Apple MacBook may soon see a major update

“Apple’s current MacBook models are powered by Intel Core M processors based on the company’s Broadwell architecture,” Ashraf Eassa reports for The Motley Fool. “But it shouldn’t be too long before Intel begins rolling out Core M processors based on its newer Skylake processor design, which promises performance, feature, and efficiency improvements over Broadwell.”

“Indeed, according to some leaked slides from website FanlessTech, Skylake-based Core M processors should deliver as much as 17% improved CPU performance, 1.4 hours additional battery life when playing back 1080p video, and 41% better performance in 3D graphics applications,” Eassa reports. “In light of these compelling improvements, Apple may want to transition its MacBook line to Skylake-based microprocessors as soon as possible. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich indicated on the company’s first quarter earnings call that Skylake-based Core M processors will arrive in the second half of 2015, suggesting that Apple will update its MacBook with these processors later this year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Almost time to pull the trigger! First, we’ll wait to see if the “iPad Pro” makes its bow and if it can replace our 11-inch MacBook Air road machines or not.


  1. I really like the new 12″ MacBooks and am also intrigued by the mythical iPad Pro as well. But as great as the iPad Air 2 is, particularly with the major multitasking enhancements added in iOS 9, I think I’m good for a while.

    1. I’ve commented before that the Mac ADVERTISING guys left the office for a drink after finishing the last of the Mac/PC Guy ads and never came back… I think the Mac Pro guys went to find them and got lost themselves.

      I think TC needs to dust off the Mac manager in charge (he’s the guy with the cobwebs covering him Tim!) and go find them…

        1. ” don’t care if the advertise them ”

          Really, so you don’t care that:

          1) if they sell more they would be willing to UPDATE Macs more regularly? include new features faster? have more money to spend on R&D? Maybe make them CHEAPER as they get economies of SCALE ?

          2) if they have LARGER MARKET SHARE they will attract MORE DEVELOPERS?
          Plenty of GAMES are unavailable for Mac. When they are made they are often OLD and BUGGY PORTED from Windows and Not Mac from the ground up. Many BUSINESS software is either missing or version 6 or something Mac and version 8 for Windows (I was looking at project management apps for example) or missing PLUG INs for the Mac version etc (as developers think the market share is too small).

          so you don’t care Apple advertise to get more sales and more developers? Really? You use a Mac Pro (a comment on which started this thread) to just READ FACEBOOK ?

          and NO I do not want to Run Windows Apps via Bootcamp on my Macs. I don’t want to run Windows at all. I love OSX , I just want ALL the apps native on it.

          3) One of the Big Reasons that AAPL stock is so low PE (lower than Msft, Goog, etc) is that big investors are frightened that Apple is too dependant on the iPhone. If Macs sell more they might take Apple is more than iPhone. The stock might be way way higher now, over 150 if they had Goog’s PE. They might even give more Dividends!

          ADVERTISE MACS TIM, send the search and Rescue for the Mac Marketing guys!!!!

          1. I didn’t mean to be so aggressive with 2ndmate but for an ex-advertising guy like me it’s just been exasperating to watch Apple not advertise Macs seriously for the last 5 years with Win 8 fiasco .

            We ad guys would have KISSED the GROUND and DONE a RITUAL DANCE in the NUDE to THANK THE GODS for a AWESOME product like Macs to sell. Most of the time working for other companies we had to sell stuff which were ‘not significantly better’ than competitors and we had to ‘spin’ the product, while the Mac is heads above it’s rivals.

            50 years from now in Harvard Business School they will study this baffling phenomena. With Win 8 fiasco Apple doesn’t take the Mac offensive ? (and the ‘save’ money excuse is lame as Apple is richer now and Macs are a bright spot in earnings — although they could sell more if they advertised).

            Think about it:
            HUNDREDS of MILLIONS spent on R&D for thinner iMacs, Thunderbolt, Force Touch pads, etc and (from my casual observation ) not ONE CENT spent on SELLING those features! No Mac Mini or iMac ads at all! (My local Walmart as I stated before doesn’t even know what Thunderbolt IS although they have Thunderbolt Macs. Don’t carry the cables or other connectors so you can’t hook up an external monitor to the Macs they sell ! Apple Mac Marketing which works with retailers is missing in action !).

            (after Jobs Apple supposedly hired HUNDREDS of in house ad talent… so where the ads? Even for other products they have not made ad CAMPAIGNs as good as 1984, Think Different, Mac/PC guy etc for years)

            Xerox at one time was making so MUCH MONEY from their hit product : PHOTOCOPY machines (my classmate became a millionaire working for them in photocopier sales) that they NEGLECTED their other stuff like GUI, MOUSE, LASER PRINTER (which they developed)…

            I can go on but I think people get the idea.

            C’mon Tim send out those rescue St. Bernards with the BRANDY BOTTLES after those missing ad guys…

            1. some Apple ad facts:

              1) Apple spent 1.2 billion in advertising last year.
              Samsung spent 14 Billion.

