Apple debuts huge advertisement for Beats 1 in Times Square

“Ahead of its launch next week, Apple today has launched a new ad for Beats 1 in Times Square in New York City,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “Zane Lowe, who will be one of three hosts on Apple’s 24/7 streaming station Beats 1, tweeted the image [below] of the advertisement.”

“The promotional image touts that Beats 1 is worldwide and always on, two of the qualities Apple discussed heavily when it unveiled Apple Music at WWDC,” Miller reports. “What’s weird about the Times Square advertisement, however, is that there is no Apple logo anywhere on the monumental display.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Here we go!


  1. I think the ad is very intriguing and will provoke a lot of interest. “What’s that all about?” sort of comment. This is not Apple foundering about bringing a new service on line. This is a carefully thought out strategy designed to result in an explosion of this service that will dwarf the competition. I’m planning on cancelling my Sirius subscription shortly, if I can get the music I want from Beats for less money.

      1. Press on both words and tap ‘define’ and you’ll see they are both accurate.

        Foundering is a bit more final and implies straight up failure versus floundering implies the struggle itself.

  2. Intriguing! I like having my own music. But this is looking good. Especially the Beats 1 stuff. Having grown up in England I remember just how good those DJ’s were. If they can build that kind of atmosphere then I am in!

  3. As a part time indie musician/producer this looks interesting for the ability to submit my work and get noticed by adding artwork and all the other stuff we used to get on the album cover or booklet that came with the cd or lp. I’m hoping that this will be big

  4. Call me crazy, but…

    Apple needed to reinvent iTunes and the whole economy of music if it were to hold its position as the number one.

    How was it supposed to kill it off and yet have life again?

    **Apple CREATED Beats**

    Beats is a company that emerged almost as well imagined as a great Pixar flick. In fact, notice the name: Beats. A nod to Jobs’ love: The Beatles. (and the original Apple Music was/is their label…most of us know that story)

    Apple buys the company that it craftily seeded into the Universe.

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