Aw, Android phones aren’t selling like they used to

“Samsung warned on Monday that it would miss Wall Street’s expectations for the second quarter, an indication of a rough start for its flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone,” Nigel Manuel reports for CNET. “Also on Monday, HTC reported that it has swung back into the red. Last week, Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi said its sales pace for the year has slowed significantly.”

“Their results underscore the challenges that all smartphone vendors — with the potential exception of Apple — face,” Manuel reports. “It’s all part of a slowdown across the entire the consumer electronics market, according to Gartner. The research firm now forecasts global shipments of PCs, tablets and smartphones to grow 1.5 percent this year, down from its previous forecast of 2.8 percent growth.”

Manuel reports, “Samsung is the highest-profile company to offer bad news. The Korean conglomerate on Monday said it expects a seventh straight profit decline as it continues to fight tough competition in the smartphone market. Samsung has been losing out particularly to Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The forecast for Fragmandroidland: Brutal thermonuclear winter!

Bad news for patent-infringing peddlers of pretend iPhones (PiPoPi) never fails to warm the cockles of our hearts. 🙂

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      1. And McDonald’s sells more hamburgers and fries than any other restaurant in the world, what’s your point?

        Selling the most of something doesn’t necessarily mean that they sell the best quality product! 🖖😀⌚️

  1. Xiaomi isn’t doing well either with sales? How can that be? They copied Apple even better than Samsung did. How can android be doing so poorly???

    What’s that old saying? You can’t polish a turd.

        1. Tried to have a conference call with a friend on his Samsung loudspeaker on one of their large phones 2 days ago.

          The sound was garbled so bad I couldn’t understand half the words from the guy on the other end.

          I said “Bill, you have to go out and get a new iPhone 6 or at least a used iPhone 5s, this is rediculous.” Bill agreed.

          1. Agreed. My work’s HTC One M8 speakerphone is horrendous, clipping and distorting voices terribly, which is shocking since the speakers are actually amazing when playing videos. My 2-year old iPhone 5 speakerphone sounds much clearer.

  2. Consumer electronics sector swoon. The only problem is Apple will be lumped in with the others but it will be Apple who grows and keeps the samdung’s of the world numbers artificially high.

    And samdung is a conglomerate, so nothing can hurt them by 2040.

  3. this is not the reason Apple stock has not increased, Apple currently probably has peaked in share price!!! Its market cap is $706 billion, to give you a comparison the GDP of the UK is $2.4 billion so is Apple worth more than 1/3 of the uks GDP i think not

    1. Oh, you meant 2.4T.

      GDP you see, is a funny thing, it is a per year thing and well, Apple has amassed this much over many many years of hard work. So comparing the two is kind of asinine.

      But your are right, Apple is not worth $706B. it is in fact worth a lot more.

  4. People are talking Samsung, but they are just the hardware guys getting crimped in the pocketbook.

    The company getting stabbed by the iPhone is Google.

    Apple is walking off with all the marbles and their iPhone customers are more affluent and buying more off their iPhones by a long shot than Android devices. It is not even close.

    Google is quickly going to need to find a way to “monetize” iPhone users to get cash out of the iPhone mobile market.

    1. Google used to have an excellent way to monetise iPhone users via Google Maps and being the search engine on Apple products. Then Google decided to abuse it’s relationship with Apple and is now seeing the consequences.

      Safari’s Content Blocker is likely to further adversely affect Google’s finances because users will soon be able to block intrusive advertising methods on web sites and that’s going to hit Google hard.

      Google generally plays the short game, Apple adopts a long term strategy and values it’s customers. Few people notice Apple putting the pieces into place one by one, but once Apple has all the ducks are in a row, people suddenly start noticing that Apple is in a very powerful position and able to call the shots.

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