Morgan Stanley: Apple Watch consumer interest outperforming the original iPhone

“Morgan Stanley on Wednesday published the findings of its latest AlphaWise Trackers, the results of which were shared with AppleInsider,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “Analyst Katy Huberty revealed that the data shows demand for the iPhone is estimated at about 53 million units for the June quarter, with particularly strong interest coming from China.”

“As for the Apple Watch, Morgan Stanley’s data has found that demand for the wrist-worn device is stabilizing at a level 20 percent higher than the first-generation iPhone six weeks after launch,” Hughes reports. “‘Watch interest in the week of launch was about half that for the first iPhone, but the Watch has seen a much smaller deceleration since the initial spike,’ Huberty wrote. ‘Both products had limited distribution at the beginning — iPhone at AT&T and Watch on the Apple online store — but the Watch has seen more supply constraints due to some component issues and we believe likely conservative demand forecasts by Apple.”‘”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch needs to get onto wrists in order to make the leap beyond early adopters. Now that AW is available in Apple Retail Stores, that can finally begin to happen.


  1. what I find weird is I called the NY Soho store and asked if they had the watch in stock. They said yes. I said can I come in and buy it and was told that I had to make an appt on line first. Hell no – I just want to walk in and buy the damn thing. This is going to turn people off and they will lose sales

    1. Apple may lose a few sales, but you are a little wound up about it. And what are the alternatives for these disaffected consumers?

      1) Don’t buy an type of smart watch
      2) Buy an Androidi-based product
      3) Buy a much more limited fitness band
      4) Wait for the release of Apple Watch 2

      The vast majority of people who want an Apple Watch will end up buying one. Since the people who want an Apple Watch likely already own an iPhone, option #2 is not viable. Who would try to pair a Gear with an iPhone? Option #3 may happen, in some cases, but a fitness band is not a substitute for an Apple Watch.

      A few prospective customers may choose an alternative, but most will end up getting an Apple Watch, sooner or later. From the standpoint of Apple, I consider your fears to be exaggerated.

  2. I sure hope she is correct. I am not so confident. I got my Stainless Steel beauty on the 24th. Seems every time I use it to buy something it draws attention from clerks and customers. I ask if I am the only one and clerks generally say, “Oh, have seen a couple.” And so far I have not seen anyone else wearing one. And I am here is Silicon Valley. I see Teslas everywhere but nary an Apple Watch but mine. Anybody here have a different experience?

    1. My friend and I both have A Watches. Just today we walked about 8 blocks North to South on Terry ave. in downtown Seattle (a busy pedestrian street in the Amazon HQ area). We were happy to count around 14-15 Watches on that street. We even stopped and chatted with a few (satisfied) owners. This is a very positive sign for Apple imo. These early adopters will be good brand ambassadors for iPhone owners sitting on the fence. The Watch and Apple are getting so much free publicity. I am very confident Watch will be one of the most talked about electronic products come Holiday Season, 2015.

      1. (PS: brilliant move by J. Ive to locate the digital crown at the “1/3 Point” along the Watch case, (as opposed to centering it at exactly the half way point.). This makes Watch easier to spot if one is being perceptive and looking,whether it be on the busy street, on TV, or anywhere.)

  3. Maybe you’re a paid troll, rob, but if you are not… I severely doubt that there are a substantial number of people who would have such a crybaby “no, I won’t make an appointment” attitude.

  4. I did an online reserve in the morning and picked it up on my way home. No lines, no waiting. I even logged on one of the demo macs in the store and tried another reservation. The earliest open appointment time was the next one. I could’ve just walked in!

  5. Yeah, right.

    I’m 51 years old and I can’t think of a time when a more worthless product was released, and I’m including the pet rock and the electronic, instant ab machines.

    The Apple Watch is a bad joke!

    Anyone who bought one is a certified, irrespressible, dyed in the wool, Apple Fanboy/idiot… and the two are not mutually exclusive.

    1. Hey, orandy . . . as a previous-generation entertainer named Liberace used to say when told “everybody” hated his grandiose style and musicianship, “Yeah, and I’m crying all the way to the bank.”

      Same thing here, sir/madam/both: 40,000 AAPL shares in our portfolio right now, average purchase price $1.71 . . . and all because Apple makes such “bad joke” products.** My wife and I be “Fanboy/idiots,” but I wonder what that makes someone of your judgment and financial acumen. STBY, orandy. STBY.

      ** As of today’s close we’re up 1,400,000+ since last June 9 when the stock split 7 for 1. Hmmm. Must be all those “bad joke” Apple Watches, iPhones, iPads, iPods, iMacs, MacBook Pros, Apple TVs, Apple Pay, iTunes, and the like.

      1. @Randian

        Funny how you would mention Liberace, being a Tim Cook supporter, there’s a joke here somewhere.

        So you like flashy, gaudy, and unapologetically colorful things. You probably also use Windows 8, lol.

        I suppose it would be cool to walk around wearing an Apple Watch, if you were a PIMP!

        All I’m saying is that honestly, I can’t put my finger on a more overpriced product that has less value, unless it was a multi-thousand dollar political fundraisering dinner. Even then I would take frozen chicken breast over an Apple Watch any day.

        1. But we’re not talking about “thinking”, oboring. We’re talking about the vacuous drivel that you repeat over and over… and over… and over… and ooooooover………… aaaaaand…….

          You call Tim Cook names.
          You call the Apple Watch names.
          You call anybody who doesn’t agree with you names.

          You’re not making any concrete points. And you’re not backing your points with any logic or that “thinking” you mention.

    1. It does, unfortunately, keep him quite busy.

      Come on, orandy, you can be honest with us. Inquiring minds want to know:
      – Are you just a pathetic loser?
      – Or are you being paid to be a pathetic loser?

    1. @Sean

      Where do you get ‘tens of millions’ from, you must be referring to the Apple Watch hate mail, lol.

      They barely sold 3 mil, and chalk half of those up to returns. Talk about buyers remorse.

      The Apple Watch should come with a free morning after pill… just in case.

  6. I’m 50 years old and ordered an Apple Watch.
    Best purchase I’ve ever made.
    The people who HATE the Apple Watch are the first ones who want to see it in action.
    I’ve used Apple computers since 1987.

  7. The thing about this watch, is, it just doesn’t excite me like the iPhone did. Days past, the lead up, going to wait in line, that was fun and exciting, the watch…meh

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