Apple stock hits 3-month low

“Apple sank to a three-month low Wednesday as the overall market slid on fears about China, a huge market for the consumer tech giant,” Alissa Williams reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“Shares were down 1.8% to a three-month low of $123.43 in big volume in the stock market today, undercutting the prior low of a flat base with a $134.64 buy point,” Williams reports. “Apple is now trading about 8% below its late-April high. The stock has gained about 12% in 2015, boosted by its run in late January to late February.”

Williams reports, “Apple reports fiscal Q3 results on July 21.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This too shall pass.

Analyst sees big Apple Q315 EPS beat on iPhone strength – July 7, 2015
Apple to release Q315 earnings, webcast live conference call on July 21st – June 29, 2015


    1. I thought I was smart last week when I bought 200 more shares @ $125. Oh well. I’m on this roller coaster for the long haul.😃 I think Wrist Computers are the future. Can’t understand all the WATCH haters at all. Am madly in love with mine. In fact
      I’ve asked mine to marry me. 😜 She hasn’t given me her answer yet. But
      I think she’s being coy until watchOS 2 ships.❤️

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      1. Her? I wasn’t aware watches possessed gender. Is it because of Siri? Is yours the man size or the dainty size? What colour is your watch band? Maybe this personification is normal, I wouldn’t know. Marine vessels have gender, as do tropical storms. A friend informed me that certain men have pet names for their pickup trucks, as befits the darlings they spend their happiest hours with.

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  1. Maybe it is because Samsung’s sales are tanking? Or maybe it is because AMD sales are down (with nothing in a Mac). Or maybe because Microsoft is dumping more employees? Or maybe because Apple is the largest smart watch manufacturer? Or maybe …

    AAPL is my largest investment. I get tired of the dips. But love the year over year growth!

        1. The real reason AAPL is down is because average people like you are not convinced that Apple isn’t going to be overtaken by by its competitors and thus won’t buy the stock.

          Buy AAPL now! It’s on sale!!!

      1. It probably only looks that way due to the difference in share price.. They both move about +/- $10 over a month period. AAPL about $123 today vs AMZN about $430. Also AAPL has about 5.8 billion shares outstanding to AMZN 466 million. Trade volume is also very different with AAPL averaging 40.2 million vs AMZN 2.4 million over past 10 days.

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      1. Good retort, doofus, except you forgot to say which fact which I presented is not true. Oh yeah, you get your news from Comedy Central and you whoopee cushion.

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