              In the last few years Apple has spent over 130 billion in stock buybacks.

              2) in Apr CBS said Apple spent 38 million in Apple Watch TV ads in USA (this for a NEW MAJOR PLATFORM !)
              Msft spent $500 million on the Zune launch and another $500 million on the Surface NFL promotion (500 m is like HALF Apple’s Worldwide ad budget !!! ) .

              I have to believe that Apple only sells so much not because of advertising but because of the SHEER AWESOMENESS of their products (vs the sheer horribleness of their rivals) and fanatics like myself grabbing people “Hey did you see that new Cool Mac?!!! “.

            2. 1. Apple did advertise the Mac. They produced those Mac sticker ads in the back-to-school time frame last year. They also do some unconventional advertising via news stories like IBM is offering Macs in enterprise, etc.

              2. In the past, Samsung’s massive advertising budget included sales expenses like spiffs to carrier phone sales people.

              3. I agree with you that they should of produced more hard-hitting ads during the Win 8 debacle like showing people smashing their PC’s with baseball bats and the byline, “Windows 8 sucks! Get a Mac!” or elders trying to maneuver a mouse and saying, “it doesn’t work” – in a “where’s the beef?” tone and then showing the elder delighted using a Mac, etc.

              4. Most of those MS Surface ads were incredibly annoying. I’m sure they negatively impacted their sales. Who in their right mind would want to be associated with dancing girls in school girl outfits and break dancers?

            3. (tried to reply but didn’t seem to get through, so posting again)

              I’m aware of the Sticker ads
              (you can see a few other isolated examples like the ‘Voice O graph’ ad where the girl makes a recording on a Mac)

              but these aren’t campaigns though and not shown widely.

              The Mac Puy Guy campaign had SIXTY SIX DIFFERENT ADS in 4 years. First year alone it had 19 different ads.

              Campaigns are like military operations, sustained and planned and with tie ins with billboards, press ads, PR stunts etc.

              I agree that Msft etc ads suck. Also when you have bad products making ads is throwing money away but Apple has great products.

  2. Bring on the games! I just completed Relic Run and winning that last clue was very challenging. Hopefully, the new devices will mimic console quality gaming and offer incredible adventures.

    1. Sorry, this comment should of been posted under the new phone story. It seems like the quality of the games improves with every new iPhone, so I’m excited to see what comes next.

  3. I used one of the new MacBooks the other day and I didn’t like it at all. The feel of the keys, etc. Just didn’t like it. I’d love to see a new headline on new Mac Mini’s like the 2012 models, but newer/better hardware!

    1. You know what, I’ve had the new Macbook for over a month and never needed to plug anything in other than the charger. I use iCloud for all my storage now, and my iPhone keeps its charge all day so I don’t need to charge that. Sound goes to external speakers via Bluetooth. Just a bit puzzled as to why everyone is so keen on an extra port?

      1. Some people are not stupid enough to trust iCloud. These people need another USB port. If you were smarter than a turnip, you’d know not to use iCloud as well as why some might want a second USB port.

      2. Some people are sloppy about backups, I’m not. I keep a number of backups of my internal drive and use an external media drive and an external data drive, each with its own backup. I don’t trust iCloud or Time Machine. When you suffer serious data loss you’ll discover the joys of multiple I/O ports.

      3. A lot of users need peripherals- and if you need more than one, (or if you have to be plugged in too) then you start needing more and more dongles or a dock- which takes away from the mobile experience. Simply have a USB C on each side would eliminate the need for a dongle in many situations and allow to plug in a charger/peripheral from either side which can be handy as well.

  4. Still waiting on Apple to sell 17″ MBP’s again. My 2011 model is still chugging along, and I have no interest in upgrading for all these questionable (IMHO) advancements Apple has made. I don’t need a laptop so thin it can’t fit any ports. I want screen real estate. Is that so hard?

  5. It would be absolutely ridiculous if Apple didn’t follow closely behind Intel’s processor development cycle, like every other computer vendor on the planet.


    The Mac Pro (Trashcan) is out-of-date (the day it was released, in fact). The Mac Mini is out-of-date. The iMac is out-of-date. The MacBook Pros are out-of-date.

    Now even their latest McBook is out-of-date.

    Somebody tell TC to get off the gay soapbox and get to work.

    1. What does “Out of Date” mean? For the MacBook Pro, Apple had no 4 processor mobile option to go with for the 15 inch Retina as Intel didn’t offer a current one. In this case, Apple has a product that Is AHEAD of Intel’s product cycle 🙂

  6. It has to make you wonder if all of the iOS kiddies at Apple even know where their operating system comes from. “What is this OSX thing and why do we need it?”
    After all, we all know that web and app content and the iOS operating system comes from the Great Unicorn in the Cloud.
    Don’t get me wrong, I use iOS, but I am a content developer and very little creative work can be done on iOS. Yes, there are some iOS apps that can do limited editing, but……..not seriously.

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