Piper’s Munster: Only a 50% chance of Apple Internet TV service debut this year

If there is a Sept. 9 Apple event, and if TV is on the menu, here’s what Gene Munster is looking to see,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

We expect the new box to incorporate Siri, HomeKit, and possibly an Apple TV app store. Highlighted features could include controlling a connected home, content channels, and getting answers via Siri…

We continue to expect Apple will launch a live streaming video offering, but believe there is only a 50% chance it happens at the Fall event… We believe Apple’s eventual content offering will include the majority of the network channels plus major cable offerings like ESPN, AMC, TNT, and TBS. — Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster

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MacDailyNews Take: With a nice big 60-inch Apple 4K TV, too, Gene? (We kid, we kid.)

Getting this Apple TV skinny bundle to market is like pulling teeth.

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  1. Assuming the problem is negotiations with content owners, some scenarios:

    1. Apple is waiting for certain big name channels (ESPN , etc)

    2. Apple is waiting for a certain size audience of the channels combined, including some random number of big name channels.

    3. Apple is very reluctant to buy content (inexplicable exceptions for U2)

    4. Regulatory issues

    (and that is just in the USA)

  2. Why is it so difficult for Apple what Netflix can do easily? It is the addiction to safe revenue from selling movies. The management is showing no hurry to become an internet streaming powerhouse. How falsely we believed that Tim Cook was a great execution guy. He can’t get anything moving. Sad!

  3. Apple TV is something fundamentally different for Apple. Whereas Apple has been a company that profits mainly from selling hardware products that are well-integrated with software and value-added services, Apple TV is a new type of venture for Apple. With Apple TV, the subscription-based services are intended to be the profit-maker, with the Apple TV hardware providing customers with access to the services. I think this “change in thinking” for Apple TV’s strategy is what caused the “indefinite delay” of the premium complete Apple TV set.

    For Apple TV, profit is in the services, not the hardware. Therefore, we should not expect a radical change in the hardware. A new remote control with a touchpad (but not touchscreen) is likely. I think it will be like using the Remote app on iPhone with Apple TV (the touchpad replaces the directional and select buttons on current remote). Updated Apple TV software allows more “dynamic” interaction. Since the new iPod touch got an A8, the new Apple TV gets the same performance boost to go “64-bit.” The price must be no higher than $99, preferably the current $69 price. The point is to make the new services accessible.

    And to maximize access, Apple is not going to “waste” the millions of existing (3rd gen) Apple TV boxes by making the new services only work with the latest Apple TV model. That would be like starting over with a zero user base. The new box allows an enhanced interface (including Siri), but the previous box will be able to access the new services using an updated version of the existing interface.

    1. Totally agree. Apple need to have those millions of Apple TVs in the wild able to use any new service. Adding additional functionality would be good for any new model and probably cause me to upgrade my ATV2 to the new one. The 2 other ATV3 units I have will stay put.
      Apple remote is a good app on any iOS device. The app also works on the Apple Watch. Would be great to have it on a Mac too.
      The biggest issue for me with the remote app is that my phone will be locked after a few minutes. To access the app you need to unlock it. It would be great if you could use the app without unlocking the phone or iPad.

    2. As is typical for a new Apple product release, I expect most of the new functionality to be compatible with recent versions of the AppleTV. But there will likely be some functions that require the new generation hardware that Apple will release with the software update.

      That is the way that Apple works. Apple does not limit its advancements by requiring full backwards compatibility in all things.

    1. He also said a new AppleTV will debut next month. Which means that it won’t ship.
      We have a paradox here: Munster has now jinxed the debut of a new Apple TV whilst also ensuring a new service will be announced without a device to carry it.

  4. “But for all his missed TV calls over the years, Munster knows the territory.”

    Repeat something often enough and people stop believing you, like the boy who called wolf. Of course if you are surrounded by buffons, it’s repeat something often enough until it becomes the truth.

    Either way Munster sure knows that territory of missing, after all he is a journanalistic analist or something.

  5. Maybe this is a case of , If you build it, they will come. Maybe Apple should just finally update what they can (4k, app store for TV, siri, new wifi, new remote, etc) and let the TV channels come to them. It would be great to have it out the gate…but they kind of need to update the Apple TV just for us basic users.

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