DLC might be the most interesting new feature in Apple’s OS X El Capitan

“Everybody knows the next release of the the Mac operating system will be called El Capitan,” fcp.co writes. “But how many people have heard of the DLC that comes with it?”

“A Distributed LAN Client or DLC allows computers to connect to Xsan shared storage with an ethernet connection,” fcp.co writes. “Up until now, if you were running an Xsan shared storage facility, the only way you could connect clients to the data was by Fibre Channel. This is expensive, even more so if you have to buy the the converter boxes for Fibre Channel to Thunderbolt to get new Mac Pros or iMacs connected. You could of course share out a machine’s connection via AFP or SMB, but you will face all the problems of using your link through another computer.”

“DLC will allow everybody with an GigE connection (two for the metadata?) to see the assets on the Xsan shared storage.,” fcp.co writes. “The news has already got third party manufactures interested…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Anything that reduces prices and simplifies installation is certainly interesting.


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