Apple’s iOS 9 fixes HealthKit’s woman problem

“One major highlight of iOS 8 was HealthKit, a framework designed to centralize the health information collected by the third-party apps you use,” Caitlin McGarry reports for Macworld.

“But there was a huge hole: The native Health app that acts as a database for all that information didn’t collect any data around women’s reproductive health, despite the fact that a slew of iOS apps are dedicated to helping women track periods, sexual activity, and other stats,” McGarry reports. “Not surprisingly, women noticed this glaring oversight and said to Apple: ‘Really?'”

“Apple is fixing its mistake in iOS 9 with a Reproductive Health section in the native Health app,” McGarry reports. “The app as we’ve seen it in the iOS 9 public beta collects the following data points: basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality, menstruation, ovulation test result, sexual activity, and spotting. You can enter your own data here if you don’t use a period-tracking or sexual health app, and Health really drills down into specifics (we’re talking mucus clarity).”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s good to see Apple continuing to add to and improve their Health app – an important repository of data.

(Hopefully, with the public release of iOS 9, they’ll have fixed the vexing bug we’re afflicted with where the Walking & Running Distance mileage total never changes despite toggling between day, week, month, and year.)

With iOS 9, iPhone now tracks sexual activity – June 10, 2015


  1. Siri: “Good morning Barbara, according to your mucus clarity, your fetus has reached optimal development level for purchase. Would you like driving directions to the nearest Planned Parenthood organ broker?”

      1. I agree. It’s brilliant for basic fact that, in today’s political climate, it really has the possibility of happening. And, sick that, the political climate would give me the thought of this even happening.

    1. Siri: “Good Morning Manco. Your ignorance level has reached 100%. Congratulation, you are now eligible to file for the Republican primary as a presidential candidate. I see there are 3 food banks close by to you which you can try to close”.

      1. @howaboutanewton – another Democrat (Statist) drone. “3 food banks close by…” – really? Are you that ignorant?
        Just ignore the fact that “Planned Parenthood” is in the baby-parts for sale business. To ignore those FACTS is what is TRUELY IGNORANT….
        It really amazes me how libs can internally justify the killing and then sale of body parts of fking BABIES… just amazing…

        1. I too abhor abortion, but I also abhor the selfishness and greed exhibited by the people who would outlaw abortion, not because it’s morally wrong, but because they don’t want to pay for it. And yes, these are the same people who begrudge disabled people their government benefits, all the while planning how to build their third summer home.

          1. Each new summer home is a positive benefit for all involved. The property is purchased from someone who makes a profit on it, hopefully. They then will pay some tax on that income. The new owner will employ subcontractors to design and build the house all the while employing workers to do the labor of framing, concrete work, landscaping, etc. All of them earning taxable income which goes into the govt. coffers. The city or state gets even more money from building permits and yearly property taxes that go to schools and other govt. services.
            I’ve never got a job from a poor person. Why are rich people so demonized by so many on the left? Rich people keep this country afloat. The govt. doesn’t produce anything. All they can do to get money is to take it by force from the people who have it.

            1. “Rich people keep this country afloat.”
              That’s such utter bullshit.

              The rich in the U.S. have become the ultra-rich of yesteryear. CEOs making hundreds (and some even thousands) of times what their *average* worker makes. (And, several thousand times what their lowest paid worker makes.) It’s been well documented that back in the 50s and 60s the average CEO made about 20 times what the average worker made in that same company. Today, the average CEO makes a ratio that is 10x higher, and for what? It’s pure greed and nothing else.

              This has absolutely nothing to do with the “govt.”. It has everything to do with the fact that the rich feel they *deserve* to be ultra-rich and the poor can just fend for themselves whenever and wherever they can. It’s barely different than it was in Europe 400 years ago.

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              That statement has been peer-reviewed and is now settled science..

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        2. First it is NOT “fact”.

          It has been shown by several independent journalists that the videos were *very* heavily edited to make the persons being interviewed out to seem to be saying what, in full context, they were absolutely NOT saying.

          I’m sure if I took enough video of you and enough interviews of you over the course of months, I could edit it enough to have you appear to say literally any I cared to have you appear to say. Literally anything!

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          And, where’s the hard evidence that shows organs or fetuses were *sold*? Where’s the documentation that shows the transactions that were supposedly illegal? Where’s the traceability of the tissues involved that shows nefarious actions? Where’s any evidence other than extremely doctored and edited videos that support *any* of their claims. So far we’ve seen NONE!!!

          So before you start claiming accusations as “FACT”, let’s get some *real* facts.

          And, just FYI, *BY LAW*, pre-25 week fetuses are **NOT** “babies”. They are fetuses. Period. If you don’t like the law, get it changed. Until then, use the correct term.

