Amidst Apple Watch FUD barrage, data actually shows Apple now owns the smartwatch market

“Widely publicized study data reported by clickbait sites as evidence that Apple Watch sales have ‘plunged’ and ‘are tanking’ actually shows something completely different: that Apple has launched the most successful smartwatch product by a vast margin,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider.

“Apple hasn’t yet given any figures on Apple Watch sales (after noting last year that it would not be publishing unit sales of the new device in its quarterly earnings reports), but Slice Intelligence compiled some questionable figures from ‘e-receipt’ data it gleaned from a large group of consumers who volunteer to share their purchasing information,” Dilger writes. “The first three months of Apple Watch sales were almost entirely sold online, direct from Apple’s website. Slice’s own data on FitBit wearables indicates that the majority of its sales data was gleaned from Amazon, Best Buy, Target and other third party retailers, none of whom are selling Apple Watch.”

“Given that most Slice volunteer data streams from discount online sales and big box retail, there may be poor representation of the very different demographic of buyers who are early adopters of Apple’s new, much more expensive, sophisticated and personal product, a device that’s closer being high-end jewelry than a conventional tech gadget,” Dilger writes. “However, even if you ignore the potential problems with Slice data and simply take it as reported, it actually shows something far different than what was reported by virtually every tech news site today… Even if the Slice data is only moderately reliable, it clearly shows that Apple’s first attempt to sell a ‘smart band’ has trounced everything else on the market, and continues to far outsell everything else even after supposedly ‘collapsing.'”

TOns more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: That misrepresenting some ‘e-receipt’ firm’s data is the best FUD they can come up with against Apple Watch is telling.

The rout is on!

MarketWatch hack claims ‘Apple Watch sales plunge 90%’ – July 7, 2015


  1. Yeah it is. Even though I f’d up and prematurely upgraded to Watch OS2, I still wouldn’t be without it. I just purchased my 3rd band to go with mine and a 2nd for my wife. For now the only bad problem with beta is battery life. I know it will get better with each update and love it in spite of my causing this problem. I have owned other watches and so called smart watches. This is the only one on the right track. Remember that they claim 20K watches sold a day is a failure. Sign me up to fail like that and I will do it every time. The watch is here to stay and as history has always shown us Apple improves with every iteration.

    1. Competing interests need only nudge the media in the FUD direction, because click baiting sells ads.

      Wherever you find success, be it a person or brand, and admirers of the kind of success that attracts attention — there you’ll you find critics, trolls, competitors, various interests, contrarians, etc.  This is an environment ripe for the news media’s business model: court controversy, no matter what the cost to truth.  Hit whoring, feeding trolls, whatever you wanna call it, it all falls in the category, “whatever sells.”

      There actually is one thing that sells more than sex.  War.  Even when there’s no blood or bullets, and it’s just a war of words.  To start a war, all they need do is upset our sensibilities.

      What irks me the most is how much play a lie gets.  Tell a lie, even a subtle one, and it catches the mind’s eye.  Our gut response is to expose the lie, and then BOOM comes the battle.  The only solution to the FUD problem is to ignore it but that leads to another problem.  Rampant unchecked lies.  (That’s why free speech is such a linchpin of a functioning society.  How relaxing it would be to live in one of those countries where nobody argues, that is until you really really need to argue.)

      1. Amazon is considered very successful but you’ll almost never see any unfavorable articles about Amazon. Doesn’t Jeff Bezos own some news company? Almost anything Amazon does is praised by the media and Wall Street. The Fire Phone was probably one of the biggest failures around, but there was hardly any flood of articles saying it was a failure. It just quietly went away. Amazon and Apple are treated very differently because Jeff Bezos has friends in high places on Wall Street while Tim Cook only has enemies on Wall Street.

        Although I hate seeing Apple get constantly attacked by the news media on the internet, Apple probably should just ignore all the static and stay focused on selling products and increasing revenue and maybe that’s good enough. Apple can’t respond to all the criticism because it would be a waste of time. Apple isn’t playing the smear campaign game. Lies are eventually revealed at some point.

        1. I don’t think there is a conspiracy. (for the most part)
          Two simple facts.
          1.You put “Apple” in a headline, especially a negative headline, your clicks go through the roof.
          2. You put “Amazon” in the headline, you hear nothing but crickets.

  2. Yeah, and:

    * Microsoft owns the Desktop Market
    * Garmin owns the portable GPS market
    * Canon owns the portable camera market
    * Apple owns the MP3 market

    Big deal!

    Dead industries are just that, “dead industries”. There are still companies making typewriters, buggy whips, fanny packs, and VCRs.

    In the case of the wearables market, it NEVER even existed. That and the “Internet of Things” were imaginary markets postulated by overly ambitious/ignorant analysts.

    1. Wrong, what he’s saying is that the little sales data available reinforces the idea that Apple Watch is holding it’s own, and performing better than all the other smart watches.

  3. I love reading the never-ending articles about the Apple Watch. I live in Greenville, South Carolina, and I have yet to see a single person wearing an Apple Watch. In fact, the only Apple Watches I’ve seen are in the Apple Store at the local mall. I’m waiting for the day when Apple might split into two divisions: 1) a computer division dedicated solely to the Mac OS and productivity (maybe we’ll see a real office suite of useable tools); and, 2) a division for the Apple gadget lovers (Tim Cook’s toys). Boy wouldn’t that be refreshing, as well as interesting to read about instead of the BS about the Apple Watch, the iPhone, and who knows what ~ the Apple beanie, complete with Apple Beach Ball propeller!

  4. I can’t wait to add this the already loooooong list of Tim Cook disasters! Watchgate! Steve Jobs nipped Antennagate PR fiasco in the bud… Timmy will just let this slide… as per usual with this southern belle.

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