Apple Music, both on iOS and OS X, is an embarrassing and confusing mess

“Apple Music gets a lot of things right,” Yoni Heisler writes for BGR. “First and foremost, curation on Apple’s new music service is top-notch and can unquestionably be positioned as a strong differentiator to Spotify. After a few days of heavy Apple Music usage, I’ve happily discovered a number of great songs that would have otherwise flew underneath my radar. ”

“Unfortunately, though, the rollout of Apple Music from a UI and usability standpoint leaves much to be desired,” Heisler writes. “To be blunt, the current implementation of Apple Music, both on iOS and on iTunes, is an embarrassment and a far cry from the traditional standard of software excellence that Apple has long been known for.”

“It’s high-time shine a spotlight on many of the backwards and mystifying design choices Apple implemented with Apple Music on iTunes. If one were forced to describe in one phrase what Apple Music on iTunes is like, I think frustratingly inconsistent would be a strong choice,” Heisler writes. “Let’s dive in.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you have to ask yourself “Why is this so difficult? Am I an idiot?” then there is a User Interface problem, not a user problem. This is, after all, what we pay Apple for. Those type of questions are for Windows/Android sufferers, not Mac/iOS users.

Who’s responsible for iTunes’ unsettled, rather awful UI, a blind Microsoft reject or nobody at all?

Open letter to Tim Cook: Apple needs to do better – January 5, 2015


  1. I agree.

    The install fries your iTunes library so I’m going to pass. I’ll stick with Pandora.

    Apple is a mess right about now. Quality control seems to be on hiatus.

    Apple Watch is the first Apple device in 20-years that I passed on.

    1. Agreed. Iphoto (“Photos”) and older versions of iTunes were joys to use for all kinds of functions that Windows users had to struggle with- complex menus, unintuitive screens… ugh, and it seems those two cornerstones of Apple software are the same.




    and no. don’t even try to have it like you praise them when they’re good, and knock em when they fsck up. that’s not what u do. you sound drunk half the time. shit’s either perfect or it’s shit. with one of the shittiest fscking sites in the business, how the fsck do you get the off calling Apple out on the new iTunes UI???? fsck you! you couldn’t turn a better iTunes if your fscking life depended on it.

    I’m the guy nagging for years, that I’m going to quit MDN cuz the ads fsck me up the ass so hard I got AIDS from them, but now I’m finally done with your sorry, self important, fscks.

    I’m really pissed in case u haven’t noticed. And go ahead and moderate the shit out of this comment, but do yourself a favor, do a fscking poll. just ask your readers, how much does MDN suck, and why do they keep coming back. Make sure to add Stockholm syndrome to the voting options.

    I’m out.

    1. @biansta

      I agree.

      They are like the gestapo.

      The idiotic, gay fanboys (i.e. Sean, John, Futurefag, and Silversnatch) are the absolute worst.


    2. AdBlock and Blur (formerly DoNotTrackMe) are great Safari Extensions. Solved the annoying MDN ads instantly 🙂 ahhhh now breath in, two, three and out through the nose, two, three, and in through the mouth, two, three and out through the nose two three. Repeat until calm. 🙂

      1. TWO ad blockers? not my job to fix their site. fuck them. (been a reader since 2006, didn’t just fall from sky via google search. This has been getting worst and worst and worst, and not just the ads, the Takes —which used to be WHY I came here, loved them— and the “reporting” I still think it’s the best cuz there’s just a bunch of stuff I don’t get on any other site, but fuck. it’s too much. I’m out.)

        1. I thought Apple Music would replace both my Spotify and Pandora subscriptions. As it stands I will not be doing a paid sub to Apple Music. It’s designed to make you buy new music and is generally a pain. I thought Spotifys interface was bad but Apple Music makes Spotify look simple. Pandora still does streaming radio better than anyone else and is cheap so I’ll keep using it for that.

          1. “It’s designed to make you buy new music….” Well, d’uh. Look who’s behind it, mostly- crap capitalists with worse taste. But, hell yeah, the interface is the pits- and not consistent between platforms. Sure, I can dismiss _some_ things in my ‘For You’ (But how the frakkin’ hell did Beyoncé and Gaga get in there, huh? And Taylor Swift?! Holy merchandise, bitchman.) And where’s the New Age genre? It’s nice that I can find some Milton Babbitt and some Harry Partch and some John Adams and even Michael Gandolfi, but, not very much- I already have more of those composers in my personal library than I’ve found (or been deigned to be allowed to listen to) through iTunes/Music. And, yeah, which one _is_ it really? And how come my Recently Played stations never come back up. And how come I have to login all the time? And how come my preferences don’t get saved…? I’m sort of glad I’ll only have to deal with this for 90 days, now 85 or so. Happily counting down for that. And Beats1- don’t even waste my time apologizing for that.

    3. wrong just wrong – and no need to swear to “TRY” to get your point across… just relax and if you don’t like how MDN does their job – go to another site for your mac news.

    4. I stick around for one reason only: I enjoy that MDN covers the idiocies and failures of Apple’s competitors. If it wasn’t for that, I’d have been gone years ago.


    5. Apple users are discerning enough to choose Apple, but we’re not discerning enough to make the choices Apple makes. I think we armchair Apple apologists get the two confused sometimes.

