Apple Music, Beats 1, App Store service restored after four-hour outage for some users

“Apple Inc.’s iTunes and new Music service were restored after a service interruption that lasted for almost four hours on Tuesday,” John Fahnenstiel reports for Bloomberg.

“Apple TV, iBooks and the App Stores were affected, according to notifications on the iPhone maker’s system-status Web page,” Fahnenstiel reports. “Software updates for OS X, Apple’s operating system for its personal computers, were also down during the period.”

Fahnenstiel reports, “Tim Bajarin, president of technology consultant Creative Strategies, doesn’t think such disruptions substantially affect Apple’s business. ‘This just happens,’ Bajarin said. ‘The bigger issue is how fast Apple responds and corrects it. Apple’s actually at the top when it comes to correcting these kinds of errors.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Apple’s actually at the top when it comes to correcting these kinds of errors.”

Because they have so much practice. Ba-dum-tssss!

Apple seeing multiple service outages in App Store, Apple Music, more; MTV VMA announcement traffic blamed – July 21, 2015


  1. S**t happens. Those insulated, entitled, pampered souls out there need to quit being a baby about new stuff that’s getting the kinks worked out, and then after that the odd short-lived tech glitch. No one does this on purpose. It’s why God created offline music and podcast libraries to see us through such “tragic” situations.

    1. A fool and his data are soon parted if only Cloud backed up I agree. Three backups are needed, with one of those offsite. The fourth can be Cloud but for those with a staggering amount of Tb data, well, not a realistic solution.

  2. Still out for me. Horrible timing as I had a day of moving and driving back and forth and really was counting on music. Definitely won’t be paying for Apple Music. Just can’t rely on the cloud. Their iTunes Match service has been spotty too. It’s been down for all day since 10am this morning. It’s 5pm now and still “iTunes Cannot Process Your Request at this Time.” Unacceptable. Issues and outrages happen. But man, 9 hours of service interruption is just lousy.

  3. Apparently I lost all my songs from itunes match.
    Why not 2 independent apps? why this mess. iTunes on Mac, Music App, iTunes Match… blablabla
    I want my music back. NOW. Billions for this? Screw Beats, these music experts and these labels.
    I have backup but is old and I can’t trust on itunes anymore. what a bug of hurts.

    1. Now my music is back. Thanks Apple. Don’t mess with iTunes Match. I’ll always buy my music and keep with me, it’s a very important thing, DRM free… So why not improve who buys music? give them the lyrics, a premium service, a better search, with the features from iTunes, convert to AAC, edit info… We need 2 independent apps for Music: the “Music App” and the “Match App” for OSX too. Put the music/movies etc in the App Store for purchase and kill iTunes. F*** PC/Windows/Chrome OS… users.

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