Police hate this gun-shaped iPhone case

“Police are up in arms over an iPhone case that’s shaped like a gun,” Aaron Smith reports for CNN.

“‘Most kids carry their cell phone in their back pocket, and if someone reaches for it, in my mind they’re reaching for a gun,’ said Al Della Fave, a retired New Jersey state trooper and firearms instructor,” Smith reports. “Della Fave said that if a teenager draws the phone in the presence of a cop ‘the first thing they’re going to see as it’s coming up is the trigger guard and the butt of the gun. This doesn’t seem like a good idea at all to me.'”

“The phone case is sold online by various retailers at prices from about $5 to $49 and comes in several different colors,” Smith reports. “It is not clear who manufactures the case.”

This stupid gun-shaped case is available at several online stores
This stupid gun-shaped case is available at several online stores

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, it is crystal clear that whoever manufacturers this case is an fscking idiot.

Obviously, do not buy or use this dangerously stupid product. It could easily lead to its users getting quickly and irrevocably introduced to the business end of a real gun.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


    1. botty! Get back under your bridge where you belong and leave the nice people on this site alone. Your dad (who ever he might be) and I didn’t meant to raise you as a bigoted, racist moron. We will always be sorry for our failure.

        1. Just watched it in full; it looks like after those fifteen years things got worse, because police now murders black men even without anything in their hands at all. They even murder naked people, claiming mortal danger.

  1. Plain old Darwinism in action.

    Helps weed out the results from the shallow end of the gene pool.

    Maybe the NRA could offer one of these to each new member.

  2. It looks like there is an app that goes with it so that the barrel in on-screen. Its probably bought through the Apple App store. Apple should cease offering that app! Come on Apple, get with the program!

    1. It’s because certain people worship guns. You can see all sorts of things shaped like guns – even a barbecue / smoker. You rarely see anything like that outside of the US.

      http://bbqgun.com ( or search for images of gun BBQ to see many more )

      Going back to the iPhone case, using something that looks like a replica gun in a place where many people have real guns is not a recipe for a long life.

  3. Aw come on, I find it hard to believe that police feel this way. I thought it would be a welcome cover up when they shoot someone. You know, the old “thought he was reaching for his gun.” approach.

    1. Remember all those wild west cowboy movies. He who draws his gun first wins. In a society filled to the brim with guns, who can blame the police for being on tenterhooks and trigger happy.

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