Apple iPhone 6s with tri-core A9 chip gets benchmarked, beats most Android flagships

“An alleged Apple iPhone 6s prototype has been spotted on the GeekBench database by Chinese website MyDrivers,” Babu Mohan reports for VR-ZONE.

“Featuring a tri-core Apple A9 chipset and 2GB of RAM, the device managed to post scores higher than almost all flagship smartphones in the market currently,” Mohan reports. “While the iPhone 6 Plus manages to score around 3,000 in [the multi-core test], the iPhone 6s prototype managed to score a very impressive 4,577.”

Mohan reports, “This score is also higher than most Android flagship smartphones out there, with the exception of the Exynos 7420 powered Samsung flagship devices.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For reference, the top Geekbench score for an Android phone is currently 4378 by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which is powered by the 8-core Samsung Exynos 7420 1500 MHz. The just-unveiled Galaxy Note5 scores 4,399 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+ scores 4,947 in Geekbench’s multi-core test.

As always, these benchmarks measure very specific things. What matter most is real-life usage where we fully expect A9-powered iPhone to excel smashingly, easily outperforming all others, as per usual with Apple A-series iPhones because only Apple designs the hardware and the operating system, both of which are world-class:

Apple’s ‘A9’ processor for next-gen iPhones and iPads will offer performance ‘to kill for’ – August 7, 2015


  1. Yeah, let’s just keep smashing the speed limit and letting the battery life turn to shit. Apple has it’s priorities all screwed up. Tim Cook and Jony Ive need to be fired.

    1. Most new cars, even econoboxes like the Ford Fiesta, can reach or exceed 100 mph, which you can bet will eat gas and probably shudder the car like crazy.

      99.9% of the time, drivers won’t come near the car’s physical speed limit.

      Hell, if you demand iPhones be compared as a performance car, 99.9% of the time, owners of high-end Ferraris and Lambos won’t break 100 mph either, let alone approach their own physical speed limits.

    2. Joe,

      Understand what is really going on before you spout off and embarrass yourself!

      The idea is that the CPU executes the code faster then goes into one of several lower power modes. The CPUs cycle between these very low power states and higher execution states on a regular bases.

      For example:
      If you load a web page the execution happens very fast to initiate the page request then sleeps, then process the page as it downloads (alternating between execution and sleep), if the page is static (as a lot are) then the CPU goes to sleep only waking and executing for short periods as you scroll through the page. The end result is short bursts of fast execution interspersed with long periods (in relative CPU time) of the CPU sleeping in a very, very low power draw state.

      This concept can be implemented in the vast majority of tasks that a cell phone or tablet are doing.

      The end result is overall (over many minutes or hours) lower power draw than a lower clocked, fewer executions per cycle CPU will require.

      This technique is not only implemented in various ARM based CPUs, both AMD and Intel use it to great benefit in their mobile (laptop and tablet) chips too.

      1. That’s how it is supposed to work in theory, in an ideal world. Reality is much different. Ios is a cpu and memory hog. Ever since ios 7, and “backgrounded” apps, the battery life has turned to shit because ios does a piss poor job managing cpu cycles and memory. Now Apple’s solution, a lot like Microsoft’s, is just throw more cpu, memory, and bigger batteries at the problem. Tim Cook and Jony I’ve are incompetent bafoons who both need to lose their jobs immediately.

  2. I don’t get why you would need an 8 core processor in a cell phone, unless you are just going for the hardware spec title. Hmmm, I probably just answered my own question.

    1. The octa core is based on the A15 and A7, as I remember. The A15 is more energy and faster processing. The other is low power and slower. However, the code must be able to use muliple core(s) and of which is to be processed. It was and probably still is a little heavy in overhead.
      In gaming, this would be the wrong design. You would focus on the GPU side and balance the pixel amount to performance. Of which, they have not done. An example, Samsung… too many pixels and weak GPU vs more powerful processor is a medicore system. Most games are at 720 or 1080 for these systems to have any decent FPS with a notable loss in detail.
      Apple routinely outperforms the best and fastest, by specs, Android phones. If you game, iPhone 5s is a match for the S6,S6 edge. All iPhone above are further faster. An iPhone has a dual core processor at a slower Mhz. But, it excutes 6 operations per cycle and not 3 like Samsung.
      Engineering of Apple is based on real world execution and not marketing needs.

      Hope this helps

      1. 1 TB??

        For video work. Videos are hogs for storage. 250 MB to 1.3GB each. Then add previous versions, backups etc.

        Plus you only want to routinely use 80% of space or less or HD starts to really crawl.

        Just saying.

        Just a thought

  3. “Apple iPhone 6s with tri-core A9 chip gets benchmarked, beats most Android flagships>”

    And God knows that the iPhone is just a worthless piece of junk unless it beats the Android in a meaningless drag race!

    1. That is what Tim Cook’s Apple is reduced to, being the best of the losers. Well, Tim Cook and Ive accomplished that very nicely with their fisher price ios. So incompetent are they now with the watch, sales plunging into the sewer, and so desperate for a new cash source, they are jumping into yet another market they have no business in. Cars. Apple is screwed as long as Cook and Ive are in charge. The board will eventually figure it out, after the damage is done and it is much too late.

      1. “Joe”: It’s time you switched to using a different anonymous coward nick, or at least abandoned this one. You’re an ass. You write asinine bullshit. People hate you! Is that want you’re looking for? I bet it is. So piss off and STFU. There. Now I’ve made you happy. 😛

  4. Joe, the new A processor in the new iPhone has gone from 20 to 14 nanometers…do you get this? Googles OS won’t run 64 but no matter how many cores Samsung band aids on top of itself.

  5. Quite frankly, if it managed to out score MOST CURRENT flagship Android phones, that’s not good, is it?

    Every year, the iPhone manages to well out score every flagship Android phone, and even newer ones that come out later. Only the phones that come out late in the year, about a quarter before the new iPhone again comes out, manage to equal, and out score it.

    So if this is true, isn’t not really good news. I hope it’s not right.

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