Apple to announce new iPod Touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle within days – report

“Apple will announce a refreshed lineup of iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle portable media players around July 14, according to usually reliable French website,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“The report claims the new iPod touch (codenamed ‘N102’) should be a more significant update, likely including a bump to a 64-bit A-based processor, while the iPod nano (‘N31A’) and iPod shuffle (‘N12D’) may be refreshed with new colors only,” Rossignol reports.

“iPods in unreleased colors were spotted in iTunes 12.2 earlier this month, including a darker blue for the iPod touch, a new gold or beige color for the iPod nano and a brighter pink color for the iPod shuffle,” Rossignol reports. “MacRumors subsequently discovered a full lineup of six new colors for the iPod touch, nano and shuffle hidden within iTunes resource files, including silver, space gray, red, bright pink, deep blue and light gold.”

Read more, and see the images, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Long overdue – bring ’em on!


      1. (Edited)

        IT’S NOT iTOUCH!
        It’s iPod Touch.

        iTouch is something you, hopefully, do in private. And iTouch with force feedback, well … that’s more than you can hope for.

        1. Good job… however iPod Touch being the correct product name is too long to bother to type or say.

          Also rather dated too. I touch all my Apple devices; does that mean Apple should have continued calling a product one how it functions?

          iPod Touch is a sweet product, yet its functionality does not differ much from iPad or iPad mini. It never offered a cellular data sim option either. These points make me wonder why Apple continues to sell them. The price difference is not all that different either to an iPad mini. These options to customers are rather painful to see.

      2. Nothing better to see than a person correcting another yet done poorly.

        “iTouch is something to you, hopefully, do in private”

        iTouch is something you do, hopefully done in private.

        1. And to really break it down, “hopefully” should not be the equivalent of “I hope.” It should modify the verb, meaning “done while hopeful”.

    1. IT’S NOT iTOUCH!
      It’s iPod Touch.

      iTouch is something you, hopefully, do in private.

      As for iTouch with Force Feedback, well … that’s more than you could hope for. 🙂

  1. iTouch plus wow… closes the gap to an iPad mini… confusing customers again with what to purchase… marginal price jumps… why oh why do people not see Cooks direction soon messing up Apple.

      1. I am entitled to my own opinion as you are with your response.
        And I could careless if I am the only person on the planet to think this way. You can’t insult me to change my view.

          1. Ha – ofc I admit of being lazy hello I purposely to this day call iPod Touch, the iTouch.

            John Lennon, “but, I am not the only one.”

      1. No I just understand and prefer how Steve returned and streamlines the product line. Meanwhile Cook really is doing a great job but not as good as it could be. Cook does not need to be Jobs… but Cook should have the same ideals. Complicating the product line with iDevices is not right. But maybe thats why I don’t run Apple. Cool it birdman… its an opinion. Feather ruffled… Lol.

      2. Somehow YOU think I careless about Apple? Why? I do not see that I have indicated that. I am not being a troll.

        You insult me, you use the term prejudice wrongly against me – I made a comment – its my opinion and it was not personal or directed to anyone else here.

        This is an Apple form, free to post your thoughts on. If they differ then those here you get slammed.

        That is so un-Apple like. So un-Apple to not think and consider something different. All those who do and feel the need to defend Apple with vulgar words should be ashamed.

        People state what they want… then there are these other members here who seem to feel the right to defend insult and dub others as trolls. Rather than asking hey, why would you think that way… or attempt to have a conversation… resulting in confrontation and trying to fire up emotions. Those who do are wrong. And should not have membership at all here.

        And that is the beauty of MDN, you can post without membership. It does not mean you are a coward or troll to think differently. It should be encouraged.

      1. Apple needs only three phones.
        Big, medium and small.
        Remove the cellular components and leave it wifi only for three other options.
        Simple is better.
        Cook knows shit about simplicity.
        Look at the freaking options on Apple Watch.

      1. Damn this economy is harsh… give me a break Derek.

        Anonymousity and choice for it has nothing to do with being a coward – old topic old friend.

