Intel’s Xeon: Coming soon to laptops, and what this means for Apple’s MacBook Pro

“For years, Apple has used processors in the Mac Pro designed for workstations and servers — Intel’s ‘Xeon’ line,” Peter Cohen reports for iMore.

“The downside of the Xeon processor is that has higher power demands and produces more heat than other Intel processors. The RAM it uses is bigger and costs more, too. That’s why you find the Xeon only in the Mac Pro,” Cohen reports. “But that’s changing. Because Intel has announced plans to release, for the first time, a notebook version of the Xeon processor.”

“Intel says that it will release the Xeon Processor E3-1500M v5 this year. The new chip is based around Intel’s emerging ‘Skylake’ processor architecture. Skylake is Intel’s sixth-generation Core processor architecture. It’s a new, more efficient and more powerful design that’s just starting to see release,” Cohen reports. “This could pave the way for an extreme version of a MacBook Pro — something designed with Mac Pro levels of performance. That’s something that will surely appeal to digital video and audio professionals, graphic designers, artists, engineers, developers, scientists and others who want the most performance possible out of their Macs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, an even more pro MacBook Pro would be a boon for Mac users who need portable high performance!


    1. Yes, we also need teleportation, anti-gravity, and warp drive.

      However as an engineer, its much easier to make a move with it than really design it and make it work.

      Just saying.

      1. Just telling you; Skylake ok.

        “The roadmaps published by FanlessTech show specifications for Intel’s 15-watt Skylake-U series, a low-power product targeting thin-and-light notebooks and ultralights,” Campbell reports.”

  1. Could it hurt to have graphics cards in the Mac Pro other than AMD FirePros? If you want to appeal to Mac gamers, it would be nice to have.

    Xeons in notebooks will be pretty cool, though. Video producers will most certainly enjoy them.

    1. Won’t happen by then. Back-to-school season is used by Apple and retailers to clear inventory either at discount or by bundling other stuff with a Mac or iPhone purchase. Note that the rumoured new iPhone event happens after school resumes in most places.

  2. A Xeon processor brings reliability for a limited set of very high end applications and more L2 cache. But a Xeon CPU does not bring more performance for 98% of desktop applications.

    Also Xeons are pricier than equivalent desktops parts so I guess they will be used on the ultimate MBP only at close to 3K. Forget gaming on a Xeon as they are under performers for gaming as they are always lower clocked versions than desktop CPUs.

    Just look at the entry Mac Pro with 4 cores and compare that machine to a top iMac. On CPU alone the iMac brings more performance for desktop applications.

    In the end a Xeon is way more reliable but core by core they are not more powerful than a desktop CPU.

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