      As for MDN, they is not an Apple opinion automaton. Apple makes breathtakingly complex products in a complex tech industry, in a complex economy, and as a company is somehow transcendent beyond the computers and gadgets it makes. (As passionate as we are about cars, I’ve never seen an enthusiast take an ALL CAPS comment crap at an Audi blog.)

      Apple has never been more complex since going from best to biggest, at a time when its iconic founder died. And MDN got turned around in a couple of takes, I agree. The ads are excessive, in my opinion. But even if I disagreed with you, if I was truly serious about affecting a change in your mind, I wouldn’t attack you. Besides, if we think we have an emotional attachment and financial investment in Apple, imagine what that must be like for MDN. (No, I’m not affiliated in any way).

      Apple made following the business world like following a sport’s team for me, only with so much more to consider than man-to-man versus zone. Whenever we find ourselves sucking the joy out of sports, and likewise with Apple, that more than anything makes me change the channel or delete the bookmark.

      1. CORRECTION #2: replace “and as a company is somehow” with “and as a company, they are somehow”
        (What is it with “is” today? I guess it depends on what is, is.)

  3. What is going on at apple? are they becoming microsoft? I was trying to delete 305 pictures from my iphone because they were already imported and “photos” (the new app) dis not give me an option to delete the pictures from the device.
    So I went to the phone and as it turns out, you have to select each individually of the 305 photos in order to get them eliminated. What the H is there a “recover all” in the recovery album but not a “select all” in the deletion process? Apple? come on, please don’t became another microsoft, you are our only home.

  4. Apple Music, counting Beats 1, is so huge that indeed, some of it is good, and some sucks. Every rewrite they tend to mess something up. Podcasts is a little messed up again.

    But you know what? It gets better. Just be patient.

  5. Let’s be honest here, Apple rushed Apple Music to make sure the 3 months free were during the summer. This is when people listen to music the most. From a marketing standpoint, it was brilliant. Are some things not ready? Absolutely, however, the entire thing works flawlessly. They are streaming songs to MILLIONS more people than Spotify ever did and the streams are flawless. Their radio station is flawless. That’s the big hurdle. The UI stuff is easy to fix and I’m sure they will very soon, but to say you can’t use Apple Music is ludicrous. It’s amazing and throw in the ability to control it with the Apple Watch and it blows Spotify and Pandora away.

  6. Apple Music is great!!, not a single problem here, every part of it is easy to understand. I have listened to more music in a week than all of a Month, anyone who thinks its a mess is a MESS and a cold one at that

    1. I know, right? I’ve been listening all week, and not worrying about whether the UI is perfect. Discovering new music and new artists, and loving it. Apple Music is about music. It’s an immersive experience, and the three-month trial is a no-brainer. Clearly, there must be something wrong with me, as I’ve just kind of been enjoying the experience. Oh, and I have a 9000-song iTunes library and iTunes Match, and have had zero problems.

  7. I completely agree with MDN’s take.

    iTunes has gradually been getting worse for me over the iterations, but this is the first version to which I’ve up(!)graded where I have not been able to even figure out how to get a ripped CD into a playlist.

    Something is very wrong the iTunes UI design department.

  8. The weak of mind fall for this BS all the time. Does someone have to tell you what to think? The whole interface is actually fantastic. And all things new need some time to digest until it is NOT NEW.

    People need to stop listening and believing them to the lies.

  9. I only use a desktop version of AppleMusic which is on a MacMini hooked up to my surround-sound system and HDTV. I’m not pushing it to its limits and haven’t had any problems at all with my mostly pirated music library (about 15,000 tracks).

    I listen to on-the-fly playlists and radio stations. I’ve been very satisfied with “For You” music and newly discovered songs. I’m very happy to use it and will happily enjoy it for at least until the trial period ends. I listen to AppleMusic a couple of hours a day at least every other day. I just want to hear plenty of varied music and for that purpose it serves me well.

    I suppose that because I’m not a tech snob I’m easily satisfied with AppleMusic. It’s close to perfect for my needs and right now it’s free. I feel certain Apple will get a lot of paid subscribers for the service whether it’s perfect or not.

  10. It’s what I’ve been saying for a while now. The quality of Apple software is going downhill. Intuitive interfaces are a thing of the past. Now, the focus is on making everybody use iCloud regardless of how painful it is.

  11. Without Jobs, Apple’s standards have dropped like a rock.

    Don’t expect it to get any better. This is the standard for apple now. Low standard, that is.

    1. Well, off you go to Winblows then. Have a good time. Or geek-land with Linux. Have a good time.

      Still here? Maybe consider why and also calm down. If you want to criticize Apple, do so IN CONTEXT.

      No, they’re not perfect.
      No, they don’t make a Star Trek transporter yet.
      But they are SO far beyond any other computer or phone company it’s a joke.

      If you don’t agree, then really, you should just buy something else.

      1. Do you think we all were born yesterday and haven’t seen the evolution of apple. What your saying is shut up and settle for what has become only marginally better then the others. Yes, Apple is still a leader in the industry. It’s just the polished final product isn’t as brilliant as it once was. Mainly software. The hardware is still top notch

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