Apple board member Al Gore not considering 2016 run for U.S. President, source says

“A high-level Democratic source has poured cold water on rumors that former presidential candidate Al Gore has been considering a second run for the White House,” Kristen Welker and Kelly O’Donnell report for NBC.

“A BuzzFeed report on Thursday linked the 67-year-old’s name with the 2016 presidential race, saying his supporters had begun internal conversations and were ‘figuring out if there’s a path financially and politically,'” Welker and O’Donnell report. “However, a top source within the Democratic Party told NBC News that there was nothing substantive happening in the Gore camp.”

Welker and O’Donnell report, “Gore’s name has been floated as a possible candidate for every primary since he lost the election to George W. Bush in 2000.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s Board of Directors is currently made up of the following:

Apple director Al Gore
Apple director Al Gore
Arthur D. Levinson, Ph. D.
Chairman of the Board
Genentech Former Chairman and CEO

Timothy Cook
Apple CEO

Albert Gore Jr.
Former Vice President of the United States

Robert A. Iger
The Walt Disney Company Chairman and CEO

Andrea Jung
Grameen America, Inc. President and CEO

Ronald D. Sugar, Ph. D.
Northrop Grumman Former Chairman and CEO

Susan L. Wagner
BlackRock Co-founder and Director

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  1. What. We. Need. To. Do. Iiiisss… Take everyone’s money… And put it in a “lockbox.”

    A “lockbox.” And I’ll keep it safely in my basement and dole it out to save the planet where I see fit (and via my “environmental” holdings and to benefit my backers and friends) while I globehop in a petroleum-guzzling jet with a personal carbon footprint the size of New York. Don’t worry, the government will take care of everything.

    (All spoken as if by a wooden marionette trying to communicate with an audience he perceives as being a kindergarten class with special needs).

  2. I am not a fan of Al Gore, but I am a little surprised he isn’t considering a run. It seems a little wide open for some one well known to step in because Hillary might be wearing an orange suite soon.

  3. Good. He’s a wacko. He’s not competent to be President, or hold any other position for that matter. All you libs can go ahead and jump all over me for telling the truth, but I’m not going to give a damn what you have to say. Do your worst.

    1. He may be a wacko but I’d prefer to see a left wing wacko in office than any of the right wing wackos. At least the left wing isn’t anti-science and I wouldn’t have to worry so much about the US being dragged back into the dark ages, children being taught pseudoscience and scientists and intellectuals being vilified. Being dragged into ignorance by the right wing politicians we now have in office is embarrassing.

  4. Wow, how can he deprive us of having the inventor of the Internet living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? Now we will not be seeing a solar-powered Air Force One. Darn! On a side note, I love my Apple products so much, I buy them despite this clown being on the board.

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