Rob Enderle: ‘Why the Apple Watch failed’

“The Apple Watch hasn’t exactly been the success the iPod, iPhone, and iPad initially were (though to be fair the iPhone and iPod weren’t that great the first year either); with demand matching that of the iPod’s currently, and Apple apparently rushing to get a revised model out the door, things aren’t looking good for this product,” Rob Enderle writes for TechZone360.

MacDailyNews Take: Enderle’s “evidence” of “demand matching that of the iPod” are Google searches. That, of course, is not an accurate measure of demand. Enderle’s “evidence” of “Apple apparently rushing to get a revised model out the door” are the standard rumors and speculation about Apple Watch 2. That, of course, is not evidence of Apple “rushing to get a revised model out the door.” One sentence in: Two lies already.

“The reasons the Apple Watch isn’t doing well are that its name works against it, it likely should have come before and not after the iPhone, and we wear it like a watch, not like the amazing new device it should be,” Enderle writes. “I expect that by the third version Apple will find its stride with this product or send it to the great Apple graveyard in the sky.”

Full article, tucked safely behind donotlink, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rob Enderle is a fool’s fool.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. This stupid winner/looser conception of life!
    Just because the “success” isn’t enormous, the things become a “disaster”.
    This is a really narrow headed way to look through the looking glass…

    1. He’s pissed because he wants a world where there are a hundred Samsungs putting out a hundred mediocre products of the same thing, and the world needs him to tell them which products to get.
      When the answer is always “just get Apple, theirs is the best,” then he’s out of a job.

  2. He’s a Microsoft only fool and has never understood any Apple products. July’s quarterly results meeting will prove him WRONG yet again. Apple’s preorders were bigger than Samsung’s sales to date of there dumb watch. And they have had almost 2 years of sales so who’s the failure here? Certainly not Apple by a long and wide margin.

  3. Always remember…AGENDA. “Rob Enderle provides regional and global companies with guidance in how to create credible dialogue with the market, target customer needs, create new business opportunities, anticipate technology changes, select vendors and products, and practice zero dollar marketing. For over 20 years Rob has worked for and with companies like Microsoft, HP, IBM, Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, Sony, USAA, Texas Instruments, AMD, Intel, Credit Suisse First Boston, ROLM, and Siemens.” Translation: “without me, you will fail!” He believes he is needed because he has been helping companies that have no clue how to connect with their customers; Apple does not share that problem.

  4. Been using my Apple Watch for 2 weeks now and its great.

    The secret with the Apple Watch is how you setup the glances – don’t have too many for a start.

    The Apple Watch isn’t a phone – its a companion device to the iPhone.

    As I run my own business I’ve set mine up to view my appointments, send and receive messages and obviously make calls (with the phone in connecting distance).

    What Ive noticed is that I rarely check my iPhone now – I get messages pinging up on the watch and its so handy for that!

    So for a business owner its well worth buying – plus it extend the battery life of your iPhone too!

    1. Great point. You have a perspective I have not heard about Apple Watch. A perspective almost never heard in the tech press on anything. IBM is already making apps for the AW. If businesses, both small and large, adopt AW than the sales will be off the charts. In a very real way that market analysis will not understand for years.

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