Is Apple Pay the killer app for Apple Watch?

“Apple Watch and Apple Pay are bringing the mobile wallet to millions of consumers who are already eager to use the solutions more often in more places, so is Apple Pay the killer app for Apple Watch?” Jonny Evans wonders for Computerworld.

“Consumers certainly seem to love the freedom of the solution,” Evans writes. “It looks like Apple Pay is winning on Apple Watch. Asking 1,000 existing US Apple Watch owners Wristly found 80 percent were already using Apple Pay [in countries where it’s possible], revealing incredibly positive feedback: 51 percent of the sample group called the experience ‘magical’ while 42 percent said it was ‘convenient.'”

“Given the strength and loyalty of Apple’s early adopter community you could ague that the feedback reflects the opinion of those already deeply invested in Apple’s platforms. Surprisingly, this is not the case given a previous Wristy survey that declared: ‘It was almost as if the farther away people were from tech or the tech industry, the more they liked the Apple Watch.’ This suggests those early Apple Watch/Pay users are neither Apple fanboys or tech early adopters. Which means they are normal consumers,” Evan writes. “If the solution has indeed won the consumer market then you can expect existing Apple Watch/Pay users to become quiet evangelists for the platforms (a not unheard of manifestation of Apple’s success).”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote of Apple Watch back on December 30, 2014:

Apple Pay alone will sell the device.

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  1. If ApplePay is the killer app, I’ll never get one. That’s like saying “it lets you use a credit card”.

    The Killer App is actually Sports and I already have a Fitbit. When I get bored of my Flex, I’ll pick up an Apple Watch

  2. I would definitely use it on the Underground as I am reluctant to get my phone out in a busy station. That said, using a dedicated card half a dozen times a month is hardly enough of a chore to justify hundreds of expense on a watch. I’m interested, but in no hurry.
    With an iPhone I could feel and see that I was missing out, but with an Apple Watch the case just hasn’t been made yet that I’m measurably disadvantaged without one. Without an iPhone there are things I just fundamentally cannot do when out and about. With an Apple Watch many of the functions are just slightly more convenient than with an iPhone, the few standalone watch only functions are not enough for me. Yet…

  3. ApplePay on the watch is incredibly compelling. Don’t dismiss it unless you’ve tried it. I loved ApplePay on my phone. I NEVER use my phone for that purpose any more. ApplePay is faster than the process of taking my phone out of my pocket.

    Killer App? I don’t know what that means. There are a number of functions that are compelling and that I use daily: Activity and Workout; Notifications and Message. I was motivated to by for the fitness tracking, but I now have integrated a bunch of features of the watch into my life. Like the moderator here, the first thing I do in the morning is put the watch on, and the last thing I do is throw it on the charger next to my bed. I NEVER go without it anywhere.

    1. I used Apple Pay with my watch yesterday while paying for a couple of small parts at the Mercedes dealer in Boerne, Texas, close to where I live, and the guy ringing it up said, “Wow, that’s a new one on me!” It took all of about three seconds to double click the side button and have the payment register with the terminal. It is a great way to pay!

  4. Boerne here too! There seems to be many places already accepting ApplePay, can’t wait for more. I love my AppleWatch and love the ease of use in paying for things. I was shocked to see an 85 year old friend of ours has a AppleWatch and she’s not even a Mac user, says she love it and now needs to get a Mac! AppleWatch is BIG!

  5. I am not an early adopter, waiting until I could select and buy the watch at an Apple Store.

    I have just recently started using Apple Pay, and love it. I used it at Sprouts yesterday and the day before, and at Rite Aid today.

    One of my reasons for getting the watch was Apple Pay, as that is not available on my iPhone 5-S without an Apple Watch.

  6. I don’t even know how to use Apple Pay on my iPhone. It was its implementation into Apple Watch that got me using it. It is convenient. I was the first person at my local Rite Aid to use it last Saturday.

  7. The Apple watch is the first Apple product I haven’t lusted after. I dislike wearing anything on my hands or wrists. Why wear a watch when you can look at nearby clock? I used to carry a pocket watch but dumped that when I got a mobile phone. Why carry two things that both tell time but one has more functions?

    HOWEVER – Apple Pay on the Apple Watch may actually get me to wear a watch again. Right now very few merchants in my area (Wisconsin) have updated to NFC terminals despite the October deadline. For the few who do, it is a pleasure to use Apple Pay.

    It is easy to pay with my iPhone and would be even better to use a watch. I don’t want to even pull my phone out of my pocket and definitely don’t want carry credit cards or even use them. After being caught in the Target and Home Depot fiascos, Apple Pay looks very good to me.

    If Apple Pay becomes available widely, it will push me into wearing a (Apple) watch again.

    In the meantime, I am watching…

  8. I have been using Apple Pay with my Watch at many locations here in Silicon Valley. Works great andI really like it. I ask clerks if many people are paying with the Watch and if many pay with iPhone. Generally they respond that they see very few Watches and a few more that pay with iPhone. But the great majority pay with credit cards. I have had my watch for several months and have only seen one other person wearing one. And I am within 12 miles of Apple headquarters. I wonder if the watch is really going to make it.

  9. The Apple Watch killer app will be convenient, quick authentication and authorization of which Apple Pay is one example. Other examples would be replacing keys as is the case with Starwood Hotels or my car keys. And I want to replace my SecurID token, or identity cards like US government PIV – CAC cards. What’s the point of carrying all these separate devices around. I just wanna carry one device, my Apple Watch.

    Add a TouchID and it will really take off for this purpose…

    I gotta believe this is where Apple is headed…

  10. I love my new MacBook but I haven’t warmed to Apple watch. It’s too thick and, sorry, it’s very clunky. Only a computer company could tote this as wonderful design… I haven’t worn a watch in years but if I did it would be my old very slim Longines analogue watch with leather strap.

    When Apple makes a good looking watch as slim as my Longines I will probably change my mind.

    In Sydney I have only seen one Apple Watch “in the wild”. The female wearing it, with a white plastic band, (in whose book is a plastic band stylish?) looked ridiculous – it was far too big and clunky for her wrist.

  11. Apple needs to advertise Apple Pay in the UK. I went to Waitrose – a launch partner in the UK – and I asked if I could pay with Apple Pay at the checkout. The cashier said she’d never heard of it. I pointed out that there was an Apple Pay logo on the chip-and-pin device, so we agreed to try it out. It worked immediately. Apple needs to understand that companies are not training their staff – advertising is the key. You can use Apple Pay in the UK almost everywhere that already accepts contactless but nobody knows that. I don’t understand whether the £20 limit applies everywhere or not. Apple Pay works on London Underground because London Underground have put up posters and advertised it, but nobody else in the UK has. Contactless payment has been around for years in the UK. In my experience, bars are the places that have embraced it more than any other retailer. It’s perfect for using in a bar, because the transaction is usually under the £20 limit and the barman wants to move onto the next customer quickly. So in the UK it’s not uncommon to be asked by the barman “do you have contactless?” when you come to pay. I’ve tried two bars and said “yes, I have apple pay” but both said “I don’t think we accept that”. We tried and they both did. Apple needs to spend a tiny amount of their cash on advertising to educate people – customers and staff – about how it works.

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