        Its simple, not everything Cook does is right. Not everything Apple does is right. I am not against Apple one “byte” but does to show people here, if you think different, have a difference of opinion…its like a tiny mosquito bothering a pack of cows here. Rather than trying to understand my side… better to slam me… hahahaha so who is the true i men troll. Not saying you Derek. just stating how things happen here.

          1. Anonymousity and choice for it has nothing to do with being a coward.

            You are no Troll Cop here. No one appointed you Derek.

            I was not insulting anyone. Yet others slam my opinion, call me names and question me… making you all trolls, not me.

            Lighten up folks… its Friday.

            1. I don’t give a rat’s what you have to say, you stupid anonymous coward T R O L L .

              You can totally unprepared to troll anything Apple. So please do
              And go home with your tail between your legs.

              Sheesh. Apparently, it’s hard to hire good trolls these days. Pathetic. 😛

            2. you make me laugh,

              why do you not use your intelligence for better things…
              have we forgotten this already, you are not a child anymore, how many times do you need to be told Mr Currie,

              my name is Derek, and if you want to talk in person lets
              i am confident once we do I will still be the one laughing


            3. membership comes with terms
              you should learn to honour them
              you’d make a lousy customer service person
              yet, on the other hand, with your helpful knowledge on some things Apple — that I have read from you perhaps there is hope…

              ahhh you still make me laugh

              be happy Derek La la la…

  2. I LOVE dedicated devices. I don’t care my iPhone can do it all. That’s nice and handy but I differentiate my iPhone as a picture and video taking device (saving storage for that and preserving battery life) and iPods as dedicated music devices playing back Apple Lossless ripped from CD’s as much as possible. I still wish Apple would now make this an option on iTunes. It would go a long ways to killing CD’s for sure. Add in my CarPlay and the fantastic sound system in my relatively new car I am ready to rock down the highway.

    My Classic iPods are of 2005 (60Gb) & 2007 (160Gb) vintage and still working but use hard drives so it’s only a matter of time. I look forward to seeing what Apple has up their sleeve. And I have the funds and the proven will to spend it!!!

  3. One day, I hope Apple will stop teasing us.

    Updates are all scattered…
    “this device runs an older cpu and this one is said to be new?”
    Tell us its not fragmenting the line?

    I love Apple, yet, my friends Android device has some nice features I wish Apple would implement.

    A) expandable memory/storage via MicroSD
    B) plug and play connectivity without iTunes
    C) the latest processors in the latest line of devices

      1. You read me wrong. I am bitching about is… or my point about processors is this… please read carefully.

        When Apple bring out a new device / updated model, I would like to see Apple use their latest processors on the entire line of product offerings.

        Meaning the iPhone Plus right down to the iPod Touch all should have the same latest and greatest processors. When the A9 and M9 arrive that every device including Apple TV all have a 64 bit cpu. Stop selling the A5 as a new refreshed device. Do not hinder the iPad mini on purpose with lacking abilities such as finger print scanner and Apple pay. Offer it fairly across the board — if not simplify the product line.

        Furthermore, to be clear, Android crap still has some nice features… I would love to see Apple offer microSD slot included. I would love to attach my iDevice and not have to go through iTunes or iCloud… just attach and mount copy over what files i want. – Its nice. Its not for everyone. But hell — its nice man. Do you agree? No? Okay no worries… yet iMac has a SD card slot… its nice to have too see.

  4. I wish Apple would use the iPod Touch chassis to be a WiFi only VoIP phone by adding an iPhone like Microphone/Speaker setup.

    Many businesses are investing in VoIP WiFi Phones for their employees to use while on campus and most of them are expensive and suck like a Dyson. Apple could market these phones to enterprise with the highly familiar iOS layout and apps and also to individuals for Landline replacement phones.

    Doing this gives Apple a new revenue stream, adds an enterprise product, gives them a huge price advantage on incumbents in the market space and it increases the volume for the iPod Touch line- lowering unit costs.

    Tim, are you taking notes?

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