The Apple Watch experience: Greater than the sum of its parts

“My wife hates watches,” Ron McElfresh writes for McSolo. “Through the years I’ve bought her a dozen watches as various gifts and she simply refuses to wear a watch– any watch– more than a few times a year, regardless of expense. While browsing through the Apple Store a month ago I asked her that if she could have an Apple Watch which model would she prefer. Amazingly, she tried on various models and bands, asked plenty of questions about usability, notifications, how Glances and navigation work, battery life, and so on. I thought she was just feigning interest, but after a few more trips to the Store it was obvious she was serious.”

“She loves it. This is from a non-watch wearer, someone who generally disdains the accouterments of a watch as a fashion accessory, a woman who does not yet understand how time works or is measured. And she loves Apple Watch,” McElfresh writes. “Why? Here’s the list. Notifications, exercise tracking, convenience, Apple Pay, and good ‘feel.'”

“Convenience was expected, but the convenience Watch provides is more than expected. Apple under promised and over delivered,” McElfresh writes. “Her enthusiasm over Watch pushed me to buy one a year earlier than planned. My Watch usage and analysis matched my wife’s experience. The total of using Watch is greater than the sum of the parts.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch users’ experiences, even those who were initially naysayers and/or non-wristwatcher wearers, are remarkably uniform: Apple Watch offers bits of improvements and efficiencies throughout the day that add up to a stellar, addicting experience. That’s why Apple Watch customer satisfaction is off-the-charts.

Apple Watch owners understand. Hopefully, this article and many others like it helps those without an Apple Watch to begin to understand, too. It’s like trying to explain “Why Mac” to a Windows PC sufferer. You really have to use one in order to understand. There are just too many details, too many nuances; a list of benefits simply doesn’t do it justice – and that list’s order of importance is different for everybody. With Apple Watch, as with the Mac, it’s the entirety of the experience. It’s indescribable, yet indescribably better.

That’s why we can say, after four months of wearing Apple Watches every single day: You can have our Apple Watches when you pry them off our cold, dead wrists.

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  1. I think the “good feel” aspect hasn’t been emphasized enough. The Watch is classic Apple design and build quality, it’s easily the most comfortable–and elegant–watch I’ve ever owned. I’ve upgraded to a leather band, and now this watch can easily stand as an equal to any Swiss watch. I would have spent this money just for such an elegant watch, all the amazing Apple Watch functionality that I now daily use is just icing on the cake.

    1. You are right, Renaldo. I’ve had my Apple Watch since 12 May, 42mm Space Gray Sport with black band, and it has grown on me daily. I never leave home without it. I didn’t intend to use the activity / fitness apps when I got the watch, but the activity tracker has had a subtle but noticeable effect on me. At first I didn’t pay attention to its alerts and prompts, but now I do. I just had a wellness check at my family doctor’s yesterday and they informed me I’d lost 9 pounds since my last visit six months ago. The nurse and my doctor asked me how I accomplished that, and I gave partial credit to my Apple Watch. They were interested to hear that. Plus, my doc says she’s going to get an Apple Watch but may wait until the second version.

      I first thought using the phone feature on the watch was gimmicky, but I’ve used it a number of times, especially while driving when I receive a call. It’s simple to answer on the watch – almost no distraction from driving and works surprisingly well.

      I use reminders and timers set from the watch multiple times per day, but I don’t use “Hey, Siri” command, rather I click on the digital crown and invoke that way. Saves time and works better.

      The sport model is surprisingly robust and durable – I’ve hit door frames, car doors, other hard objects, and the watch is still pristine. The watch feels super comfortable on my wrist.

      Battery life is a non-issue. If I want, I can get two full days from one full charge. The battery always lasts a full day when fully charged – one would have to intentionally work to run it down in one day of use.

      Apple Watch is a tremendously useful and easy-to-use watch. Period.

  2. Wrist Computer just isn’t as catchy as WATCH. But the fact is undeniable. The idea and fact that your wrist is home to a supercomputer inside what appears to be a watch is so new and unprecedented that everyone who wears one until the next model ships next year must be deemed an Early Adopter. Congrats to all of you who get it, got it or are about to get one in the next few months.⌚️💥😱😜🎉😘

  3. “A woman who does not yet understand how time works or is measured…” Wow.

    Apple Watch is geek wear. It is as pathetic as wearing an iPod nano strapped to one’s wrist. Already those wearing Apple Watch look like sad Apple clones. It doesn’t matter how ineffably great the Apple Watch is if you look like a douchebag wearing it.

    Apple Watch will continue to enjoy a period of growth and goodwill, while it is novel. However, the tide will turn. Once Apple Watch has more presence, and there are clones out there, the whole computer watch category will become the butt of jokes. Watch and see.

    1. Those of us who wear the Apple Watch are fully aware that we are the forerunners and pioneers of the future, and have enough fortitude and confidence in our own self ego and knowledge to weather the derisive comments, stares, and wonderment of those who have yet to get it. So please don’t think that your snide, juvenile and uninformed comments in any way are taken as insults… we merely consider them as drool from the mouth of an uninformed infant in the strongest conviction that in-time, if you’re lucky enough…. you’ll get it. Oh Yeah! I’ve gotten nothing but compliments from people after realizing that my watch is in-fact an Apple Watch, people are amazed at how good it looks, and after trying it on… at how good it feels on their wrist, nothing but pleasant experiences.

  4. I have to disagree with the MDN guys. I am not an Apple-hater, in fact, I am an early adopter for most of their tech. I got the watch a couple of weeks ago and it just isn’t doing much for me. I freely admit that it is quite possible that I am not using it to its fullest, but there just doesn’t seem to be anything that it does that is particularly compelling for me.

    That is not to say that I think it is a bad item, I don’t. However, I am just a counterpoint to those that say that it is going to be good for everyone. It is not bad, but for my life and what I do, I am not sure that it was worth it.

    Not a condemnation, just a data point.

  5. I have had my Watch for several months and really like it, have even lost 7 lbs. I use Apply Pay every where it is available. Friends, neighbors and relatives ask about it. But none have bought one. Even my wife has no interest. I have only seen one other person wearing one he said I was the only one he had seen. Clerks continue to be surprised when I use it. At Lucky grocery the clerks call me the Watch guy. I was at Valley Fair Apple Store Monday. Crowded as usual but nobody was looking at the Watch display. This is in heart of Silicon Valley. I fear that the Watch will not add to the bottom line. Hope OS2 will bring compelling apps.

  6. I’m a long time fanboy and have stood in line for every single Apple release for the last decade. My Apple watch is cool, but after a few months of use I’m definitely disappointed. Having to take it off to take a shower, taking it off to charge every night… and often forgetting to put it on the next day until the afternoon… Having to constantly hit it to turn it on when simply turning it doesn’t work… And it’s extremely slow opening new apps — it’s usually faster to just use my iPhone. Speed will obviously increase with next OS, but I’m underwhelmed in general. I’ve been getting text messages on my Pebble for years. so that’s not enough. Anyway — it’s still cool and sexy, and it will ultimately be great, but I may jump to a Withings Activité unless OS 2 totally blows me away. (and please relax – I love all things Apple, this has just been my experience with the watch…)

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