Apple said to be in talks to use BMW i3 carbon fiber body as basis for its own electric car

“Apple and BMW have engaged in negotiations over Apple’s interest in using BMW’s i3 electric cars as a basis for its own electric car project, according to a new report from German publication,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“According to the new report from Manager Magazin’s July issue, Apple CEO Tim Cook along with other Apple executives recently met with BMW in Leipzig, Germany to visit the carmaker’s i3 production line,” Kahn reports. “Apple is allegedly interested in the carbon fiber body of the i3, according to the report.”

“The i3 is a generally well-received electric car that gets about 80 miles on a charge and has an optional petrol-based range extender which can add a few gallons worth of range to the vehicle for longer trips,” Kahn reports. “The report adds that Apple has been in negotiations with BMW since autumn 2014 but hasn’t yet come to an agreement.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For the carbon fiber body technology only, hopefully, because the i3 on the whole is severely lacking. We’ve heard from people who use these things. In cold weather, they are virtually useless; drivers can’t get 15 miles to work, the batteries do not hold a charge well in the cold. BMW’s i3 is a glorified golf cart.

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  1. It will be called the Newton. They are bringing back an old brand that is short and sweet. and if you doubt. Tesla Vs Newton. The scientific showdown. vid

  2. Tesla at sub zero temperatures has no problem. I think the secret is in temperature control using the battery power itself. It might require some battery power for temprature control but obviously better than letting it freeze.. I have driven my 85kw Tesla with no noticable range loss in sub zero conditions in the rockies. The car is a dream.

  3. If this came to pass, according to what we’ve been reading, Apple is mainly interested in the chassis.

    So those who are talking about problems with the engine, battery, or are dissatisfied how it looks, forget it. None of that would be used.

    It’s very doubtful that Apple would build anything other than a car based on their own electric auto technologies, and would style it themselves.

  4. Wow, these Car rumors keep piling up and getting more credible! Fascinating. ☺🌞🌝

    Happily, the Van = self-driving Car rumors are dead, Apple having made it clear that the van is for taking images and GPS coordinates for improving Maps.

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