T-Mobile customers can now stream Apple Music for free, get free iPhone 6s/Plus upgrades

T-Mobile USA President & CEO John Legere today announced the following:

We’re amping up Un-carrier 6.0, Music Freedom and adding Apple Music to our list of 33 services that stream totally free on T-Mobile. Apple Music has become the single most requested new addition to Music Freedom and counts for a full 80% of the requests coming in via Twitter. I heard every one of them, so it’s happening right now!

Apple Music is a huge addition to Music Freedom. Millions and millions of people are already using Apple Music, and it’s set to shape the streaming music landscape—like Apple’s done with just about everything they touch. So we’re stoked to unleash Apple Music for T-Mobile Simple Choice customers.

This isn’t the first update we’ve made to Music Freedom—and it sure won’t be the last. Since June 2014, we’ve grown Music Freedom from 7 to 33 services—ranging from the biggest and most popular to the most niche. You can see a full list here. Music Freedom is open and free to every legal music streaming service out there. As I’ve said from the start, our goal is to set ALL your music free, and we won’t stop until we do. As of now, the services in Music Freedom cover 95% of all music streamed on mobile in the US. I’d call that a damn good start.

Not surprisingly, Music Freedom has been an enormous hit with Un-carrier customers. They now stream over 131 million songs every single day – up an amazing 275% from a year ago when we launched Music Freedom. If AT&T customers streamed that much music, they could be paying upwards of $2.3 billion a year – and that’s not even factoring in overage penalties. The other guys tax and toll every single note of every song you stream. So 39% of US wireless users we asked said they avoid streaming on their phones−over half because they worry about shock overages. So, again, the carriers’ obsession with bigger profits comes at the expense of their customers. Which is just plain stupid. Because we’ve shown the carriers a better way. They’re just too shortsighted to see it.

Upgrade your iPhone not your price
This next one is a big deal. We’re amping up what is already the industry’s best iPhone offer with the announcement of something entirely unprecedented. Because even the best isn’t enough if we can figure a way to make it even better.

When we introduced JUMP! On Demand a few weeks ago, we also introduced the industry’s best monthly cost for a new iPhone 6 16GB − $15 a month with trade-in − and the freedom to upgrade to a new phone whenever you want with absolutely nothing out-of-pocket. Customers told me they love the offer and total freedom to get their next iPhone whenever they want, but they also wanted more certainty when they upgrade.

I heard you. So, today, I’m announcing another industry-first.

This time of year, everyone’s waiting to make a move, waiting to see which devices are coming next. “Will the next one be better?” “Should I go for it or wait?” Today, we’re solving all that and ending the wait—in a big way. Now, every single customer who gets a new iPhone 6 this summer as part of this deal can simply swap it for the next iPhone, if they upgrade before the end of the year. Yeah, that’s what I said. Just swap it out and pay NOTHING more — nothing up front and no change to your monthly payment. No deposit. No fees. Nothing. You get the next iPhone guaranteed. And you get to LOCK IN that industry-best promotional price of $15 a month.

And, because the Un-carrier always puts our current customers first, everyone who already got an iPhone 6 for $15 per month automatically gets this deal. You don’t have to do a thing, except come get your new one whenever you want later this year.

There’s nothing else out there remotely like this. Not even close. And, it lasts through Labor Day in participating T-Mobile stores nationwide.

To top it all off, I’m also announcing that we’re giving everyone who gets a new iPhone 6 with JUMP! On Demand something additional — exclusive priority access to the next iPhone. That’s right. If there’s a new iPhone this year, you’re first in line. When you order your upgrade during the first 48 hours it’s available, we’ll give your order priority and ship it first, along with others who qualify for priority access. So you’ll be among the very first to get your brand new phone when we have inventory.



    1. I agree. T-Mobile is by far the best carrier from a customer service and value standpoint. I love their approach and how they treat their customers.

      Unfortunately, I can never switch to them because I travel for work and vacation a lot, and even in my own hometown their coverage is poor.

      AT&T continues to have the best coverage and data availability. So I stay with them. Even though I hate them. A LOT.

    1. Unlimited music streaming from these services on most of the plans.

      “Unlimited” data of any kind on the $80/mon unlimited plan, which has the caveat that it can be partially throttled “based on local traffic conditions” if you go above using >21 GB/month and you’re on a busy tower.

      Another perk on the unlimited plan is that you also get the Rhapsody service for free, giving you “any cut you want without ads” music bundled in.

      Currently >21GB/month is their threshold for someone who uses more than what 97% of those on the unlimited plans currently use.

  1. This is somewhat novel an approach for mobile industry: leasing your phone.

    Trade in a functioning smartphone and get an iPhone on a 18-month $15 per month lease. When the lease expires, you can return it or buy it (by paying off the remaining value).

    And during the lease, you can upgrade up to three times every year at no additional cost.

    $15 per month is actually lower than the amortization cost of an average iPhone. An average new iPhone loses around $300 over the period of 18 months, depending on when the phone was purchased in the refresh cycle. If you buy it within months of launch, it holds value a bit longer than if you buy it when the new model is about to come out.

    So, if I understood this correctly, you could upgrade your old 3G, 4, 4s, 5 or 5s to 6 (or 6+) today at no upfront cost and $15 per month. Then, three months from now, when new 6s (or 7 or whatever) comes out, you can simply swap out your new iPhone 6, and the 18-month lease will restart. Then next year, you could do the same when the next model arrives. All in all, you pay some $180 per year and always have a new iPhone.

    For a new iPhone at launch time, $180 per year is close to the depreciation value for the phone. With this plan, you don’t get the hassle of having to sell of the old iPhone on eBay / CraigsList. Just bring it to T-Mobile and they swap everything out right there.

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