Apple: 79 percent of those who signed up for Apple Music are still using it

“Forty-eight percent of Apple Music users have stopped using the service, while only 11 percent of iOS users have tried the streaming service so far, according to MusicWatch,” Micah Singleton reports for The Verge.

“The music research company conducted a survey of 5,000 US consumers about their usage and knowledge about the service,” Singleton reports. “In a statement to The Verge, Apple has denied the 48 percent retention rate, stating that 79 percent of users who have signed up for Apple Music are still using the service.”

Singleton reports, “While the 11 percent usage level for Apple Music may seem low, it’s right on par with usage levels for iTunes music purchases by iOS users, which is a good sign given that Apple Music is only two months old, but it could be much better.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why would 21% stop using Apple Music when it just keeps getting better with each passing day (especially when you use it properly) and it’s still FREE?!

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  1. I for one prefer my Music in a different manner, call me old school but Streaming service is not for me. I much more prefer
    using my own substantial library in Match along with iTunes Radio for the best listening experience. Just give me a few more Beats1 type stations like classic Rock with DJs, along with NPR and ESPN and I think that would be a great mix. As Sirius gets more like Apple music the reverse is also true

  2. Why is it so necessary to have surveys on AppleMusic so early when the trial hasn’t even ended? What can anyone possibly glean from 5000 responders when there are millions of users. I just don’t understand the need of any numbers at this time. It’s not like it’s going to make or break Apple no matter what the numbers are.

    Pundits claimed Apple needed a streaming service because their download service was in deep trouble or something. Now Apple has a streaming service and these pundits have some sort of beef with the streaming service not being popular enough. Apple is damned if it doesn’t and damned if it does. Did anyone actually think AppleMusic would have 100% retention rates for its streaming service? Streaming services aren’t that great a business.

    I’ve only got so many hours in a day when I’m going to listen to music and most of the music I listen to is from my own music library because those are the songs I like to listen to the most. I’ve found plenty of new music on Apple’s streaming service, but it’s not something I really have to have. I like the service but I don’t really require it. It’s just one of many alternative music sources.

  3. I don’t plan to continue after the trial. Streaming is not my thing…I’m used to buying music that I like and I’ve been reluctant to download any streamed music for fear of screwing up my library. For the times that I want to stream there is pandora and apple radio…For the millenials and those who haven’t invested thousands of dollars in CDs and iTunes tracks, apple music is a great deal.

  4. Doesn’t surprise me one bit, as everything TC touches turns to shite!

    Everytime I try to buy a song you have to search for iTunes because it’s buried underneath their DESPERATE Music crap.

    You can smell desperation.

  5. I’ve been trying to learn an instrument, and Apple Music plus Siri has been a boon. “Siri, play ‘Rumble’ by Link Wray.” It plays. “Siri, show me tablature for ‘Rumble’.” It displays. What a time-saver! Don’t laugh, an aspiring novice needs all the help she can get.

  6. Because it’s too fricking hard to use and get to play music that I want to hear. Just because I have music in my iTunes does NOT mean that I enjoy hearing it constantly. So when I connect my phone to the Bluetooth in my car and it randomly plays songs from the 70’s even when I’ve only ever purchased music made in the past couple years, it has forced me away. I’ve cancelled iTunes Match and cancelled the free music demo.

  7. Let me add that I love streaming. I like Pandora and that I can choose a song I like and have other similar music played. Pandora and Amazon music have led me to purchase many songs from iTunes. Every time I tried to choose a song I liked in apple radio it only wanted to play me other songs from the same artist. Not similar music. Then reconnecting with Bluetooth would auto play random crap songs.

  8. The data cost is too much whilst out and about and with the limited time I have I can easily just put music on my phone that I already own and not be able to listen to it all. At home, data isn’t a problem, but it just eats into my connection’s overall speed, and again I don’t have the time to pay for music regularly so I haven’t even bothered trying it.

  9. So I have 5 kids, two of which are 18 and 16. They were Spotify aficionados two weeks ago until we tried the family plan from Apple Music. My 18 year old son doesn’t want to have anything to do with Spotify anymore because AM is simply brilliant. Those two teenagers don’t buy or use something just because it has that great Apple logo plastered on it. They buy or use something because it is the best. My son doesn’t rave about much but he loves Apple Music. They both do.

    In my opinion, if you want to see where Apple Music is headed ask this younger generation and you will get your answer.

    Once again, it appears that Apple is skating to where the puck will be, even considering where the next generation is heading.

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