Apple Watch takes 88% of total smartwatch revenue

“In just three months of availability, Apple now has 42% of total dollars sold in the first half of the year followed by Fitbit at 31%. Motorola, Garmin, Jawbone, Polar, Pebble and Samsung combined make up just 15%, according to 1010data’s Ecom Insights, which measures what consumers are purchasing online,” Dennis Sellers reports for AppleWorld.Today. “ sells the most wearables, accounting for 41% of total dollars, followed by Amazon at 43%, and Best Buy and Fitbit with 5% each.”

“For the first quarter of 2015 the total dollar spend in the smartwatch segment was split among four major competitors: Motorola (33%), Pebble (23%), Samsung (16%), and LG (12%). Then the Internet blew up with news of Apple’s first new product category since the iPad. The Apple Watch was announced in March and went on sale on April 24,” Sellers reports. “Since then Apple has commanded 88% of the smartwatch category, with Motorola, Pebble, LG, and Samsung combined accounting for just over 10% of the category.”

“Prior to Apple entering the market, the average sales price (ASP) of a smartwatch was $184. In the second quarter of 2015, the ASP of a smartwatch rose 138% to $438,” Sellers reports. “The best selling smartwatch on the market is the Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Total domination.

As for the best-selling smartwatch being the Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray with Black Sport Band, Apple nudged sales in that direction with their preset configurations. As we wrote in June:

So, here’s what happened, from personal experience:

The vast majority of early adopters bought Apple Watch Sport units. They wanted one with a Black Sport Band which Apple oh-so-conveniently did not offer among pre-order options. So, like we did, 17% ordered an Apple Watch Sport with whatever band they thought they could live with as a backup and then ordered the Black Sport Band (for another $49) to use on the Watch. We went for the first two weeks with White Bands before our Black Sport Bands arrived. Two long weeks; during which we explained to everyone that these bands weren’t our choice and our black bands were coming. The Watches are much more to our liking in silver (7000 series aluminum) and black. Of course, Apple knew this combination would be most popular.

Apple Watch Sport with original White Sport Band pre-order config (left) and with new ($49) Black Sport Band (right)
Apple Watch Sport with original White Sport Band pre-order config (left) and with new ($49) Black Sport Band (right). Wonder if two-tone Apple Watch bands (center) will become a thing?

As we wrote back on April 14th, ten days before we got our Apple Watches:

Apple forced the Space Gray Apple Watch Sport with Black Sport Band to be the most popular choice. Just like they forced us to buy our Apple Watch Sport units with White Bands (that we plan to leave in the boxes) and to spend an extra $49 per Watch for the Black Sport Band that the Silver AWS obviously should have been offered with in their canned preorder configs (if Apple were interested in offering a model that would be several times more popular than any other Apple Watch Sport combo). Plus the fact that the “blue,” “green,” and “pink” colors that they did offer with AWS are, in varying degrees, unwearable, ugly, and putrid (not to mention generally too-feminine for a 42mm AWS on a male wrist).

Apple Watch Sport preorder configs in Snow White, Baby Blue, Oh-So-Tender Green,  Puke Salmon, and Black (but not for the Silver AWS)
Apple Watch Sport preorder configs in Snow White, Baby Powder Blue, Oh-So-Tender Green, Puke Salmon, and Black (but not for the Silver AWS)

It’s almost as if Apple’s assemblers produced too many Space Gray Apple Watch Sport units and/or not enough Silver ones, so they tried to manipulate the preorders by leaving the Black Sport Band out of the choices for the Silver AWS. Or they were trying to grab an extra $49 for Black bands (with us, they succeeded multiple times; regardless, it did guarantee we’d get our Watches on Day One, so it was worth the extra $49 per). Or they were trying to push AWS buyers (many of whom will be transitioning from things like Nike+ FuelBands and are therefore looking for the lightest weight possible) to the more expensive Apple Watch in order to get the silver (Stainless Steel) with Black Sport Band preorder config that they did, for some reason, deign to offer, proving that a Silver Watch with a Black band is not aesthetically offensive to Jony Ive (who may, in fact, given the evidence above, be colorblind). (We’re not decorating nurseries here, Jony. These are watch bands.)

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  1. I wasn’t forced to buy an Apple Watch with a band color that I didn’t want. I bought the one with the blue band on purpose. I then ordered a black band just to have some variety. I also bought a matching blue iPhone silicon case, and a black one too. My iPhone and Apple Watch will match each other 🙂 Right. That’s obsessive, but it’s my money.

  2. I just bought a couple of leather bands that are very nice from Monowear in San Francisco. I almost, not really, feel sorry for the Apple haters who will never have the opportunity to have Apple products; idiots!

  3. Non random and biased data are likely to produce invalid results and interpretations. Of course, unscientific and statistically flawed information is mother’s milk to fanboys.

  4. It hardly matters how much revenue AppleWatch is taking. AppleWatch already been labeled as a failed product from the start so Apple must have done something wrong. It was never about Apple merely leading in smartwatch sales. It was more about Apple completely dominating the smartwatch market with around 95% market share which required that 30 million unit sales number and Apple has come up woefully short.

    What’s odd is that the total smartwatch market size was always questionable. I doubt smartwatches were ever considered a ‘must have’ item but it seems someone felt that Apple was going to change consumers’ perceptions about wearing wrist devices. I thought that was going to be a long-shot. I personally can’t draw any conclusions because I believe AppleWatch hasn’t been around long enough. Too many so-called experts seem to be able to draw conclusions within a few months time period and that’s quite ridiculous. Wall Street has pretty much decided that AppleWatch is a failure and no worthwhile revenue is forthcoming from the product. So, AppleWatch has merely become another Apple product to help downgrade the company and its future.

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