Talking with Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine about Apple Music

“On Monday afternoon, I went to Apple’s campus to meet with Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, and Beats Founder, Jimmy Iovine, to talk about Apple Music,” Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop.

“Apple is heading into a streaming market filled with competitors. For the first time in many years, Apple is doing something in the music market where it is not the de facto leader. However, competitors didn’t determine what Apple would do with its new service,” Dalrymple reports. “‘We certainly pay attention to what competitors are doing, but I’m never losing any sleep on competitors,’ said Cue. ‘I don’t have any control over what they do—what I have control over is what we do. We’ve spent all of our time and energy thinking about what it is we want to build.'”

“Jimmy shocked me a bit when he said, ‘Radio is massive.’ I considered radio to be like magazines—steadily going downhill for the last decade or so” Dalrymple reports. “However, Iovine said that 270 million people in America still listen to radio, adding jokingly, ‘I didn’t think there were that many people that had a radio.'”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Beats 1 is already growing on us. Have you been listening to Beats 1 today? We’ve been all through Apple Music, but Beats 1 is more compelling than we initially thought it would be.

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    1. This is an moment to adapt. Have an iPhone? Upgrade to iOS 8.4… I know that iTunes 12.2 should’ve been out already, but the vast majority of people listen to music through their iPhones.

        1. Yeah…anybody heard from MDN lately?
          I figured an article (did I miss it?)
          Did it brick his server….?
          Did his server brick him?
          (talk about STONED!!!!)

      1. I updated the OS on my iMac desktop right after the iOS update came out.
        No iTunes 12-2.

        I updated my laptop Pro right after that.
        No iTunes 12-2.

        Later this evening I updated my Mini music server’s OS.
        After it rebooted, I restarted Audirvana and when iTunes came up, it had updated at the same time without warning (I never know if I need to wait for Audirvana to update BEFORE iTunes updates on my server)

        Anyhoo, it all worked just fine, but then I noticed I was listening to Beats THROUGH Audirvana……which was kind of kewl but in no way expected since it usually doesn’t handle streaming stuff.

        My Peachtree Audio Nova DAC seems to be taking a lot of the harshness off of it and it sounds darn good!

    2. After 5 minutes playing with Apple Music, I guess it’s not for me. Maybe because I’m not a teen… I already have all my music. I’ll stick with iTunes Match. It’s not revolutionary on recomendations. well, it’s connect working?

        1. No. That’s not correct. I just deleted the local copy of a song that was “matched” (and not purchased from iTunes Store). I immediately downloaded it from iCloud, and it was NOT copy protected.

          For NEW songs that you find through Apple Music that are added to your iTunes music library, when you download a local copy, it is copy protected. And that makes sense, since Apple Music is a subscription.

          NOTE: The dialog box that comes up when you delete a song has changed, so be careful if you “try this at home.” Maybe “joneric” was confused by this… I accidentally completely deleted a song from iTunes library because I did not read what the new dialog box said (I added the song back by getting the song file from the trash). Before (in previous iTunes), when you “delete” a song (and you have iTunes Match turned ON), the local copy of song is deleted, but song stays on your library list because it’s in your iCloud library (unless you check the box that says remove it from iCloud too). NOW, the buttons on the dialog are “Remove Download, Delete, and Cancel (no checkbox). “Remove Download” means your local copy is deleted but the song remains in your iCloud library. “Delete” means the local copy AND the iCloud copy are BOTH deleted. Same functionally, different labeling.

  1. To be honest Beats 1 isn’t the sort of radio station for me.

    But I do love the access to all the songs and musics videos – that is worth the subscription for me.

  2. I am really enjoying beats1, more than I thought I would.

    I am enjoying the music discovery aspect of beats1. When I come across a song I like, I can quickly add it to “my music” and/or a playlist!

    Loving it!

  3. Wish it was easier to get to the list of music videos – It is a bit hard to navigate indent very intuitive to add Apple Music Playlists or find them – I am figuring it out but it is slow to find things.. Love the curation though….

    1. This is very cool on a Mac using iTunes. There’s a lot of new stuff to try on the big screen…

      In the new “New” screen in iTunes, find a song. Click the button with three dots next to the song name. It can be on a list, or in Now Playing (if you’re currently listening to it). From the button’s menu, select Add to My Music.

      Go to My Music (your iTunes music library list), and that song it there. It has a “cloud” download button. Click it to download a local copy, which is copy-protected (using FairPlay). It appears these “Apple Music” items cannot be synced to old-school iPods (that are not iOS-based), which is unfortunate.

  4. Just downloded ios 8.4
    Have been playing arpund woth tye nudic app and all features!,
    LOVE IT !!!
    Pretty cool so far… Lets see how it keeos up .

    Good job Apple!

    1. Sorry for the typo riddeled post 😳

      Just downloaded ios 8.4
      Have been playing around with the music app and all features!,
      LOVE IT !!!
      Pretty cool so far… Lets see how it keeps up .

      Good job Apple!

  5. Just downloaded ios 8.4
    Have been playing around with the music app and all features!,
    LOVE IT !!!
    Pretty cool so far… Lets see how it keeps up .

    Good job Apple!

  6. There is so much there.. So many ways to discover and listen to music… Can be over whelming but in a great way !
    Thus going to be big money maker both for apple and artists !

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