2016 Honda Accord delivers Apple CarPlay

Honda introduced a refreshed 2016 Accord loaded with advanced technology in Silicon Valley today, the first time the company has launched a new vehicle in the U.S. tech hub. Coming to market in August, the 2016 Accord will be the first Honda model and among the first high-volume cars in the marketplace to feature both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These and other major upgrades to technology and features make it the most high-tech Accord ever.

“Where else to introduce the most technologically advanced midsize sedan, the 2016 Accord, than in Silicon Valley,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of the Automobile Division, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., in a statement “Customers want their vehicles to be more intelligently integrated with their smartphone-powered lives, and we are committed to delivering that experience starting with Accord, retail car buyers’ most popular vehicle the past two years.”

The Accord audio and digital experience also is significantly upgraded with the application of a 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen interface featuring Apple CarPlay, on EX and above trims, as well as available HondaLink Assist (e911) and HD Radio. The intuitive and easy-to-use capacitive touchscreen lets users swipe, tap and pinch—just like on a tablet or smartphone—to control the vehicle’s audio system, display settings and other advanced features.

Apple CarPlay is designed to support seamless iPhone integration and offer a multitude of new functions and features. CarPlay takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving and puts them right on your car’s built-in display. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music right from the touchscreen or by voice via Siri. Supported apps include Phone, Messages, Maps, Music and compatible third party apps. Apple CarPlay is compatible with iOS 7.1 or later and iPhone 5 or later.

To take full advantage of these new systems and features, the 2016 Accord’s new 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen is paired with an upper 7.7-inch high-resolution display screen and steering wheel-mounted controls.

More info and photos of the vehicle here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in April:

Apple’s CarPlay is (finally) the right strategy (as is Google’s knockoff of it). Most vehicles will eventually come with support for both CarPlay and derivative mobile operating systems, since car makers want to make their vehicles accessible to everybody. Well, maybe the luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes, etc. could skip the Android integration (not much demographic overlap there), but the Kias and Chevy’s of the world will want to make sure they can support iPhone knockoffs, too.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “David E.” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Meanwhile, I’ve been waiting for Hyundai to release CarPlay for my 2015 Sonata since I bought it 4 moths ago. Android’s crapwear has been in the wild for 2 months now and still nothing on CarPlay…

  2. MacDailyNews underestimates just how cheap folks including manufacturers can be. Many will come to CarPlay, but I doubt most will as short term costs are far more important to most individuals and especially manufacturers.

    I predict it will be much like the smartphone business. Mostly Android, with more and more turning to CarPlay after learning the hard way how bad Android is and how good Apple is. But CarPlay will never fully capture the market. Cheap is just too tempting for some.

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