Apple recalling small number of 3rd-gen Apple TVs

“Apple yesterday began contacting some customers who recently purchased third-generation Apple TVs, informing them that their devices had shipped with an unspecified faulty part and offering an exchange for a brand-new unit shipped from the company,” Mitchel Broussard reports for MacRumors.

“Unlike some other repair or recall programs, Apple has not posted a public advisory about the issue, suggesting it is a small batch of affected units,” Broussard reports. “As a result, the company is proactively reaching out to owners of the devices known to be defective and offering an exchange.”

Broussard reports, “Our defective Apple TV was purchased just a few weeks ago, and other affected customers are likely to have purchased their devices in a similar timeframe.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This seems to be an issue with Apple TVs purchased very recently. In some cases, Apple is contacting owners of the devices before any issues arise with their units. If you recently purchased na Apple TV, you may be contacted by Apple if your unit falls within the affected serial number range (which only Apple knows).

This is why people buy Apple products. Customer service and satisfaction are paramount.


  1. Apple does not always respond well to problems with its products. Sometimes it has taken years for Apple to acknowledge laptop display issues, etc. In general, though, Apple puts a great deal of emphasis on customer satisfaction and customer service – better than any other consumer electronics company, by far. Only a few other companies are in the same league – Eddie Bauer, for example. A good historical example was Sears backing of Craftsman tools. But that age has passed.

    I like to hear stories like this one in which Apple is proactively making things right and not waiting for complaints to surface. It lets me know that Apple is not straying too far from its core ethos. Keep it up, Apple!

  2. If the scope of the problem is unknown but possibly vast, Apple will tend to wait it out.

    If the scope is well defined and small, Apple is all over it.

    Any time you call Apple, you will tend to be the first person to ever have that issue. How strange, you are so unlucky or so blessed, to be the only one. 🙂

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