      2. Now come on. Is that the best you can do?
        Aren’t you Libs supposed to be tolerant of other points of view?
        As for the closing of food banks, why would I do that? People willfully donate to them out of the goodness of their hearts for people who legitimately can’t help themselves. Disabled, elderly, etc.

        1. Actually, for couples who have difficulty conceiving the functions and features described are critical. Far from your scenario, these functions and features are actually pro-life in a very real and literal sense. You might educate yourself a bit before you try to be cute by characterizing these functions in the way you did.

  2. Does anyone know where HealthKit gets its data from, such as vitamins, lean body mass, fibre, body temperature, blood glucose level, etc? The things that the Watch records are understandable, but all these other data points (and there are many of them!) leave me wondering.

    1. From other apps which accept manual entry of health data and can register as data sources in HealthKit.

      There may be a few wireless devices that can automatically obtains a few of the data points, for example a wireless scale might calculate lean body mass.

    2. I’ve been meaning to write an article about this. Short answer, search Amazon for HealthKit compatible devices and the App Store for apps like MyFitnessPal which will add the nutritional data. There are BMI scales, blood pressure monitors, sleep monitors, blood glucose, O2, and temp that I’ve been using.

  3. “(Hopefully, with the public release of iOS 9, they’ll have fixed the vexing bug we’re afflicted with where the Walking & Running Distance mileage total never changes despite toggling between day, week, month, and year.)”

    It appears to be fixed now in IOS 9 public beta that I am now running.

    1. Again, for those having difficulty trying to conceive this would be a very real and valuable feature. Joking about it, if that was your intent, really just exposes one’s immaturity.

      1. Sperm motility is obviously something which requires a microscope. The observable changes in the female reproductive system listed in the main article are easily observed without any special equipment, and are well-publicized due to the natural family planning folks.

        Frankly, Zeke, I think you’re trying to take this too seriously; of COURSE he was joking, and even those of us who have gone through this find the “Home Sperm Motility Determination Kit” concept amusing.

        1. Some may, but not necessarily those of us witness to the more taxing or traumatc experiences. Zeke and I will be over in the corner while the rest of the party laughs it up

            1. I’m halfway there with you.

              I like that he is in the race and driving some of the issues that others are too scared to touch, but I hope he isn’t serious about being President. Just get the real problems on the table and out in the open and let the wimps in the middle and left handle the SJW ‘problems’….

  4. Has Apple even considered the transgender community with these health-tracking abilities? I’m assuming, you are going to have to enter into these apps, basic personal info about yourself. Gender, age, weight, height, etc. If you identify as a Transgender, and are asked to enter this info, are you going to enter your birth gender or your new gender? And is the health info going to be accurate if you enter your new identity.
    Scenario: Caitlyn Jenner gets it’s new Apple Watch and is setting up the health app to track heart rate, etc. Is Apple going to force Caitlyn to disregard her new identity and have to enter “male” under the gender question? This has not been thought out. How many transgenders are going to have to make this hard decision in order to get a true and accurate health reading. Men and women have different physiological make ups and therefore different baseline health standards.
    If you’re a man pumping yourself full of estrogen because you are wanting to become a woman, how are the Apple Watch sensors going to adjust for this?
    I see a golden opportunity for app developers to get on this ASAP. You might even get a govt. grant just because.
    I know this sounds ridiculous, but is it really?
    I can see the headline now.
    “Apple Excludes Transgenders in new Health App. Tim Cook says a fix is in the works.”
    In all seriousness, don’t you think there’s going to have to be some kind of software to adjust for this situation.

    1. Short answer, no.

      The Apple Watch doesn’t sense anything that is gender specific. Caitlyn Jenner, was born with a man’s body. While there are things that can be changed, things like the overall size of her body and internal organs can’t. Overall, this is fine as there already is a huge overlap between males and females in this regard. As such, setting up gender is about as abstract as choosing the 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch as female versus male. You do things like set you calorie burn goal based on your own specific criteria regardless of gender.

      As far as things that HealthKit tracks, there are all kinds of measured results that it doesn’t track. It would be interesting if they allowed more free-form data so things like unique tracking of something could be entered, or even synced with 3rd party apps and devices.

      Until then, Apple appears to be including measurement data in HealthKit based on a top-down approach, adding more data types with each new version on iOS.

      While adding data types that are female specific is really great and helpful for women, I can understand Apple having prioritized the data types they did that affect 100% of the population. And while there are data types that they could provide that affect only men, they’re not as universally tracked by all men, not necessarily as vital.

      1. Thx for the info. I have never messed with the Health App but was curious just how it would adjust for “unique” situations. It’s crazy to think how much more advanced these sensors are going get. I can’t stand wearing a watch but I would love to know all my vitals at will. These watches are going to be a hypochondriac’s wet dream the more they advance.

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