Apple’s Beats 1 starts broadcasting

Apple Music’s Beats 1 is now broadcasting live.

Zane Lowe and his handpicked team of DJs create an eclectic mix of the latest music. Beats 1 broadcasts 24/7 to over 100 countries from studios in Los Angeles, New York, and London. Zane Lowe, Ebro Darden, and Julie Adenuga are the creative minds behind Beats 1.

After an introduction montage, Spring King’s “City” was the first single played by Zane Lowe, followed by Beck’s “Dreams.”

Beats 1 plays everything from old-school hip-hop to futuristic pop, and it’s all handpicked by people who live and breathe music.

Beck was followed by Jamie xx’s “Gosh” which was followed Skepta’s “Shutdown” and then AC/DC’s “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You).”

An Eminem interview comes tomorrow. For the first 24 hours, Beats 1 will be just about music.

Beats 1’s full program guide is available via Tumblr:

iTunes 12.2 missing in action as Apple Music, Beats 1 launch – June 30, 2015


  1. Anyone having trouble streaming from their Mac? I’m stuck in a loop -> Apple Music requires iTunes 12.2 or later.

    Followed by (when I check for update) –> This version of iTunes (12.1.2) is the current version.

    1. Someone from reddit had this to say:

      “I just finished a support session with iTunes chat and the rep told me it is supposed to be available at some point today, just hasn’t been released yet. If you have iOS, you are able to upgrade to 8.4 and get Apple Music however.”

    Stopped listening to any station years ago. Thank God for podcasts.
    However, this is pretty good so far.
    The talking over the songs needs to stop.

    1. Talking over the songs needs to stop?????

      That’s what “this sort of Radio” is about. Everything has to meld together.

      What you are thinking of is a Radio Station that plays classical music where the……..

      Actually you might be right!

    1. This station is lackluster at best. My wife is telling me to make it stop. It sounds like we are living in ALI G’s world. Maybe having a North American channel would help.

      1. They imported all their “talent”. A Kiwi from London and some other random DJs from gawd knows where.

        What they need a re multiple channels sourced where music is made- Beats Austin, Beats Nashville, Beats Atlanta, Beats Miami, Beats Memphis, Beats NYC, Beats London, Beats Sydney, Beats Johannesburg, etc.

        The stations would not be targeted to those cities but would have the flavor and music sense of those places.

        Music is way too big and diverse to fit on one channel where one taste and size will fit all. Back when radio was good, each city’s stations sounded different even within a format.

  3. More of the usual bullshit. I got to iTunes update, says is the latest update. Yet when I want to hear the new streaming music, I’m supposed to have 12.2. What the F is going on? I am so sick of all this stuff lately–“it just DOESN’T work.”

      1. Thank you for clarifying this. It would have been helpful had Apple TOLD us that iTunes 2 wouldn’t be released so we can listen on our Macs. I don’t listen to music on my iPhone or iPad, but on my Macs all day. A little information on their part: iOS version will come at 8am, Mac version at….” They are just not good at information these days. God help people new to the Mac! I’ve been using them 25 years!

  4. I’ll be very interested to see if a general “music” station can be a success in this era of “narrowcasting”. What was the last successful radio station you listened to that played everything?


  5. Too much hip hop. Couldn’t take it more than a few minutes. I was afraid this was going to be the case. Sorry, but this station isn’t going to cut it for a child of the 80s that can’t stand rap/hip hop

  6. I thought we were supposed to have millions of songs at our disposal just like on Spotify? Meaning I could play whatever I wanted, not just listen to music somebody else has chosen.

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