‘Smartbands’ won’t stop Apple from releasing new Apple Watches every year

“Last week, Europe-based news website letemsvetemapplem.eu reported that Apple is preparing ‘Smart Bands’ to add additional health tracking sensors to the current-generation Apple Watch,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.The article went on to say that Apple would release the bands starting next year instead of refreshing the Apple Watch’s core hardware, with speculation that Apple does not believe people will upgrade their Watches annually like iPhones.”

“According to our sources, the Apple Watch is indeed capable of sourcing health data from bands: the Apple Watch and its diagnostic port were actually designed with the possibility of bands with sensors launching in the future,” Gurman reports. “These potential sensor bands could also integrate with the Apple Watch over Bluetooth, and Bluetooth-based health accessory connectivity is already an option in the Apple Watch’s Settings application, but sources note that the port is actually more reliable and faster than Bluetooth.

Gurman reports, “Regardless, we are told that the potential presence of ‘Smart Bands’ will not deter Apple from annually upgrading the Apple Watch’s hardware.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Who ever comes up with an accurate Apple Watch smartband that acts as a non-invasive blood glucose monitor (reverse iontophoresis) is going to make a mint.

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  1. Tiny implant with a transmitter or transponder that will send the blood sugar levels to Apple Watch.

    Could be tweaked for other analysis as well!!

    My pleasure MDN.

    1. I’m already a little bionic, and, while it’s a mixed bag full of existential issues, kinda looking forward to extending my capabilities and longevity as a burgeoning cyborg….

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