“Sources familiar with Apple’s plans tell BuzzFeed News that the company intends to announce its next-generation Apple TV in September, at the same event at which it typically unveils its new iPhones,” John Paczkowski reports for BuzzFeed News.

“Expect a refreshed and slimmer chassis and new innards; Apple’s A8 system on chip; a new remote that sources say has been ‘drastically improved’ by a touch-pad input; an increase in on-board storage; and an improved operating system that will support Siri voice control,” Paczkowski reports. “Crucially, the new Apple TV will debut alongside a long-awaited App Store and the software development kit developers need to populate it.”

“While that service is most certainly in the offing, sources tell BuzzFeed News that Apple does not currently plan to announce it alongside the new Apple TV,” Paczkowski reports. “‘Late this year — maybe, but more likely next year,’ said one, seconding a June report by Re/code.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s 2015 and we still don’t have a credible Internet TV service from anyone, much less Apple. Sigh.

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