Happy Independence Day!

U.S. FlagHappy Independence Day (observed)!

We’re taking the day off to hang out with family and friends, listen to Apple Music, show off our Apple Watches, watch fireworks, and celebrate Independence Day of the United States of America.

If you’re celebrating today, too, we wish you a happy and safe Fourth!

To everyone else, thank you for visiting MacDailyNews!


MacDailyNews Note: Click for The Declaration of Independence.


  1. we celebrated Canada Day on July 1
    We’ll get thanksgiving earlier too
    We’re working on a earlier Christmas as well…

    Happy July 4th friends to the south!

  2. Doesn’t it seem ironic to celebrabrate considering the U.S. government has systematically over the years taken away independence and freedom from the people?

    1. “We Yanks” don’t take as much time off as it may seem.

      Certainly nowhere near various holidays plus all of August, as seems the practice on the other side of the channel from yourself, afarstar1

  3. Found I was unable to stream apple music or beats radio 1 to my apple tv and stereo as before.

    Saw the below instructions on apple support. it works!

    Start playing Beats One in iTunes
    Go to System Preferences > Sound
    Click the “Output” tab
    Find the name of your AirPlay device
    Click on it and it should start to stream

    1. Apparently it doesn’t matter what the thread is. You can just start typing anywhere and say anything on this site. How is this linked to Independence Day?

  4. Traditionally, if the 4th is on Saturday, many people/businesses observe and honor the 4th by taking Friday off.

    If the 4th is on Sunday, they will often take Monday off.

    What you guys are missing is the history of our country being reflected within businesses honoring what our country did in moving forward towards individual freedom. This was not a “government” thing but a business owner/CEO honor of the importance of a single historical day. It had meaning woven through its fabric.

    The 3rd on a Friday, 4th on Saturday, give the historical nation honor by letting people have the work day immediately before or after, when it is on a weekend.

    IF you don’t see this, you don’t know what freedom is. Freedom is not without responsibility, severe responsibility, worth honoring. Freedom is not about my individual rights but the rights of others, even if we disagree. (And disagreement doesn’t mean one is a “hater”, as many have come to use and label others.

    1. Actually, it was traditionally always celebrated on the 4th, even if it was a weekend, and that was the only day that was ever a holiday. No one got an extra day off if it was on a Saturday or Sunday. It has only been this way in the last 40 or so years. I remember from the 50s and 60s (so yes I’m old).

      1. Your are right as to the 50’s and 60’s, and it was more of a big patriotic event at that time. I do remember some agencies and companies offering the holiday on Friday and Monday when it was on the weekend back in the mid to late 60’s.

        Me – I am an early baby boomer.

  5. You people bitching and moaning about the MDN staff taking the day off should get over yourselves, and just to go another website. I took the day off too because I wanted to and because I have tons of paid time off. I might as well take some of it.

    1. Like I said before, MDN takes a holiday when the U.S. markets close; check the archives. MDN are without doubt AAPL investors and maintain this site to promote their interests, not just to make money from ads. Never mind the provincial holiday favoritism—be glad of the valuable financial advice MDN, and its better contributors, are giving you gratis.

  6. To our British friends that are still burdened with “Royalty”.

    Gawd save the Queen
    She’s a Fascist Regime.

    Working today at the hospital seeing those who have celebrated too much or were victimized by those who celebrated too much.

    Love my country, but am very concerned about it’s condition and general direction.

    Happy Independence Day.

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