new gestures and ways to interact with apps, and it’s already changing how we interact with our MacBooks, and even on your wrist with the Apple Watch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Would Apple really forego the licensing revenues and thinness Lightning offers over switching to USB-C for iOS devices?

In what might be telling, the 6th gen. iPod touch released last month uses Lightning.


  1. I thought the European Union was pushing for all to use the same connectors or something? Who would have thought Apple would have gotten rid of the magnetic connector on a Laptop as it was the best connector and they did that. Sadly, I think its just a matter of time before they go all USB-C. Just wish we still would have the magnetic connector!

    1. Yup! MagSafe was a perfect example of those “little things” that add up to make Macs a superior computer experience. I guess Apple now is more interested in playing nice with industry standards.

  2. “…with disappointing sales of flagship rivals from Samsung and HTC, Apple needs to pull something impressive out of the hat if it wants a winner on its hands…”

    That’s a false premise if I’ve ever heard one. The failures of those two companies to produce a compelling product bears no relation to what Apple does with the iPhone.

      1. Gadget show is full of such overblown commentary and statements of this nature, it is to make them sound important rather than the products they are reviewing or comparing. Its effectively a Red Top Tv show thats more for entertainment than actual objective information. To gadgets what Top Gear is to cars, enjoy it but neither are truly about cars or gadgets they are simply Accessories to getting noticed.

        1. Nice new example of a spell checker changing the intended meaning of a sentence to its opposite!

          More evidence that the spell checkers are mischievous, perhaps even malicious, AI who could take over the world—they MUST BE STOPPED! /s

  3. Hey apple,
    How about something new? The iPhone is getting old, let’s see a groundbreaking revolution. Get us a see thru phone like the ones in Extant. Then Ill be impressed.

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