Jim Cramer: This is why you hold Apple stock

“Apple shares have been on a rocky ride for weeks. After tumbling more than 15% from its highs, the stock up over [3%] on Monday,” Bret Kenwel reports for TheStreet).

“As TheStreet‘s Jim Cramer, co-manager of the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio, has said about Apple, you own it, you don’t trade it,” Kenwel reports. “During CNBC’s “Mad Dash” segment Cramer noted Apple stock appears to have bottomed at the same time it was downgraded by analysts at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch.”

“Cramer said investors are being too quick to write off the Apple Watch,” Kenwel reports. “He disagreed with those who are portraying the device as a dud, saying they have not given the product enough time. After all, some thought the iPod, iPhone and iPad were duds at first, too. Now look at what they’ve become.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The rollercoaster never ends!

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    1. That saying applies to 12-hour analog clocks, but not 24-hour clocks (right once per day, if broken) or digital clocks (just broken).

      Jim Cramer is not as much of an idiot as his behavior would lead one to believe. But I have no respect for him, given what he is documented as saying. Unfortunately, he appears to be more the typical case than the outlier – most of those guys are out to grab money in any way possible. The law only gets in the way if you get caught and, often, not much even then.

      The people/companies with the microsecond trading access and privy to the very latest information are the ones who make money off of the rest of us, in up markets and down markets. And insider trading is likely far, far more common than anyone acknowledges or would like to believe.

      The deck is stacked for the rich and powerful. This happens for virtually every human endeavor that involves significant money and power.

  1. The stock market does not reflect the value of a company.

    The stock market has been rigged… forever.

    Jim Cramer is a bozo who promulgates this belief for his own profit.

    You are an idiot if you take him as more than an entertainment figure.

    MDN must need the clicks to keep parading this bozo out for everyone to see.

  2. What has changed in Apple’s business since last week or last month? Absolutely nothing. Apple’s share price has nothing to do with Apple’s business. If an investor really believes in Apple they should buy on the dips. I only complain because I’m baffled as to why such huge dips occur. Why isn’t it happening to Amazon, Google or Microsoft? Why only Apple when Apple should have the most protection from such volatility.

    1. “Why isn’t it happening to Amazon, Google or Microsoft?”

      Because Apple is the only company whose fundamentals are so solid and that is on a solid footing and trajectory to keep growing. As such all the fabricated FUD and pull down manipulation is guaranteed to only affect it short term and so, the stock will always bounce back like the slingshot.

      That being as predictable as the sun rising, AAPL attracts a lot of trading action and manipulators.

  3. It might be a roller coaster of a stock but over time it just keeps getting higher and higher. Check it out over the long term, not even whore street can stop Apple’s success.

  4. Looking at Apple stock graph in the year view (not day, week or month views) gives a realistic picture of where Apple stock is going. Imagine how profit and dividends are going to increase when the Apple automobile sells like the iPhone is selling!

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