Analyst: Apple iPhone has lots of growth ahead

“Apple is nowhere close to satisfying the demand for its bigger-screen iPhone 6 series phones, Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley said in a research report Tuesday,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “”

“Only 20% of the installed base of iPhone users have upgraded to the latest handsets, leaving a sizeable market left to tap, he said,” Seitz reports. “In addition to replacement sales from existing customers, Apple should continue to gain market share in the high-end smartphone segment from Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Android switchers, Walkley said.”

“Apple should be able to grow its iPhone installed base to over 500 million users by year’s end, he says,” Seitz reports. “Walkley reiterated his buy rating on Apple stock with a price target of 160. Apple stock fell 2.5% Wednesday to 122.60, a more than three-month low.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote this morning:

With only 20-25% of iPhone owners having upgraded to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there is plenty of headroom for iPhone sales to come!


  1. The HUGE iPhone 5s (last “small” iPhone) generation is next up to upgrade. Plus China ongoing… 🙂

    And there’s that 500 million milestone. Good news for Apple Watch, which will be sitting on display next to the newest iPhones, with WatchOS 2 pre-installed, “in stock” at all Apple Stores.

    1. Yes. They also have longer lasting battery power and I believe that my wife’s iPhone 6 charges faster than my iPhone 5S. My Apple Watch works with my old 5S. But, I am looking forward to my upgrade this December.

  2. Hasn’t it occurred to Apple yet that not everybody wants a big screen, two-handed phone? Give me iPhone 6s with the size of iPhone 5(s) and I will upgrade today.

    1. Agreed.

      I’m guessing the 5s size will be considered optimal in India where wages are lower and it will satisfy the majority of users.

      After all, where do all the 5s iPhones go when traded in?

      People forget that there are 3GS iPhones runnign perfectly well today doing most of the common things iPhones are used for now.

      1. I have one of those iPhone 3GS. I bought it less than one year ago for about $80 total cost, black with 32GB. Great condition, even came with USB charger cube and docking cable (third party), in a nice box. Some of the “refurbishers” on eBay do an excellent job of reselling used Apple devices.

        As you said, it does everything I need for a smartphone. I do most of my “computing” on a Mac (and iPad). Plus the 3GS feels really good to hold, for some reason…

          1. I have the current (5th gen) iPod touch, which has the same Retina display as iPhone 5 and 5S. It DOES look significantly better. And my iPod touch is MUCH faster and supports the latest (and also next) version of iOS.

            But my iPhone 3GS is “just” my trusty smartphone. It doesn’t need to be my “do everything” computer.

            I like the feel of its curved plastic back. My next used iPhone (that I get for around $100 or less) was going to be a 4S, but because I like my 3GS so much, I may get the 5C instead. I’ll buy an Apple Watch with the money I save by being “retro” on iPhones… 🙂 (For me, I have plenty of “small” iPhones left to choose from and buy!)

      1. That small difference is a big deal for usability. The original 3.5-inch screen was the ideal size (and shape) for one-handed use; most users can reach every part of screen comfortably with thumb while holding with same hand. The 4-inch screen on iPhone 5 and 5S (and current iPod touch) is still usable with one hand, but opposing top corner is a “stretch” for most users. Add another 0.7 inch to screen, and iPhone becomes a two-handed device for most users.

        Here’s my idea for a NEW small iPhone. Keeping the same pixel count as the iPhone 5S screen, scale it down slightly so that its height dimension is same as height of 3.5-inch screen on earlier iPhones. Like iPad mini is a scaled-down “big” iPad. This iPhone’s overall length is similar to iPhone 4S (and earlier), and slightly narrower. It is externally styled after the most beautiful iPhone model (in my opinion), the iPhone 4/4S. Instead of going for “thinnest possible,” it has a battery that (combined with ultra-efficient screen) gives this iPhone the longest time between charges.

        Obviously, give it the latest (or near-latest) tech. Apple can call it “iPhone classic” and update its tech specs every two years. Selling points… Longest battery life, smallest lightest iPhone ever, perfect for avid Apple Watch owners.

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