Apple Watch already bestselling smartwatch to date, but analysts’ estimates are all over the map

“With the launch of the Watch, Apple jumped straight into first place as the biggest vendor of wearable bands,” Steve Ranger reports for ZDNet.

“According to research from analysts Canalys, 4.2 million Apple Watches were shipped during the second quarter of this year – the first the devices was on sale. As a result, Apple ‘easily’ overtook Fitbit, Xiaomi, and all other smart watch vendors by sales, despite the Watch being at the higher-priced end of the market,” Ranger reports. “The analyst noted that early sales of the Watch were hindered because supply constraints slowed shipments for the first couple months after launch.”

“Canalys’ estimate of Watch sales is higher than some other analysts’: for example, Gene Munster, analyst at Piper Jaffray, predicted three million Apple Watch sales this quarter, rising to 14 million next year and 40 million the year after, while analyst KGI predicted sales for the most recent quarter of 3.9 million,” Ranger reports. “Apple has remained tight-lipped about the true level of Watch sales and it’s unlikely to provide much in the way of solid figures in its financial results due later today.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Interestingly, Ranger focuses on two of the more pessimistic analyst estimates for Apple Watch sales and neglects to mention others such as Global Equities Research which estimated Apple had already sold 7 million Watches some seven weeks ago. In short, the analysts’ Apple Watch unit sales estimates are all over the map.

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  1. Why did Apple have to take the risk and build a smartwatch, anyway? I’m sure there could have been easier ways for the company to earn more money without being made a public fool of. The news media and Wall Street are having a field day with AppleWatch. If Apple had used that money to build some huge search engine buried behind concrete walls, this AppleWatch fiasco would never have happened. Apple needs to build some money-making services that run quietly in the background so no one can put a scrutinizing finger on it.

    AppleWatch is the equivalent of Apple walking around with its balls swinging in the breeze and asking everyone to take a kick and absolutely no one on the internet is passing up on that chance. This is becoming another agonizing quarter in a row for shareholders and Apple should have more than enough money to stop making this sort of headache happen every quarter.

    1. Why aren’t you running Apple because you know how to make money in the tech field and all the people at Apple know nothing? You totally need to drive over to Apple headquarters and tell them that you are taking over as the new CEO because they are doing so terribly with what they’re doing.

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