Apple’s iOS beats Android in multiple meaningful ways

“Apple’s iPhone remains the handset to beat in an ever more-crowded smartphone marketplace,” Erik Kain writes for Forbes. “Even without the newest iPhone[s] on the horizon [which they are], Apple is still beating the Android competition in several crucial ways. I say this as someone who owns a Galaxy S6; who owned a Galaxy Note 3 before that.”

1. Bloatware: If you purchase an Android smartphone from just about any of the major manufacturers—from LG to Sony to Samsung and more — you will discover a terrible and inescapable fact: Your phone is filled with pre-installed bloatware (software that you neither want nor need) that you have no way of uninstalling.

2. The App Store:Unlike the well-organized, nicely curated App Store you find when perusing on your iPhone or iPad, Google Play is a mess. Even after all these years, and some mild improvements, Google Play remains an ugly, poorly organized store filled with myriad knock-offs and dubious “games” and other apps of questionable quality and trustworthiness.

3. The best apps are still on iOS, at least at first: Android’s own diversity—a selling point—also means splintering. It’s harder, more time-consuming, and more costly to develop for the many different Android handsets out there. Developing for iPhone is much easier. Even now, there are a good few iOS exclusives that will likely never make it to Android… iOS is the undisputed leader in mobile. Developing for all the different phones on Android is part of the problem, but the Play Store’s inability to stop clones and piracy is another. For instance, only 5% of users on Android devices paid for the wonderful game Monument Valley when it came out last year. 40% paid for the game on iOS.

4. Security: We learned recently about a new vulnerability at the heart of Android being referred to by researchers as Stagefright. Now, Google has released a patch designed to fix this flaw—a patch it’s had since April—but researchers say the patch is so flawed, it doesn’t do anything to actually protect users. [Plus, even if it worked, many users are not likely to get it anyway] due to Google’s reliance on manufacturers and carriers to execute software updates and distribute fixes.

Kain writes, “Ultimately, the combination of excessive bloatware, a dubious app store, worse games, and frightening security flaws means that no matter how pretty and zippy an Android phone may be, no matter how nice its camera, it will still lag way behind Apple when it comes to software and reliability.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why anyone would subject themselves to Android is beyond us. We’re still trying to figure out what’s wrong with the Windows PC sufferers. Must be Stockholm Syndrome.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “petelp” for the heads up.]


    1. Oi! Crabapple!! It is sean Young you would rather have,
      not an Android dreaming of electric sheep!!!

      But mind you… does she make an Android an attractive proposition or what!? Wot? Wot?!! 🙂

    2. Crabapple seems to have crabs of the brain – we wish him luck in his quest to stay relevant. be positive all the time, even when it comes to lame dorks like Crabapple… 😉

  1. Well, other than text messages crashing the phone. Air dropping dick pics. The fisher price look and feel. Buggy glitchy ios rollouts. Piss poor memory and cpu management. Tim “Apple Ballmer” Cook is doing a smashing job running Apple into the ground, coasting off the fumes of Steve Jobs’ once great Apple. The sooner the board fires him and his lapdog Ive, the better.

  2. They failed to mention a 5th very good reason why iOS is superior to Android.
    Each year, an Android phones becomes more and more outdated and less capable than newer models with newer Android software. There are quite often, barriers to update to the newest bells and whistles. i.e. manufactures and carriers.
    Whereas an iPhone gets more useful every year for at least 4 years.
    That is a real bargain, you penny pinching Android cheapskates!!

  3. Simone actually told me it was too late for him to escape from Windows hell for the Mac. Might as well be dead… He not busy being born is busy dying. And why would one support the amoral POS that is Android? I don’t get it.

    1. Meanwhile, IRL, Android phone users are now beginning to get barraged with MMS message attacks attempting to exploit the Stagefright security holes. Victims who have not been able to be patched are hurting android victims. Expect public documentation of this phenomenon next week.

    1. BTW: The number of Android Stagefright security holes is now 7 (SEVEN). The most recent Stagefright security hole has NOT been patched, even on the Google Nexus. AND Google isn’t even going to ‘pretend’ to patch it until next month. That’s September. Stupid Google. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

  4. What really kills me is the Apple haters that read all these Apple articles. I have had 4 android phones, I’m on my first iPhone, had 3 iPods and like the way Apple does things, at the end of the day they all basically do the same thing. What I’m trying to say is, I have an iPhone so I read articles about iOS and iPhones, I don’t read any articles about android because it doesn’t pertain to me. It would seem that all the android users that read all these articles just to troll are really in fact fealing inferior or are mad that the bought the wrong phone, I mean what other reason is there? Have you no friends in life? did your parents not give you enough attention? Maybe you just hate everything. I’m just trying to understand, like I said , I’m on my first iPhone and I love it but I don’t write things or tell people that android sucks, I don’t have the need to defend the things I buy, I buy them to make me happy and could care less what anyone else thinks.

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