Apple’s A9 set to deliver insane levels of performance

“Blog Ringer Blue Men (via BGR) shows a purported screen capture of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) next generation smartphone, the iPhone 6s, running the popular Geekbench 3 performance testing application,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “According to the screen capture, the next generation iPhone will feature 1 gigabyte of memory, and an A9 processor running at 2.0 gigahertz clock frequency.”

“If this is an accurate representation of the iPhone 6s, then some consumers might be disappointed by the relatively small amount of memory inside of the device,” Eassa writes. “However, if the A9 CPU really is running at a whopping 2.0 gigahertz, then this chip may be poised to achieve eye-popping levels of performance.”

“The CPU cores inside of the Apple A8 run at 1.4 gigahertz, and deliver best-in-class performance in the Geekbench 3 test. With the A9, I expect that Apple has made some improvements to the underlying CPU core design in order to deliver more performance per clock cycle,” Eassa writes. “What’s really interesting here, though, is that if this screen capture is legitimate, Apple is delivering a very large increase in clock speed over what it delivered with the A8. Assuming that the A9 is using an enhanced version of the CPU architecture inside of the A8, this likely points to huge performance gains generation-on-generation.”

“Apple may be set to deliver PC-class performance in the next iPhone,” Eassa writes. “The kind of per-core performance that Apple could be set to deliver with the A9 processor may not be too far off from full PC-grade processors, at least as measured by the Geekbench 3 performance test.”

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MacDailyNews Take: And iPads, too. With more RAM. Wait until developers get ahold of this hardware!


  1. Makes sense why Samsung would push ahead the release of the latest Phablets.
    Samsung needs to clear the inventory before Apple puts Samsung vendornwarehouses into the full storage capacity and then moves the rest of the Samsung shipments to the trash bin!

        1. I do get it on my 3rd generation since the last OS upgrade, at least a common reload problem in such circumstances, the old girl is beginning to struggle now but has done a good job over its life and no plans to dump it before next year.

      1. Unfortunately I’m experiencing this too with the zoom gesture and then a message appears below the favorites bar sauing that an error ocurred and the page will be reloaded.

        1. My wife saw it happen on her iPad 2. I have a 6+ also and I have seen it happen there too though not as often, sometimes starting as Portrait and flipping to landscape it crashes the page. Sometimes it’s a website with lots of images and it crashes even without pinching & zooming.

          1. yes, it seems to me that it happens more when there are lots of images, regardless of whether i am zooming or not. espn, si, fox sports, gocomics, macworld, macdailynews, slate, nytimes, etc. but never simpler sites like verynicewebsite, daringfireball, 365chess, etc.

      2. You Whippersnappers are spoiled with pinch & zoom. Why, when I was a kid, we had to use a keypunch to type cards with our fingers and use ascii art to see a picture that didn’t come out until the next day! 😆

      3. Try closing all other open apps OR at least reduce the number of open Apps.
        The only time I have a problem on our iPad 3 is when I discover I have lots of Apps still open. Lots meaning at least eight.
        to close double-click the home button and when the all the apps appear flick the apps you want to close upward. This closes the app completely and frees up memory.
        it is not unusual to find that a user has 10 or more Apps open at the same time which degrades performance, including freezes.

    1. You and me both on that.

      My iPad 3 is still pretty fine, but I notice the performance lag in spots. Could I run it another 2 years+ ? Sure. But I’m still gainfully employed and think I could use the boost.

      And I could use the new iPhone. Argh — which one to upgrade first??!!

  2. And the A10 chip will deliver unbelievably insane levels of performance. And the A11 will deliver impossible levels of performance. The A12 will deliver flux capacitor levels of performance.

    1. The speed bump from the A7 to A8 was disappointing and higher clock speeds may mean higher current draw. If battery life takes a hit, and it doesn’t get more RAM, I’ll get another year from my 5s.

  3. Pfft, Apple keeps sliding so far down the shitter, Tim Cook and Jony Ive think throwing cpu horsepower at their god awful bug ridden fisher price ios will save them. The Apple of today is the new Microsoft, with it’s own version of Steve Ballmer at the helm. The sooner the board wakes up to this abomination and fires Cook and Ive, the better.

    1. If you want buggy and virus ridden look no further that Android the OS for Poor people!! And lets not forget Windows that amazing OS with the usability of a TURD!!!

      What planet you from Joe? Is it muppetville

    2. How is Apple the new Micro$oft, please explain. What do Apple and Micro$oft have in common apart from the fact that they both sell software (even though apple makes money out of hardware..). Please elaborate, I am really curious.

          1. Not everyone is happy with the Cook/Ive team. Lobotomized Mac Minis, soldered RAM, proprietary SSDs, uglified OSs, bugs galore with no help from Apple tech support (no junk mail filtering since October, the loss of bulk downloading in iTunes, not to mention a third of my music library getting downgraded to 128 kbps and having to reload thousands of songs individually while losing metadata.) An iPhone design that does little to protect the screen, ever thinning iPhones even though most users want longer battery life.

            I wouldn’t call all complainers trolls, some have legitimate complaints that have gone ignored despite paying a bundle for AppleCare. Yes, there will always be trolls, but after no junk mail filtering for the better part of a year and now having to rebuild an iTunes music library song by song with no help from Apple, even people who have been using Apple computers since before the Mac can get frustrated at times. I subscribe to about eight blogs hosted by WordPress and Mail shows them as either MDN or Gotta Be Mobile. I can’t even count on the email headers being correct, Apple’s solution? Wait for the next version of the client. This has been their answer since 10.10.0. People can use Macs but still get pissed at Apple.

  4. If 1GB RAM is all we get, I’m holding off until the next phone to upgrade. Being able to crunch code at super fast speeds is great, but is pretty much useless when all you want to do is switch away from safari and back again, without your pages reloading when you switch back.

    1. Well I’ll still upgrade (always do). But I’ll be disappointed if the system RAM doesn’t grow to 2. And what’s up with that bogus rumor no Air 3 with the A9? That can’t be true. Crossing fingers for iPad mini 4 with 2GB A9.

  5. It would sure be nice if someone could actually review the A9’s core, what about instruction decoders on the front end, and execution pipelines to run all those decoded instructions! What about the reorder buffer size, as well as the L1, l2, or L3 cache sizes, if any, CPU Codename, etc. Below is the technical information on the A7(cyclone) the same level of information has yet to be released on the A8(Cyclone 2) as well as the A9’s core resources. What about the GPU? with so many adopting HSA style acceleration on the GPU, even Apple to some degree with its internal graphics APIs, why so little information on the GPU. I guess I’ll have to go behind a pay-wall to get any technical analysis from now on, but could some of you in the technical press at least get your employers to get you a subscription to some of the for pay professional trade publications that have been doing detailed technical analysis of microprocessors since before Anand Lal Shimpi was even born! Here is Shimpi’s analysis, and this is what a proper CPU core analysis should consist of. Note: be sure to read Shimpi’s old articles, they are definitely the last of their kind outside of a pay-walled publication.

    CPU Codename Cyclone,
    ARM ISA ARMv8-A(32/64),
    Issue Width 6 micro-ops,
    Reorder Buffer Size 192 micro-ops,
    Branch Mispredict Penalty 16 cycles (14 – 19),
    Integer ALUs 4,
    Load/Store Units 2,
    Load Latency 4 Cycles,
    Branch Units 2,
    Indirect Branch Units 1,
    FP/NEON ALUs 3,
    L1 Cache 64KB I$ + 64KB D$,
    L2 Cache 1MB,
    L3 Cache 4MB,

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