Ahead of Apple’s new iPhones, desperate Samsung to rush Galaxy Note phablet to market in mid-August

“Samsung Electronics Co is bringing forward the launch of a key premium smartphone model, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters on Friday, as the South Korean tech giant seeks to revive sales after a sluggish second quarter,” Se Young Lee reports for Reuters.

“The world’s top smartphone maker will launch a new version of its Galaxy Note phablet in mid-August, the person said, declining to be identified due to the sensitivity of the matter,” Lee reports. “Previous versions, such as the Note 3 and 4, typically launched in September.”

“The mid-August launch will likely put the new Note smartphone model on the market ahead of arch-rival Apple Inc’s next iPhones,” Lee reports. “The U.S. company is preparing for its largest initial production run for new phones so far by the end of the year, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We love it when panic sets in!

iOS 9 beta 3 includes a photograph of Apple CEO Tim Cook laughing as the News app's Android topic image

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

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    1. Here’s a quote on MDN from the day the iPhone was released: “Do you guys honestly think that Nokia, SonyEricsson and all other big players haven’t considered a touchscreen only solution? Could there be a reason why they haven’t released one yet? (i.e. it just doesn’t work in practice)”

  1. Obviously this is designed to steal away some of those iPhone buyers who would be buying iPhone in August and September. Samsung can aggressively sell with a message “next big thing is here; would you rather get a last year’s model or next year’s?”…

    Samsung entire fortunes will depend on a few weeks on the market. And even then, the market will be fairly locked waiting for the next iPhone.

    1. There is that. However, that can backfire. The last month before new iPhones are introduced, where iPhones start getting discounted heavily (relatively speaking) by carriers, is also the height of back-to-school season. Students are often quite happy with the last-year-but-still-current model, especially at discount.

      So by introducing a new high-end phablet, Samsung risks losing sales of their latest model to their *previous* one, and to the still-latest iPhone which are both being discounted.

  2. It’s almost as if Samsung believes that whoever brings out a new phone earliest gets all the sales. The reality is that nearly everybody who is going to buy a flagship smartphone has used smartphones before and has a pretty good idea of what they want next time. Those customers also know that Apple’s iPhone will be released soon.

    Anybody who was going to buy nothing but Samsung will do so a little earlier than they might have otherwise done, but anybody who was in the slightest bit interested in iPhones will wait a few weeks to see what is actually released and at what price.

    It’;s hard to see that accelerating the release schedule is going to be of any benefit at all to Samsung, but there is also the risk that if they have unduly rushed to market and ended up manufacturing a flawed product, they will suffer a huge hit.

    1. Yeah is as if getting to the market sooner is all Samsung has to do to fix the problem, not that the iPhone is a better phone with a better company offering more services with an ambitious slate ahead.

      I do think we’ve reached the market/device point where as Marty McFy/Apple said to the Samescum Terrorists “Let’s see if you bastards can do 90!!” slamming the modified DeLorean into higher gear and peeling out, resulting in the Scamdung Terrorists crashing and burning all over themselves. Yeah!!

  3. I would think trying to build a better product would be better for Samsung but they seem to think that if they “beat the rush” and get ahead of iPhone 6s, it will solve their problems. I guess they truly don’t seem to understand the real core of the problem. Good luck with that strategy. You are going to need luck and more…

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